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Na 'Vi, Liquid beat OG and three European giants, Wings do a lot of Chinese team to do things. When Rick OG again in the final, they also won the TS5 championship trophy. Starting from ESL Manila station, Wings seems to suddenly rise. But in fact, the success of the hard to pay how much, only they know. "

did not have time to celebrate the " 3:1 beat OG, Wings do so to get the TS5 champion. In addition to winning the championship, the two details also attracted the attention of people. In the final four games, Wings took out twenty heroes, which means that in four games, they used a completely different set of four. After the end of the game, someone to capture another detail champions, Wings is not the first time to celebrate, but all sit in front of the computer just after the final replay. "TI will be here soon, leaving us a little more time. Hold on to it. "A knife and a knife.".

Q:3:1 beat OG won the TS5 championship, how do you feel? Jump jump knife,

knife: very happy, because we are in TS5 TI before the last contest, everyone's attention, hope that through the match state. To win the championship, we are very happy.

Q: the team's performance in the game with?

jump jump knife, knife: to win the championship is certainly more satisfied, but in the game we still made a lot of mistakes, lost some should not lose the Bureau, still not satisfied with the.

Q: in the final of the OG, you four have chosen twenty heroes, not a repeat of the hero, a lot of people say that the road is too wild.

jump knife, knife,: BP need to see the team to take a hero, each time we will discuss the selection. If the other party took the key heroes, we will have the corresponding countermeasures. Selected twenty heroes on the one hand is that these heroes can be better to deal with the game, on the other hand is to practice our own routines, to see the extent of the use of these heroes.

Q: Why did you beat the OG, the first time to celebrate, but sit together do game?

knife knife, because TI is coming, left us a lot of time is not. When the game ended in the game and we remember details are clear, this time checking effect will be better than before.

Q: you has encountered a lot of enemies, but the first to winner the champions of the finals, and to beat 3:1 to win the OG, this process may seem relatively easy.

jump jump knife: in fact, is not easy, because every game we have exposed some problems, so after the game we will study the video, find the problems, to solve these problems before the TI, get good grades.

Q: where is the problem?

jump jump knife, knife: match the status of the individual, there are some problems with BP, the other is everyone in the game rhythm and details.

Q: there is a little more than two weeks from the TI, many teams will at this time choose to retain their strength, are you worried about the recent performance will make the team was in the TI?

knife knife, I think the game since the newspaper, you really have to play well in every field the game. And I think every TI team will be studied by other teams. We also study our opponents according to the schedule, so we can study each other. The most important is to look at the TI when the team in the game in the state. The winner of the

Q:TS5, including before the Nanyang cup runner up, the confidence of the team have what help?

jump jump knife, said: Although you cannot give us confidence, but it does make us up a wave of experience. Whether it is to beat OG or Nanyang Cup defeat to Newbee, we have learned a lot of things. With this experience, a similar situation in TI, can make us better to take time for.

pay and return

from ESL Manila station began, Wings seems to suddenly rise. In addition to an embarrassing defeat in the spring tournament, they are very good performance in other events. The TI qualifier and TS5 champion and runner up, Nanyang cup, Wings give a good answer before TI. With the jump knife, the words of the words, the success of each team will certainly have to pay the corresponding efforts, there is no such thing as pie in the sky.

Q: the title from ESL Manila, to the spring season of a tour, and then to TI and TS5 qualifiers of the championship, the team state fluctuation is more obvious, what do you think is the reason?

jump jump knife, ESL: the champion of Manila is the first time we win in the international competition, let us learn from the champions a lot of things. There is a part of the reason why the spring is a lot of competition, the training time is too small. Another part of the reason is that our experience is not enough, in the competition in the team's lack of experience, too want to win the game, but the opposite. But it also allows us to grow a lot, just like in the TI qualifying tournament, BO1 game we can more easily to deal with the. After

Q:ESL Manila, you seem to be on the rise abruptly.

jump knife and knife: ESL Manila, we are basically in the training tactics and systems. We may not have much attention to our attention, so suddenly got a champion, so that we have a bright feeling. But I think behind the success of each team will certainly have to pay the corresponding efforts, there is no such thing as a pie in the sky.

Q: from an ordinary domestic second team to gains the championship competition in the world, you have to change the mentality of what?

jump jump, we don't take the title to the domestic first-line second-line team classification, because each team has the very strong strength. Whether it is a first team or a second line team, and even amateur team, we will be very fancy. In peacetime training, we will also and their training, because each team has their own characteristics. So the first tier of the title of our impact is not great, the mentality is not much change.

Q: do you think the team's current strength, can not be regarded as the world's top?

knife knife, I think our strength is still in progress, a learning level, or there will be a lot of problems. We are trying to solve these problems, and strive to become stronger.

Q: some people say that you like and CDEC last year, what do you think?

jump jump knife, knife: everything has no identity and identity, as the occupation corps, we want to have more fans to support us, but those who do not support, we can't force them to. Only we do better, in order to get more people's recognition.

low key to meet TI6

TS5 after the end of the distance TI only less than three weeks time. Because of the distance and time difference, Wings decided to stay in the United States to prepare for TI. Although the status of the recent hot, but for the upcoming Wings, TI is still very low-key. They say the goal on the TI is to fight for not being a tour.

Q: Why did you decided to stay in the United States for TI?

knife knife, because after TS5, TI distance is not a lot, and flight and jet lag problems, impact on our state may big, so I decided to stay in the United States for. And there are a lot of foreign teams will stay in the United States preparing for, the team leader is also linked to them, you can carry out the normal training.

Q: compared with foreign and domestic in preparation, will certainly be more difficult? Jump jump knife,

knife: the first time the time difference and the diet has a lot of problems, we are not used to eat the food here, but Shadow and y` also have a cold. In addition to these is the traffic problem, but the manager to help us rent a car, the perfect solution to this problem. In addition to going to the training ground every day, will help me to buy some Chinese food, this wave is very important.

Q: not Chinese Corps training will give you the impact?

knife knife, I think in the foreign training and training at home each have advantages and disadvantages, here and abroad to team training, to adapt to their style of play, to find some problems to watch a video to see. In fact, TI still have to look at the state of the time, it is not easy to say will be affected. But I think and more team training to find their own shortcomings.

Q: to TI before this period of time, what do you have to arrange for the

jump knife, and: the current arrangement is to go to the training base every morning, come back at night to rest. Now the initial plan is to three BO3 per day, while other exercises. Because the training with foreign teams is not very familiar with the routine, do not know there will be a sudden appearance. The current arrangement is the case, then the specific circumstances of the discussion.

Q: for TI, what is your goal?

jump knife, knife,: our goal for TI, is to fight for not being a tour.

wrote at the end of the last from ESL Manila station to now, Wings has experienced a lot, but also changed a lot. The only thing that hasn't changed is their desire for victory. TS5 Na 'Vi, Liquid beat OG and let them on top of the world again, but this time, they did not even have time to celebrate, but stay in the above checking. From obscurity to the world champion, this is an inspirational story. Now, Wings will continue to write this inspirational story.

source: electronic sports magazine Nebo

Author: Nebo

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