"Man woman" Zhang Yancheng the mother of the mother! 13 years ago, "the pink girl" who is this?

Man pink this is where

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in July and August in addition to some childhood memories, Xiao Bian also want to add some new youth drama, pretend to be also a summer teenager ~

Qi ear hair, dark shirt, elegant makeup, is the most common kind of Mother Image:

1970 home born Zhang Yan 46 year old, although the age play mother nothing strange. Just compared to the "Pink Girl" in that short hair, a neutral dress "man woman", in front of this female leading mother also really let small make up for a while can not adapt to.

2003, a comic adaptation of the TV series" fenhongnvlang "television channel broadcast in Shanghai," mad marriage "," Mack Daddy "and" butch "and" innocent girl "four different character of the girls together together, the interpretation of a romantic, funny stories, humorous life story resonates, nature is also rising ratings. As the protagonist of

" and smiled "Ku Kui Kei's girlfriend Xiao Lian

95 blue EnMei version" "The legend of Condor Hero He Yuanjun in the

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" fenhongnvlang "aired, Zhang Yan" butch "a popular, but different from the image, life in Zhang Yanshi is a small woman, and in 2004 actor Zhang Jincheng married with a woman happy end

2013 still drama "spring" in the gallows played Yan Yi wide mother, you know two people only nine years apart...

may be due to family life is full and happy enough, so Zhang Yanzhen is not pretending play goddess's state of mind ~~


can be said to be her most famous role, every twinkle and smile are enough to cause turmoil, the heart is very good but the beauty of mouth poison.

"Mack Daddy" impressive role is "eight guardians" in "A Zi" and "marriage to ~

2011 and 2013, respectively, the little princess Chen Hao born two, after graduating from graduate students also choose to return to the acting department at the filming had become a sideline, showbiz was resplendent with variegated coloration of her life.

open Chen Hao's account of social, not pure makeup in travel photos, is about two baby daughter drops, and then play the "Mack Daddy" far.

compared to "mad marriage" actor Rene Liu is probably the most active individuals in four a.

in "fenhongnvlang", she changed his literary style, breakthrough image played a crazy woman in order to get married, a pair of rabbit teeth smile very cute ~

and the song "mad marriage" to match the song "lonely life" as this seems to be "orphan" the theme song! (did not find the TV Version, we take a look at the Tea MV version of it:

play than desire to marry the image of life towards the feelings of Rene Liu has been set. 2011, 41 year old Rene Liu met the other half ~

45 life at the age of the older mothers, gave birth to a lovely baby:

also already 38 years old,

or when the years of the pair of big eyes, a baby face, share the latest pictures from the text there is still" cute. "But to say and ~

top "China good predecessor" title of Jianing Xue is also the only four pink ladies are not married. But I believe love laughing girl not bad luck, "hamei" will find the Mr.Right~

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