Xingtai floods: the couple hold a tree to survive the children were washed away

Children Xingtai floods couples

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in the Xingtai disaster area

diagram drawing Yang Jianing

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3 volunteers to clean up the mud at home.

4 small town Jingxing County small village a bridge was destroyed. Xinhua News Agency reporter learned from the Hebei provincial Civil Affairs Department, previously affected by continuous heavy rainfall, floods and landslides and debris flow disasters in Hebei area. As of 23 May 18, death tolls rose to 114 people, 111 people missing. Among them, Shijiazhuang and Jingxing City, Xingtai County, severely affected, the death toll has reached 51 people, 47 people lost contact. Last night, Xingtai mayor apologized to the whole society and start responsibility, the responsibility of the lack of the flood fighting people first suspended, after investigation. JINGWAH Times reporter Han Linjun intern reporter Wang Jing Jinyue Yao Wu dividend

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Jingxing: 26 people were killed and 34 people lost contact

since yesterday, Jingxing County Propaganda Department told reporters, 1 to 20, 8 at 19 PM, Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province suffered torrential rain, 17 townships affected all County towns global. The circuit is interrupted, road interruption, communications interruption, basic infrastructure paralysis. Preliminary statistics, the county's 48 thousand households, 166 thousand people were affected and destroyed 120 thousand acres of farmland, 180 thousand acres of woodland (Shu Mu 1 million 790 thousand), crops affected area of 190 thousand acres, 76 thousand acres of crops. Only incomplete statistics of the township reached about 4000000000 yuan. As of 22, has accumulated a total of 9850 people, 38750 people, 280 people, people, rescued 6184 people trapped. Currently has confirmed the death of 26 people, 34 people lost contact, search and rescue is still in the process.

pointed out that the Jingxing County Propaganda Department yesterday of the "Jingxing County flood report", the rainfall in Jingxing County, with an average rainfall of 545.4 mm, the local up to 688.2 mm, only one day rainfall is beyond Jingxing County in 2015, annual rainfall, rainfall in 1996 Hong Zaisan day. County river all flood surge, two minutes up more than two meters.

Xingtai: responsible person first suspended investigation

yesterday morning, the office of the Xingtai municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters held a press conference recently released flood relief, flood far more than in 1963 and 1996, for the history of extreme disaster, involving 21 counties, 1 million 34 thousand people were affected, as at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, the flooding has caused 25 deaths. 13 people missing. Xingtai city flood control and Drought Relief Command deputy commander, vice mayor Qiu Wenshuang said, the development zone is a natural disaster caused by flood, non-human.

notice said, after the disaster, Xingtai City, an emergency transfer placement of 88568 people. Tolls caused direct economic losses of 1 billion 5 million 190 thousand yuan, the loss of 371 million 840 thousand yuan of agricultural infrastructure, the loss of 39 million 150 thousand yuan, 136 million 490 thousand yuan loss of family property.

Xingtai mayor Dong Xiaoyu said at the Xingtai city flood relief news conference last night, Qilihe floods caused heavy casualties and property losses to the Xingtai City Economic Development Zone, is a very sad, a profound lesson. First of all, the government of the short-time strong rainfall intensity and ferocity of the lack of anticipation. Secondly, because for many years has not had the big flood, emergency ability of cadres at all levels of anti Dahong, grab the big insurance, save big disaster problems. Third, disaster statistics, verification, reporting is not accurate, not timely.

no matter how much the face of natural disasters, as a party committee, the government, not to protect the people's lives and property safety, I feel deeply guilty. "Dong Xiaoyu said," on behalf of the municipal government expressed deep condolences to the victims and to the victims, relatives of those missing and affected people, sincere apology to the whole society. "

Dong Xiaoyu said," we will sincerely accept social supervision, seriously learn from the lesson, a profound reflection, and actively cooperate with the work of the province's work. According to the verification, the negative what responsibility, what responsibility; the acceptance of what treatment, accept what deal with what people, who deal with what. "

at present, the Xingtai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has started accountability procedures, the person responsible for the flood in the working poor first suspended after investigation.


working group went to Xingtai to help the rescue after disaster reconstruction

reporter was informed that the current Xingtai Development Zone sent 15 working groups to 12 water village to survey the disaster, disaster prevention work has been in full swing, condolences to appease the victims, statistics disaster situation is carried out in an orderly. Hebei provincial government working group has been set up by the provincial flood control office and other departments and relevant experts, to Xingtai to help rebuild, resettlement and rehabilitation disposal work after the disaster, the hot issues of concern to the masses to understand the verification, timely response to community concerns.

Chinese Charity Federation, Chinese Association for disaster prevention of earthquake emergency rescue Specialized Committee jointly launched the response of social organizations to participate in the rescue work organization, the joint organization has established social organization and coordination work station in Wuan city.

workstation of the rear coordinator Hao Nan introduced, according to the information currently available, after the storm, the hardest hit in Jingxing's Shijiazhuang county and Wuan City, Handan. Severely damaged houses including village south of Jingxing County, a small town, Yu Zhen Xin Zhuang xiang. Part of the village is in the island state, the loss inside the unknown, in addition, from Jingxing south to Henan in the northwest of Anyang, Xingtai County, Cixian, Shexian County disaster, Wuan city is the hardest hit by the center of Ma Jia Zhuang xiang. Analysis of

Hao south, this disaster is mainly caused by the floods, the information has no direct evidence pointing to the reservoir flood disasters, large reservoir flood path without obvious casualties and heavy hit several places upstream also found no reservoir. Shijiazhuang County of Jingxing has been to the south, Xingtai, Shahe, Shandong branch along the Taihang Mountain Mountain torrents. And the concentration of the precipitation process, to reach the maximum value of 19 evening. And after the region's water storage capacity has been close to saturation.


about Jingxing small town for flood: up to 3 storeys

yesterday afternoon, Jingxing County small town for small village Mr. Gao told JINGWAH Times reporter, Jingxing heavy rain began in July 17th, their home is located in a small village on the West for the first row of roadside cottage. In July 19th, home adults go across the river with a relative rescue by heavy rain collapsed chicken factory, leaving only a small boat and small Hin two children at home. At about 7:30 in the evening, they found that the heavier the heavy rain, they will turn back home. In the way home, see the flood from the upper reaches down, "directly fed into the village".

Mr. Gao said, when he and his family back home after 8 points, found that heavy rain has been poured into the room more than 1 meters deep, far more than the bed position, two children are gone. The next morning, they found the body of a small boat in the village of a small boat, the same time found that there are three or four bodies of children". And Xiao Xin has not been found. Mr. Gao said, the village like their house so they can not find the family, there are many, I know the name of the body, including the disappearance of the body and add up to dozens of people".

Mr. Gao said, the flood came without warning, the water was up to the 3 floor, the villagers did not receive a warning, "5 village radio said under the heavy rain to allow the villagers to pay attention to 19 PM, in the village river dry for so many years, who did not expect such a big flood.

: "Jingxing Xin Zhuang Xiang son and nephew stillmissing

yesterday, Jingxing County Xin Zhuang Xiang Da Wang Miao villagers Zhao told JINGWAH Times reporter, she is in Jingxing County Xin Zhuang Xiang Da Wang Miao Village East Road side of the road opened a shop, near the river, one family in the store. "We often have a flood, before the rain even under two or three days, will go to relatives and friends home for a while. "

19 day in the morning, King Temple began to rain. In the evening, the rain is more and more big, Zhao and her husband, 2 sons and 5 nephews to transfer the village.

about 8 o'clock that night, on the way in Zhao a transfer, the flood came from the west to the East, Zhao saw the son of He Shijie and nephew Zhao Minqi was swept away by the flood, is still missing.

Zhao said, many houses flooded by the river, she is seriously damaged by the roadside, 5 bungalows have been damaged, documents, goods and savings all washed away, the child had been missing for nearly 4 days. She said that the rainy season every year, the local river will be sent to clean up the river sediment deposition of silt, to avoid the river clogging, and this year, the incident, the river has not been cleared.

at present, the king of the temple of the village gradually withdraw from the flood, but the water is still about 2 meters deep. The villagers are busy cleaning up the mud in the home, communication, power supply has not been restored. The road is under repair, the village cadres is the mobilization of supplies. Ms. Zhao's niece said, in addition to the family of 2 children, the villagers said there are 2 other people missing, the current did not find the body. Da Xian Cun

Xingtai: children of a few thump disappeared

19 evening, daehyun bridge Zhang Erqiang sleepless. Out of the window, heaven Qilihe daehyun heave rain, the water level rising under the bridge. Zhang Erqiang said that as early as two days before this, from the weather forecast that there will be 19 days of large-scale rainfall, he asked the village staff, their home is necessary to transfer. He was getting the answer is that Qilihe will not be an outbreak of floods, so that he does not have to worry about.

20 about 2 in the morning, seven in the river over the big river bridge, fiercely rushed to the Zhang Erqiang home. Zhang Erqiang quickly wake up his wife and two children, ready to drive the family escape from danger. Zhang Erqiang had just got into the cab, and the flood had already filled the car. Zhang Erqiang's wife recalled, when the water potential is very fierce, she and 10 year old daughter to push the door, I can survive, is my daughter saved me".

Zhang Erqiang holding his son to get off, the flood has been over the chest, the child in his arms even choked several saliva. In desperation, Zhang Erqiang and his wife have two children climbed on the roof. Soon, the flood surge and hold up the car. The car in the middle of the night under the rain drifting. Eventually, the Zhang Erqiang family from the roof falling into the water. One family adrift in the raging flood, two children in the water a few thump disappears.

Zhang Erqiang's wife said she was in extreme panic in the embrace of a tree roadside. Zhang Erqiang was rushed to a distance of three hundred or four hundred meters from his wife, but also hugged a tree.

20 days in the morning, the sky is getting brighter. Zhang Erqiang see the water potential was small, probably in the waist, then climb under the tree, with a branch as a crutch, wading out for help. 9 in the morning, Zhang Erqiang from the village to find a father, from the tree to save his wife.

Zhang Erqiang and his wife turned the corner, without any rest, began looking for his two children lost in the flood. On the 21 day and 22 day, two children were found dead in the mud, recognition. "If the flood would be ahead of time, my child would not have died. "Zhang Erqiang's wife said. In addition to the

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