The people dug 22 pounds in 6 days old water does not rot

The water Jupiter the public users

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is an online news according to the Anhui daily news recently, who lives in Feixi sent Mr. Xie is go lucky. The afternoon of July 16th, he and his wife followed the engineering team in Hefei city Mengcheng road accident tree transplantation, dig into the meat like a soft white. At first, Mr. Xie also don't know what it is, until his son came and found the suspect is rare baby folk vibe -- taisui. The Anhui University of Chinese medicine Professor Wang Dequn identified Mr. Xie to dig something really is Jupiter, but for the folklore of Taisui medicinal value, Professor Wang cautious skepticism, that if the sale it may also have no market price.

tree dug dug baby does not know to throw the

Xie and his wife with a green company boss, the afternoon of July 15th, the company sent back to Mengcheng Road, the old power plant in the woods and trees, Mr. Xie and his wife also went to work. Digging in a tree, Xie a shovel down, suddenly feel soft, continue shovels are like this. Mr. Xie curious, just squat body by hand in roots under the plane, no plane soon dug out a "meat lump" outside ", with a little yellow, there was little dot, shovel digging broken place, inside of the meat exposed, white. Can not see the end, motionless, but your hands into the holes, and can feel the meat moved slightly. "Mr. Xie did not know what this is, neither plant nor animal, and it looks like some nausea, don't take it to heart, will" lump "meat thrown to the side, and his wife went to work.

16 morning, Mr. Xie inadvertently and son Xie Wei chatted about the matter at home, those who said no, the listener interested, Xie Wei read from the Internet Taisui news, know it may be Jupiter, quickly drove to the parents of the place of work. Fortunately, the "flesh lump" was still in place, Mr. Xie like holding the baby. As it took home the house.

water does not rot for 6 days looking for experts

after returning home, Xie Wei according to the online method, find a large bowl, put water on the inside, put the meat lump "which raised up," I said to its heavy, heavy 22 pounds. "Xie Wei told reporters that this thing feels very soft," the skin was pale brown, inside was snow white, is a more delicate skin, covered with shredded meat like beef texture. Meat is more real, can not move, if along the growth of its meat texture direction, can tear off a similar to the structure of hyphae. "Xie Wei will be in front of it and online energy-saving comparison, also found a variety of Taisui data, careful comparison," more than the more I think this is almost certainly a beard. It is the most expensive in his white beard. "

but a little regret is, because before digging tree with spade to dig this thing a few, this whole thing originally, now been dug into several pieces, no longer complete. Baby things quickly spread among the relatives in the neighborhood to dig

Xie Wei, a lot of people, the bowl rarity amazed. According to Xie Wei introduction, since July 16th this baby get back, it has been kept in the water, if the general things, such as meat, then decay, or at least said the color change. But this thing has always been that way, it's not changed. "Although the heart is sure to dig Jupiter, but Xie Wei knew that to find experts to identify, to the final conclusion.

expert: Taisui is still controversial but the medicinal value of

reporter Xie Wei shooting pictures, video, transferred to the Anhui University of Chinese medicine Professor Wang Dequn identified, after he carefully resolved, "basically decided this thing really is jupiter. According to him, "Jupiter also known as Ganoderma meat, neither animal nor plants, nor the fungus is a large complex is fourth kinds of myxomycetes, creatures in nature. "

but for online rumors of Sui is the life of Qin Shihuang looking for ever-young medicine, can prolong life, Professor Wang skeptical. He said, Jupiter has been in folklore, non edible, commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine history, because it is too rare, not conventional medicine. "As a result of its existence, the role and efficacy, in the biological community has always been controversial. "Professor Wang said, although in many books are written" meat "of Ganoderma lucidum to enhance human immunity effect, but in fact the fungal species is very complex, even if it is Jupiter, may itself will be attached to various pests or toxic substances, in the absence of clear composition matter Taisui before, don't recommend you easy to take. To dig into Jupiter, if you want to sell it, is also likely to fall into a price city embarrassment.

know their baby is really dug Taisui, Xie Wei happy, are busy looking for buyers to pick up the disc. "After all, our own body is very good, we do not need such a valuable thing. Xie Wei said.

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