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lead: pit of money this thing called the money pit in the industry, it is called "the highfalutin pay point". But pay points in the online game just appeared when not exist.

network has its early payment usually has two kinds, one kind is called "cards", game player can use it for game time. Another is called a pass, the player to buy a pass, you can play in the game developers to provide a platform for war. At that time in the limelight all online games, whether it is online multiplayer class "legend", "Stone Age", "miracle", or the war of "meteor butterfly sword" charges, second to none.

this time, there are smart people start to play free idea: there is no such a charging mode, it can let game player play free, but by other means, make more money from a game player's body?

the wise man named Shi Yuzhu, his most famous products not only have melatonin, "journey".

"journey" on-line will under permanent free banner, it abandoned the traditional card payment, to pay for the purchase + free game mode. It does what it promises, it's a free game, and it's forever free. However, in this free game, burned hundreds of thousands of millions of yuan of game player is not uncommon.

it is the real sense of the free mode to obtain the success of the first online game, it completely changed the pattern of the Chinese online game industry. The concept of pay points, but also from that time began to popular.

the reason why we study motivation pay point, only one, that is in a seemingly free game in the game player drain.

theory, the point is to pay an unlimited number of points, any elements of the game can be used to the players for money.

such as super Mario, you can top to the first with mushroom bricks will pop up a small window, whether immediately become VIP game player in Mario, experience exclusive mushrooms? If the player does not pay, the mushrooms will become a gold coin. Wait until Mario was stabbed to death when he fish eggs, or fall into the pit, a pop-up window is spent 300 crystal in situ resurrection? If the number of times you Game Over too much, then pop up a small window -- whether to open the VIP9 privilege to experience 99 lives?

you see, super Mario has turned into a premium game.

paid game player benefits, said bluntly: you pay money can become worse, who pay more money who is more powerful. If a game is really designed to be so straightforward, it is too silly, it will cause the direct offensive game player. In order to make the player feel silly, this core must be through a layer of packaging and transformation, until the player is almost unaware of it.

for example, the player wants to become powerful, there must be a card A, and it must be through the money to buy a card package to buy. It sounds almost like a straight hook fishing. Although the actual operating results can be, but obviously there is a better way than it.

better way is this - the player wants to become powerful, you must have a card ABCDEF. Which ABCDE as long as hard, everyone can get, and the card F is the core of the card, only in the game in a game of the top 20 players can get. Because the game is very intense competition, the players need to spend some money to buy additional physical strength, to maintain the advantages of other players.

it sounds better than the former obscure a lot, the practical effect is better.

in fact, I am in charge of the project, each month there is a such activity, it has an indelible contribution to revenue. Sometimes, this only lasts five days of activity, can account for about 40% of the income of each month. The

activity is so well, I think the reasons are the following:

if Mario became a paid game?

first, pay = win this concept is hidden.

through the packaging and transformation of numerous intermediate links, it is the final process: pay = = buy buy Diamond = physical use of physical activities to participate in activities in the fight = = = get points to improve their rankings = core card = perfect card = win.

although its core logic or pay = win, but win the game player in view, the reason is because they pay a lot of effort in the game, and their technology is hard earned, to buy a manual is only a supplementary means.

second, it turns out that something really hard to get looks only one step away.

game player needs six cards to build card group, and has won the five game player Zhang Ka, only one card. Because of the number of the illusion, the player will always feel as long as you try it again.

actually, this last little bit, the difficulty is several times before several times.

seems to be only one step away, but is in fact a step.

with similar ideas, I also do some activities in the game. As long as the player can collect ABCDEF six cards, you will be able to get a card.

among them, ABCDE these five cards, as long as the effort, everyone can get.

as for F? Sorry, you have to let me hang to death.

remember last year's Spring Festival Gala, Alipay had a scan code set, Qi Wufu card for awards? "Fu Fu", "harmony", "good fortune", "patriotic Fu" can get, but "dedicated Fu" almost no one can open up.

in fact, this means we have used numerous times, and each time it is very effective.

again, the price of physical strength to buy looks cheaper, the player's level of acceptance is higher.

straight hook fishing card packs a 480 to buy 10 diamond, diamond 4800 is a basic, this is equivalent to $50. For less money game player, $50 is not a small number, game player is not so easy to buy it.

but if it is to buy a manual, a few times before buying strength as long as 50 diamond. If you buy 10 times before the physical crystal converted into money, amounting to less than $5, an average of only $0.5.

if you are a player, you are taking part in an intense activity.

unfortunately, run out of strength. But the strength of the price is very cheap, as long as the cost of 5 cents will be able to supplement the physical.

as long as the cost of this 5 cents, you will be able to continue to participate in activities, you will be able to explore the checkpoint again. Maybe you can explore a rare monster, you can beat him to get a lot of reward. 5 cents is still a thing?

is obviously not.

people will be wary of big spending, but for a small Bibi spending, the string is usually more relaxed in the brain. Class= img_box "

who cares about this 50 Fen?

addition, the game in the purchase and recharge are done through the credit card or a binding account, as long as you can click on it. Psychological research shows that, like this can not see the money of the transaction, it is particularly easy to spend money. Because people in real life to spend money, the cash to other people, to see the wallet become flat, both of which are usually negative feedback, and very intuitive. This intuitive negative feedback will play a warning role, so you are not easy to spend money. But the money spent on the money, there is no such feedback, so people in the credit card or online shopping, will be more but the brain.

for example, for an ordinary wage earners, he is unlikely to come up with a one-time cash to buy a few thousand dollars, but he is likely to have nothing to brush a treasure, buy buy buy this buy that. Wait until ten years after the bill out of a treasure, found hundreds of thousands were imperceptibly spent, but most of what is useless.

this is the reason why I hate credit cards or something like flowers chant, because the vast majority of people do not have the concept of credit cards and Many a little make a mickle., flowers chant this kind of thing, it is further encourage people not to control, encourage everyone to speculate, hope through the overdraft of the future, for the happiness of the present. There are many neighbors and some friends around me, they have a debt each month day, because their credit card is maxed out. Their monthly wages can only be used to pay the money last month, and this month's money owed, can only go to the next month.

that's a little bit like a mobile game in a way, although I couldn't say where it is.

all of the above is the way, to get back to business.

continued to buy this physical thing, it seems every time to buy very cheap, but actually it is a bottomless pit.

straight hook fishing card pack players, though it is too expensive, but he just spent $50, you can certainly get the card you want.

but the activity is not the same, because only the top 20 players can get prizes, even if you buy a $50 physical, as long as there are 20 people buy more than you, you can not get the things you want. And once you choose to give up, before the input is equivalent to all daleshuipiao. Because of the sunk costs, you can only buy more, hoping to beat other players.

but unfortunately, others think so too.

spend more and more money to buy the last physical, even more than the direct card to buy flowers.

this phenomenon reminds me of a very famous experiment, called auction $1 game". The

rule is this: the price of 5 cents, A and B round out price, each person can only increase 5 cents, eventually the highest bidder can get $1, but the low bid will lose the equivalent of his offer of money. Most of this experiment will be spent a few dollars to buy a $1 end, the two bidders, it is a double lose outcome.

as to who is the winner? Well, what do you say? Class= img_box "

are you going to take a few dollars to buy a dollar of people?

according to my experience, ranking the last day of class activities are often the most competitive day, but also the active income curve reached the peak of the day.

however, in order to further stimulate the consumer spending, we decided to make a new attempt. Before an event, we inform the players in the event of the last day of physical strength is half price. As a result, I've seen numbers that I've never seen before, and even the senior project manager in charge of directing me, said I haven't seen this income for a long time.

this let us taste the sweetness, from now on, every time when this activity to the last day, the physical strength has become half price. Although this will reduce the number of game player who buy physical in a few days ago, but the revenue reduction, to get your money back at the end of the day.

once, I accidentally put out the activities of the announcement of the half off, the results of the announcement sent out, Facebook's official home page appeared a large group of angry players. They accused us of stealing their half price.

later, I found the problem quickly, respond to game player in the Facebook, apologize to them, with a statement to inform the game player can still enjoy half price strength, so the accused were replaced by laughter.

game player to the satisfaction of all, the company pours, this sound is not a win-win situation?

just be right.

wants to achieve the win-win situation, whether it is the packaging or digging it, these are just the surface of the work, it is the core of the reward set. If you want to be most willing to pay for game player, tempt them with what they want, or even if the packaging is good, they will not buy it.

in order to achieve this, the database is an essential tool.

in my project as an example, through the database, I can be very intuitive to see the game player experience card, gold card average of the number, the average amount of gold, diamond game player volume is the number. When players lack of gold, or lack of experience cards, I will be targeted to do some activities, so that players have the opportunity to get them.

game player will feel this game is very considerate: when they lack some resources, as long as enough effort, or take a little money, you can get what you want.

this in some way can reduce their dissatisfaction with the pit.

in gold coins and experience of the reward card, I have not been too stingy. Because I know, we will continue to launch a new card, the new card can consume these resources with high efficiency, the player does not have the problem of resource overflow. Besides

, rich reward, game player are happy, this kind of thing Why not??

however, the database is just the foundation, more important is the understanding of the game itself.

if you want to be a good project manager, a good hand dug pit, you must be especially aware of their game, you need to become a senior game player, knows the secrets of the game. Even if there is no time to study their own responsible for the game, but also to take time out every day and the players to exchange, to understand their ideas.

in my project as an example, I almost did not personally played the game, but every day I will take a lot of time and games in the super game player who chat card card thing, they are also very willing to share the experience of the game and game developers.

in their card group, some cards need only to strengthen to 13, a little more or less, some cards can only remain 0, once the strengthening of the waste. They know all kinds of strange BUG, and use these BUG for their own services.

there are a lot of conclusions and we want to be completely different, and even at first glance completely unacceptable, but in fact, have their own reasons, are the best solution after numerous tests have to come out.

by communicating with them, I know some special usage strange waste two or three star card; know a two looks very similar skills, one because of the special BUG and hot, and the other one is really useless; know what kind of skill group especially badly, and what kind of the card belongs to look very beautiful, in fact no one will buy.

these Games unique cheats, if not their game player exchange, never know.

is a very experienced planning turnover, gave us a card strength, help us pick award activities. But there will always be a dull reaction of the players, the income of the general situation. At that time, we do not understand why: this card seems to be a super powerful, how can the players do not want it?

old plans to leave, the task of doing the new card on the fall in a pretty clever new planning head. He made out of the card also has its own ideas, but some of the cards are particularly unpopular. Their sales are so bad that we have to be very hard to do after that activity, in order to force the month's income to the level of more than. We did not understand why: it seems to be a good card, the skill is also very strong, why do not you want the player?

but with the deep understanding of the game, I went back to see the table, only to find that many of the card's strength evaluation has been out of date. Go back to look at those unwelcome cards, their disadvantages like this: put it down in black and white as clear something if you can sell out, it is a ghost.

later, I wrote a game of cards for the new understanding of the planning, the card he did I have to take a look. If I do not feel satisfied, I will tell him where the card is strong, where weak, the card with a few cards out of the comparison. I will ask him if he is a player and he has any reason to buy this card instead of continuing to use the old card.

in this discipline, the new plan to do more and more reliable card, card sales bleak things never happened again.

if the project manager can understand his game as a real senior player, he will be able to find a product that allows the player to consume the impulse. If not, add in.

there is consumption, there is recharge.

phone in the world, there is a cute things, it can not only enhance the user stickiness, but also can put money away from the game player pocket, but also let the game player feel that one party is accounted for cheap. In the last article, a lot of friends in the comments mentioned it. Yes, it is called "card". It is one of the krypton gold weapon, the project manager's good friend. This is the nature of the


in my project as an example, game player can usually spend $100 to buy 10000 diamond in the game. If the game player buy cards, he can get 19500 diamonds, but he will not immediately get the diamond, but will be in the next 30 days, every day to get 650 diamond. If one day he is not on the line to receive the award, the day after the diamond will take a day before the diamond rush.

such a design, the players feel that they buy a half price or even cheaper things, but it also like a task, and urged the players on the line every day, otherwise it will lose the benefits of their own.

to do so, is to further enhance the user stickiness.

card is a strengthened version called "lifelong card", and it is similar to the way of nature. Just as its name implies, its duration is permanent. As long as the game is not stopped, the game also did not collapse, you can receive a daily small rewards from the game, to the end.

made the game the way

card and a variety of styles, I do not know what the industry collectively, but I call it the "bonus".

monthly bonus and similar ideas, are hoping to engage in income generating based on Cultivation of user stickiness, but more concentrated in the early days of the bonus game player viscous training.

it is: game player before a certain level, you can spend some money to buy bonus packs. This package is very rich in content, but only when the game player arrived to open a higher level.

once a low level game player bought the package, before reaching the target level, he is not easy to give up the game. And once he reached the target level, he has basically been trained on the viscosity, and took so many awards, he would not say abandoned pit abandoned pit.

then this game player will become of being a member of the group to. Whether it is

cards, card or bonus, all life, let the game player feel to buy something more value.

but in fact?

no matter how much the players feel to the cheap, he bought the game is just a game of resources. For game companies, the fact is not the business, how to sell are earned.

not to mention, in terms of consumption of the player's resources, operations and project managers are experts. As long as willing to buy the diamond

game player, these cunning guys there is always a way to let them spend diamond. Methods

before talking so much money pit, in fact a game if you want to make money, every game player is not the only way out.

games can also be generated through the game outside the way, such as advertising implants.

advertising implants in the industry is not a rare practice. Many games in the suspension, or when the player does not move for a long time, will pop out a small ad. If the game itself is very popular, so just by jumping out of the small things, they can bring millions of revenue.

however, only popular games have the value of advertising. If it is like the same mess of the game, they rely on advertising to get the user's words, then it is a good consideration for the wonderful.

ad placement is the most important point is that the players do not cause resentment.

if the advertising is too long can not quit, or it is easy to point into the game player what link, or is forced to point a praise or game player how to continue the game, so I think this is not in the. Fortunately, the game is not too much, of course, it is also possible to do so the game all closed down.

at this point, I think Titans Tap do particularly good. It not only did not cause the player to dislike, but also the random appearance of advertising has become a kind of reward. As long as the user can read less than 20 seconds of advertising, will be able to get a very generous reward in the game.

"Tap Titans" advertising awards

to tell you the truth, when I play this game, the heart is very hope something all right to advertising. The advertisement game rewards that I can accelerate the process of many, although this is a bottomless pit game.

I believe that a lot of game companies are hoping to make money in such a relaxed and happy way.

but I also believe that in China Mobile Games industry trend, not so easy to do that such a game is not become an independent school, is likely to soar by word-of-mouth strong, let the whole world addicted. After all, we copied to copy, and finally all of those things.

so I want to make money, or honestly buy users, the user after the money pit began to fatten.

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