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flight service

zhilianzhaopin· 2016-07-24 10:21:52

workplace tired of nine to five life "text-align: center

want to find a job which can earn money to travel and work?

high salary and good benefits of

also can fly all over the world flight really appropriate "/span>

recruitment staff

recruitment object is not limited to sex, not limited to geography no," text-align: center style=

is the most important:

for the first time the age limit from 25 years to expand the

; whether you are a student of

or working for a few years to change the industry of the workplace

or done before the flight attendants married

style= "text-align: center;" > as long as the recruitment conditions can apply for "

Department said people

compared to students who had just graduated from < /p>

professionals have certain social experience

" the way of getting along with people, the world is more mature

test flight attendants about you can count on one in a thousand

regardless of personal image, temperament or comprehensive interview

value is an indicator of Yan

; in addition to Yan high value, good temperament

foreign language ability has become an important indicator of assessment of flight attendants < /span>

; so if you want to test the air passenger

1.6;; oral English must be better, generally foreign flights higher wages oh

; do not say, Chi brother go to the toilet back the words

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listen to material, said Something useful "line-height: 25.6px;

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