Programmers, technology leaders, managers have trouble, you accounted for a few?

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/>< I specialized in software development work has been more than 10 years, I love this career, I hope that one day I will be called the old programmer. But this is the way, I have experienced many terrible things, these things let me hate my work. In the early days of my career, I had hoped that someone would give me a career guide so that I wouldn't feel so lonely and depressed when I met the things I didn't do before. />

three, to help you understand your team partners, mutual respect and understand each other problems

you may not have a forward-looking vision, especially when you are not a leader or manager. Similarly, if you are a technical leader or manager, you may have forgotten what it feels to be a programmer. I want to help people to stand in the same position to look at things.

matters listed below are not arranged in order of priority. This also includes other people to tell me about the observation results, not all of my own experience. Many of the points mentioned in the />


Software Engineer (Programmer) trouble

programmer is writing the code, subject to technical leadership or management leadership. />

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  • the current abstraction is not good.

  • for me, I'll do it in a different way.

  • notes do not have any meaning, and will never be updated.

  • doesn't have any instructions on how the program should be constructed and how it works.

  • build slow.

  • test slow.

  • test fragmentation.

  • no test at all.

  • architecture is very bad, requires a large number of sample files, complex code, or the chaos of the test.

  • managers let me sacrifice code quality to catch up with the progress of development.

  • entangled in a problem or spend a long time to debug BUG.

  • I need to fix the fragmentation of the test, this process is not the beginning of my writing.

  • I need to fix other people's bug or product problems, because they are not actively going to fix it right away.

  • there are some things that should be done automatically, but can't do it.

  • was interrupted by my teammates or boss.

  • content switching cost.

  • other engineers develop features or components that are too slow.

  • some products on the decision I can not agree with.

  • I can only do what I have to do.

  • no one respects my point of view.

  • I have been working very hard, but I have been asked to do it again.

  • product managers have changed the demand for me because they are too much to listen to other people's criticism or feedback.

leadership troubles technology leadership: technology leading programming to write their own code and guide a small team of programmers and implementation work. These programmers are also subject to other people's management (not only to listen to the technology led) />

  • too many emails and messages to read and respond to.

  • everything falls behind.

  • other people are making decisions that I can't agree with, but I don't have the power to persuade them to change their mind.

  • ignores existing best practices.

  • I feel the pressure from the deadline and the dependent relationship, even if I can't relax at home from work.

  • everyone needs more supervision than I expected, no matter how hard I try to explain the details of the project and the documentation.

  • between time and quality is a difficult choice.

  • I'm behind my responsibilities, no one can help me.

  • I don't understand my boss all day doing what, but I think he was xiamang.

  • I don't understand why the product manager in all day, but I think he was xiamang.

  • there is not enough engineers in my project team to finish the project at a reasonable time.

  • when I say something is complete, and the people do not listen to me, are reluctant to lower standards.

managers worry

managers: managers to manage a team of software engineers, this person may also be a technology leadership, management or technical report directly to him (

  • if you do not become a people to hate people, it is difficult to mobilize other people.

  • seems to be in a state of emergency at any time.

  • everyone is complaining to me.

  • no time to respond to mail.

  • no time for nonsense, even if I didn't have time for social networking and feel like a people hate people.

  • when I got home, I felt like I was a failure. I always had this idea.

  • when someone who is important to me or I want to talk to me about things, and I am going to work, I have no time to listen to them, I always have a deep sense of frustration.

  • at any time, my subordinate engineer or technical leader always account for at least one of the following conditions:

    • want to give up.

    • is annoyed with someone in the team.

    • was annoyed with someone from the other team.

    • was annoyed with himself.

    • is offended by someone for a reason.

    • no reason to be offended.

    • is not satisfied with the code base because of reasonable grounds. Because

    • carp or groundless reason not satisfied with the code base.

    • is not satisfied with their project, want to do something else, even if they are doing is the most important thing.

    • personal problems affect their performance, often causing them to react negatively.

    • tired, it is clear that if there is a suitable opportunity, they will definitely quit.

  • other management's job is to arrange meetings. They don't write code, they're talking about things. So I was pulled into a bunch of useless meetings. To attend these meetings seems to be a waste of time.

  • code written less feeling very bad. I feel like I'm losing my edges and corners. Sometimes it's hard for me to make a grade. I had to change my values. From helping them to become more creative and seeking satisfaction, it feels so natural.

  • I will lose the opportunity to make important decisions, and things will go badly.

  • this project is about to fall behind or fail because I have entrusted it to the wrong person.

  • I feel that other managers try to hit me with a policy.

  • the biggest problem I face is a crisis of confidence, and I can't get support and advice from others.

  • engineering CTO/VP do not know what to do. They seem to have made no contribution to any value. They ask some ignorant questions and they are usually rude.

  • my subordinate engineers waste time on trivial matters, but I dare not to stop them because I'm afraid to push them away, causing them to give up.

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