Foreign brand with the domestic machine: it accounts for 4 of the amount of ingredients in Africa

Africa domestic mobile phone brand foreign

ITzhijia· 2016-07-24 15:55:14

domestic mobile phone still heats up in domestic after years of development, but at present many lack of user groups and sales of mobile phone brand has also fallen, resources for the future will be more and more close to a few powerful mobile phone brand, a lot of fans culture has become the Internet mobile phone brand killer.

in addition to fight in the domestic market to the world, but also a lot of mobile phone brands, currently in India, a number of domestic mobile phone including OPPO, Jin, Vivo, has a firm foothold in the India local brands also let fear unceasingly. However, unlike other brands, this brand in many countries in Africa accounted for 40% of the share, opened up a new world.

according to Nanfang Daily reported that the domestic mobile phone manufacturers through holdings in key African countries in TECNO, itel, Infinix and other "independent brand" strategy to occupy the mobile phone market share of about 40% in 2015, mobile phone shipments more than 50 million, is expected in 2016 shipments of more than 80 million. In contrast, HUAWEI 2015 global mobile phone shipments of 108 million, millet number is over 70 million, the global sales of more than 5000 sound in mobile phone although the function accounted for more than half, but the number of users is exported, amazing, is fully deserve "mobile phone export king". And, speaking in Africa intelligent mobile phone sales are high-speed growth. It is reported that

is the first one in Africa through controlling the local construction of customer service service network of foreign mobile phone enterprises. In recent years, the sound cost hundreds of millions of yuan in Africa, established 86 world-class customer service service centers and more than 1000 customer service maintenance collection points, has more than 1100 professional service senior technical staff, is now Africa's largest customer service network.

despite the current supply chain in mainland China is in control of 74% of the world's manufacturing, and the competitiveness of the brand, from the assembly to further expand to zero component industry. However, with the 2015 market growth momentum in emerging markets overseas, increasingly intense competition and rising production costs prompted manufacturers profit continued to decline, coupled with other developing countries actively modeled Chinese mainland growth model, the intelligent mobile phone supply chain will face more severe challenges.

sound Holdings (formerly acoustic technology) was founded in July 2006, is a professional engaged in mobile communications product development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. After years of development, has become the backbone of the international emerging mobile phone market, is one of the world's leading mobile phone suppliers. The company has offices in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Dubai, Cameroon, Garner, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, is established in Ethiopia factory, provide strong support for all of its brands. Class= img_box "

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