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Flood to the boy to save the mother with children to save the wife

Water guy children wife

21shijijingjibaodao· 2016-07-24 16:07:24

"who can't take care of anyone, no time and chance, strong high harvest shirtless, filled with tears, his hands, barely rely on behind half brick wall.

swallowed the flood in the village of Xingtai, so he lost his wife, 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son.

they are not dead, just choose to leave. Move away from the village of ten places in the resettlement of second days, Gao Feng recover the village to explore the situation, his wife took advantage of this gap, holding the family only 2000 dollars, with their children left.

wife left, is more like a choice given to flood a cruel black humor of Gao Fengshou in "wife and mother who saved out of the water", "far away", he instinctively choose the latter. A total of 6

high harvest, in addition to his wife and two children, and the couple living inconvenience of father and mother in the family living in the west.

19 on the evening of 9, Xingtai city in the end paste wallpaper just call it a day high harvest back to their small van, open WeChat, see a friend forwarded Xingtai storm. This afternoon 2 points, Xingtai City Meteorological Observatory Rainstorm warning from the day before the blue rose 3 into a red.

"I looked like is to be inflated," said high harvest.

high harvest immediately went to the village to drive. On the way he planned, drove straight to the mother's home, if the flood came, he took the mother, to the East Road, just received the father and the wife.

car to the mother's entrance, he would nest in the car waiting for three hours, the flood did not come. He was tired, and finally drove back to his home.

wife Zhang Xiaoyan is busy taking care of two children, did not have time to see the WeChat high Feng transceiver for her two channel video on the rise.

lying in bed high harvest repeatedly reminded his wife, she didn't see. This look, she can't sleep.

"she is particularly afraid," said Gao. Although Zhang Xiaoyan

fear of insomnia, tired of high harvest day soon fall into sleep. At 1:50 in the morning of

20, the frightened wife vaguely heard the distant radio. "Send a flood! "Zhang Xiaoyan wakes high harvest.

too late, the speed of the water into the house quickly, so that the high harvest almost lost judgment. He could only remember wearing a big pants immediately to the mother's home run.

arrived at the mother's home in less than 2 minutes of time, the water has flooded the abdomen.

"Mom, you're going up, up on the roof! "The only mother who was wearing a pair of underwear was struggling to push the tunnel's only neighbor. He rushed back to save the old father

and his wife and children, but was up to the chest. A family is trying to shut the door to stop the flood, "stop! Top roof! "The bumper harvest is shouting to them. They did it, and several people rushed up to the roof. Daehyun

village far away from where the river is on the north side of the village, so a family of 6 now too late to escape, all standing on the table.

water to abdominal is 4 a.m.. The dark, high harvest with a shovel to move home.

4 year old daughter, 2 year old son, cripple old father, the only neat action Xiao Yan. Did they escape? Xiao Yan is a person, can be rescued two children of an old man?

he did not dare to think, dare not imagine the family to wait for him, is what kind of scene. Want to save but powerless, he can not describe, can only swallow.

"I feel it, I find them all on the roof, still alive," the high harvest almost falls.

but his wife stopped talking.

Zhang Xiaoyan is 9 years old and he is his second wife. In 2000, he was 23 years old, with people fighting jailed for 9 years. The first wife divorced him. In 2011, he met Xiao Yan in Liaocheng Shandong motorcycle factory, two people love each other.

girl from his hometown in Liaocheng and he came to Xingtai, two people get married, have children. Usually two people go out to paste wallpaper, the old mother at home with children.

she is virtuous, is good for my parents, good character, high harvest said, the couple feeling very good, almost no quarrel, he at any moment and there is no reason to give up his wife in the emotional sense.

"who is out of the question so difficult, everywhere is the correct answer? "Without the flood, the choice of high harvest and that of all other men, but one cannot answer to stall the absurd test.

high harvest do not understand is, who put the black choice title to his face?

"is it possible, you put the wife and daughter on the roof, and then save the mother, after all they are on your side? "Reporter asked.

"too late, really too late, I have no time to save who. High harvest said, in a hurry, he only let his wife wake up the child.

, who also can not imagine, as the great floods may come with fright can't sleep sleep Xiao Yan, saw her husband Huangbuzelu rushed to the mother, the heart experienced a kind of pain and despair.

is also hard to imagine, she is how a sleeping son, daughter and old father to get on the roof. In two hours and her husband separated, she has experienced, may be a woman cannot get rid of the confusion of life.

"no matter the mother is unfilial, regardless of his wife and children, she certainly heart cool", high harvest said, after a few days, he would go to his wife's hometown trip, hoping to get his wife understand and forgive me.

will she forgive him? Gao Fengshou don't know.

he doesn't know much about it. "Come out later, I bought a van, want to start again, a good life," the high harvest said, "a water, nothing, how do I start?" "

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