See the 10 unique fitness master arm will do exercises!


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10 will do unique arm exercises!

there are 10 you must try to establish a strange weapon!

we all like arms, but many people do not get the desired effect, because their growth response always insist on doing the same old thing a week after week.

our body adaptable! After a good practice for a period of time efficiency will abate, "

if you usually have arm exercise to have changed, then it is time to add some effective movement.

the 10 classic changes can put your arm to a new level, if you want to better, these changes are you worth trying!

how to do it?

1 Changes: triceps recoils and twisted

to do this a little change, simply put your wrist when you play straight arm triceps peak contraction, distortion of the palm of your hand, turn your palms toward the ceiling.

added this small changes to the medial head of the triceps muscle stimulation, make you feel stronger muscle contraction.

remember: don't let yourself swing or use the power of inertia. Always keep your arms close to your body.

2 Changes: curl training 21S

if select the appropriate weight, total to complete the " 3X7; " i.e., 21.14 second half action, 7

; doing so will increase your muscle In a state of tension. You'll force the extra blood into the muscles. Additional tension can also cause increased damage, which is another important signal for muscle growth and repair.

3 changes:

with the pot of Ling neck arm flexion and extension is a good idea, a little change will let your triceps receive new challenge!

tip: keep your elbows close to the sides of your head, stable core muscles.

4 Changes: the change of grip barbell curl

by using different grip length, you can ensure a comprehensive and thorough development of the two head muscles.

first, the relatively narrow grip grip (15-20cm) of curl! This can focus your two head of the head of the muscle. About 6-8 times.

then switch to wide grip barbell. Wider than shoulder width grip. Then 6-8 times of training, to take care of the medial head of the biceps.

5 changes: supine barbell arm flexion and extension 21S

W barbell! And the barbell curl is the same! 21 training methods!

7 times at the beginning of the first half of the movement; then after half action; finally, do 7 times the whole action completed a set of exercises.


very traditional arm the maximum flexion is not the same as V-DIP can do both! The normal elbow drop body, when the support from the right side up, and then alternately!

7 changes: horizontal hammer curls

hammer curls, hammer curls and traditional straight, you need to put the forearm pulled in front of the body. The real goal, and the establishment of each arm. Small changes will bring such a hitherto unknown experience for you, especially for the brachialis muscle activation of

prompt don't use inertial wave dumbbells, hold your shoulder!

8 moment change narrow bench!

this is a basic shape of triceps muscle movements, but people rarely do the gym! Perhaps it is because they usually practice bench too frequently!

on the grip, you don't need to hold too narrow, slightly narrower than the shoulder can be about.

9 changes: the backhand rope under pressure!

anti grip this change will make you more stimulation of the medial head of the triceps.

backhand grip slightly harder, so you should adjust your weight slightly. Keep your elbows close to the sides of your body while you move.

do the whole action, action to maintain the top peak contraction.

10 changes: Zuoteman curl!

in the gym, almost no one to do this action, should be absolutely!

Zuoteman curl is a complete two head and forearm muscle exercise.

hands palm forward will hold the dumbbell, your elbows fixed on both sides of the body, the normal turn up dumbbell. At the apex, turn your palms 180 degrees, palm down, and then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position.

-the end-

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