The body | hip training before hand lunge!


yundongshijie· 2016-07-24 19:12:39

> action before hand lunge

<] br training site > > unit four biceps, the main exercise: gluteus maximus, hip adductor muscle and soleus muscle; secondary exercise: hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscle, trapezius and erector spinae.


[] * /

1] steps, knees bent standing, feet apart around slightly greater than the distance of one step;
2, hands on in front of the thighs, chest and abdomen to maintain shape;
3, inspiratory, front thigh flexion to the horizontal position, posterior thigh under pressure the knee is slightly higher than the ground; 4, exhale, slowly lift the thigh to the starting position, the completion of action;
5, the operation can be repeated.

1, make sure the training requirements of
2, insist for a long time; in order to achieve better training requirements, first proposed in the continuous after the unilateral side.

1] > points, keep breathing;
2, the greater distance between the feet, buttocks muscle force is larger;
3, the smaller the distance between the feet, unit four quadriceps force is larger;
4, the process must be carried out slowly, chest and abdomen.


-the end-

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