Facebook UAV behind China's solar giants

Facebook China unmanned aerial vehicle solar energy

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Facebook announced that its research and development for solar UAV"; Aquila6 font-family:Calibri" >28 on success in Arizona Yuma County (< / style=; font-family:; font-size:14px >Yuma) style=; font-family:; font-size:14px "style=" > completed the first flight of the Aquila in font-family:; font-size:14px; >656 m altitude minutes.


for the successful test flight," in flight; font-size:14px > FacebookMark Zuckerberg) said:" we are not tread on air aircraft company, but in the short 2 years , we built the team, and now there's even a plane that can fly for 1.5 hours. This is a huge milestone on the way to help all people on the Internet."


Facebook will build thousands of network frame drones, and governments around the world and telecommunications companies, to the outskirts of the city and the country and the people in the disaster areas to provide Internet access service. You know, the current global 60 billion and there are still as many as 4016 million people living in remote areas without any mobile network cover.


style=" font-family:Calibri ">Facebook3 Month UAV, first of all need to solve the energy problem of uav. From the current point of view, only solar energy is possible to solve this problem. wingspan and Boeing 737 the aircraft equivalent weight is about 1/3 of the TOYOTA Prius, equipped with the latest solar cell. FacebookJay Parikh) when Aquila at cruising speed in the air, the power consumption is 5000 watts, equivalent to three of a hair dryer or a high-end microwave oven.


from the bold idea to success," font-family:Calibri style= Facebook has undergone a process. 2013FacebookFacebook Connectivity Lab laboratory, the development of UAV and satellite technology 3Ascenta, committed to the global Internet access plan development; , ground tests of the facebook, using a thin film solar cell can be efficiently. For the UAV to provide a strong impetus in the air without adding more weight burden 6 month font-fam "Ily:Calibri >28, Facebook "font-size:14px" > Aquila solar song the UAV successfully.


remote; font-size:14px > "2014 font-family:Calibri" >4Titan Aerospace; style=; font-family:; font-size:14px" >2015; font-family:; font-size:14px" > Google UAV the first flight after the crash is expected to continue to carry out research and development, 2016 reflight years.


"in addition to the two Internet giants, manned solar powered aircraft platform Swiss ihggha < ">" span style=; font-family:; font-size:14px "style=" > 2010724 hour flight, 2012 font-family:Calibri" >6 font-family:Calibri" >5 on the completion of the first transcontinental flight 2016 font-family:Calibri" >3 font-family:Calibri" >9 began on the flight around the world, has now completed the Oman, India, Burma, Chinese, Japan and the United States " font-size:14px ">.


"why so many giants are in the research and development of solar aircraft fall over each other? This is because the solar; font-size:14px " aircraft; font-size:14px > to solar energy as the driving force of the aircraft, is ideal for long endurance aircraft. During the day, the solar aircraft; font-size:14px >" rely on the surface of the solar cell will be laid into electric energy solar radiation, maintaining power system, avionics and payload operation, at the same time as the two airborne night, solar power charging; aircraft; font-size:14px > release can meet the needs of the two electric power in the night flight. If the stored energy can satisfy the need of the night flight, then the solar aircraft; font-size:14px >" theory can achieve "permanent" flight.


solar; font-size:14px " aircraft; font-size:14px > cruise time, flight height is high, wide coverage, can perform a variety of tasks, has the advantages of conventional aircraft can not be replaced, can be used for military reconnaissance, forest fire prevention, geographical and environmental monitoring, emergency communication, Internet communication and other fields, has a very large commercial applications.


UAV behind the solar technology

Facebook solar UAV Aquila


in hina film power generation (HK:00566) style= "font-family:Calibri" >2015Aquila2014 , style=; font-family:; font-size:14px " the style=; font-family:; font-size:14px "style=" > with "the world's most advanced font-size:14px; GaAs thin film solar technology - high efficiency flexible thin film technology. Relevant information, AltaDevicesGaAs) solar cells, which can provide support for a wide range of mobile power applications. The national renewable energy laboratory certification, became double world champion in flexible thin film solar cell conversion efficiency of single junction solar cell 28.8%31.6%

, another is monocrystalline cells, following contrast technology standard two battery:


  font-size:14px                               &nbs P;                 the highest production battery efficiency 300 W;;   220 W; font-family:; font-size:14px" > the weight per square meter                   200 G     500 G; font-family:; font-size:14px >     cell morphology;                     flexible folding      



general, GaAs film The battery is better than that of single crystal silicon cells, which is Facebook and Google and other Internet giants are in the UAV equipped film
Swiss solar powered style= "font-family:Calibri" >2 "solar powered aircraft used million pieces of crystal silicon solar panel provides power on the fuselage. Compared with the thin film GaAs cell, the conversion efficiency of the solar panels is small, and the weight of the solar panels is relatively heavy, and the unit area power supply capacity of the solar panels is relatively small. But it is huge, weight up to 2.3 t; font-family:; font-size:14px" , style=; font-family:; font-size:14px >" about the weight of a small car. In order to ensure sufficient area of solar panels, with a wingspan of 72 m; font-family:; font-size:14px" , style=; font-family: font-size:14px song;" > "font-family:Calibri" than the Boeing 747 airliner also wide. Therefore,


"visible solar UAV to put into use as soon as possible, the key is to solve the problem of the solar cell. At present, like Facebook and Google UAV and other large market demand driven by the performance of a large number of new energy companies including hina film power, to further improve the battery is wildly beating gongs and drums. The chairman of the board of directors hina film power Li Hejun had previously said that the domestic solar market capacity is very large, only commercial UAV of this segment of the market capacity of more than one trillion yuan.


hina film power"; 2015 in annual report," research; font-size:14px (Pilot) battery efficiency and yield and the yield significantly improved , achieved a lot of stable and continuous production, the success of the transition to mass production of small scale production line. At present, the transformation and new equipment installation and commissioning, and climbing capacity is still ongoing. The group completed the independent development of the core equipment and equipment design, began to carry out key parts procurement, in order to further expand the scale of the U.S. production line to make preparations."


view, at the forefront of the global solar UAV industry chain, China enterprises for the first time enough to say.

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