Boy after the college entrance examination robbery rape massage women beat indecent video

Robbery college entrance examination guy video

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suspects liaomou original title:

small college entrance examination after the robbery rape masseuse took indecent video alarm

19 year old Xiaoliao from Zhuzhou Youxian, June just attended the college entrance examination, taking advantage of the holiday, he wanted to make Zhuzhou a summer job, but put yourself into the police station, why? Because he robbed a massage girl, but also suspected of rape.

frightened by the thought of the thought of the life and death, with Liao said: "please do not hurt me, as long as you do not hurt me, whatever you do. "Chen said, liaomou dunqi color center, and Chen forced to have relations, but also took some indecent video, claiming that if Chen dared to report, put the video on the internet.

violation of Chen, Liao and stole the 780 dollars, and then quickly left the hotel, Chen also quickly ran out for help. Chen heard cries for help, the police are patrolling near the Jinshan police station immediately after to liaomou to escape direction, and in the way of the police and the security booth Hunan shipped together and arrested him.

Liao explained, about six days ago, conflict between himself and his family, angrily came to Zhuzhou, ready to find a part-time job, the work is not found, the money is spent. The evening of July 19th, when liaomou already broke off his mobile phone, for 120 dollars, and then came to a hotel in Hetang District opened a room. During

, he met Chen Internet via mobile phone, and adorable robbery, raise money back to the idea. "I think they should have done a little money in this line," Liao said, with the idea, he called to the phone, and then a series of absurd things.

at present, Liao was arrested for robbery was detained by public security organs, Chen has also been controlled, the case is under further investigation.