The mayor was traced to allow the villagers to push boat reporter visited the disaster rumor

The rumor the disaster the villagers the mayor

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network "Anyang city mayor Wang Xinwei boarding visited the disaster, let people push the boat".

days ago, a hundred years I suffered heavy rain in Anyang Province, a number of local hit towns. In July 22nd, friends broke the news, Anyang city mayor Wang Xinwei boarding visited the disaster, let people push the boat news immediately caused a hot friends. Is the so-called there is a picture of the truth, users also broke a little bit of a slightly blurred video, a time to criticize the sound of four, the truth in the end how it?

net exposure Anyang mayor Wang Xinwei let the villagers to push the ship to inspect the disaster

7 19 to 20 days, heavy rain hit the ancient capital of Anyang. Precipitation in a short period of time up to more than and 400 mm, extreme rainfall in some areas, the river rose and flooded the village, the villagers were trapped, people's life and property security threats.

7 22 days, in the micro-blog and the major network forums, a video by the users of the wide attention, this video is not long, only 6 seconds, and the picture is not clear. According to the description of the user, the video content is Anyang mayor Wang Xinwei let the villagers to push the boat to inspect the situation of the disaster.

under the video, accompanied by a text: "Anyang mayor Wang Xinwei visited Lu Cun Zhen Feng Su cun! Let people push the boat video! Since you came to inspect your mayor down and people together to share the whole village and rescue forces have several days not had a good night's sleep hadn't had a decent meal, you know the water dirty water, do we rural people do not know? "Attention

this blog post immediately triggered netizens, many people are accused of thread.

according to the Henan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters informed the evening of July 19th, affected by the vortex, 19, 8 pm to 18 PM, Henan Province, North Central, Western and southwestern heavy heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas. The rainfall is the largest region in northern Anyang, Henan city. Henan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, Anyang city Linzhou Donggang rainfall station 6 hour rainfall of 423 mm; Yan water rainfall station 6 hour rainfall of 372 mm; Anyang county new weir rainfall station 6 hour rainfall of 321 mm, more than a hundred years.

witnessed the event posting rumor

events who issued the rumor to restore the truth

as the video screen released by users is not clear, and the shooting distance, not see the picture in the boat people really have the mayor Wang Xinwei inside. What is the matter? In the morning on 23

7 5:37, the Anyang news online by the Anyang evening news and Anyang radio and television reporter Chang Jinghua and Niu Siming published a signed "we witnessed the" push "the mayor by boat to" explain "the news, said that they are Suqiao Feng Village of Anyang County disaster relief scene with the actual situation they see:

first, July 21st, mayor Wang Xinwei not in the disaster scene Suqiao Feng village.

second, the morning of July 21st, the Municipal Standing Committee and executive vice mayor Chen Zhiwei with the Anyang county and the garrison responsible person, water experts, familiar with the status of the three villagers to burst at the scene investigation, the specific scheme of ship material delivery and closure of crevasse.

third, from the village to the breach is a few hundred meters away, looking into a vast ocean. According to the villagers, breach of feeling, water is very complex, depth of one or two meters, only went to the boat. We are on board, the scene of disaster relief personnel to help the ship to the deep water, bound for the breach. During the

two reporters, also smashed on the network false rumors, Anyang mayor Wang Xinwei von Suqiao village is not in the disaster scene, and in the field is the executive vice mayor of Anyang city Chen Zhiwei, the scene rescue people push ship, but the ship to help the Deepwater area. This is a online rumor collapse of itself.

video shot on the day of Anyang mayor Wang Xinwei where

7 22, Anyang daily, a report also confirms the two reporters.

reported that the morning of July 21st, the Anyang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Chen Zhiwei of Anyang county towns Lu Qian Feng Su Cun, Zhu Village, Yonghe Town Village along the Taiwan village flood relief site inspection guide flood prevention work. Before the flood relief scene Feng Su Cun, Chen Zhiwei line take the assault field view of the village disaster situation and the progress of the rescue forces, and the deployment of the rescue work in a dam burst scene. When the water is too large due to late delivery of material from time to time, Chen Zhiwei request to mobilize all forces to protect the material entering the problem as soon as possible to block the breach. Chen Zhiwei stressed that the relevant departments to earnestly implement the flood prevention arrangements, timely transfer of the masses, to ensure that the affected people have food to eat, water to drink, there are clothing to wear, there is room to live, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

7 month 21 days, where is Wang Xinwei? According to the July 22nd publication of the Anyang Daily reported that in July 21st, the Anyang Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Xinwei, vice mayor of Anyang Jin Dongfeng has deep river Congyi section, Yonghe, Cui Flood flood control flood relief line, site inspection and guidance for rescue and relief work, visit condolences to front-line troops and affected people.

day morning, Wang Xinwei first came to burst danger at Chongyi River in Anyang, the field view of the disposal of dangerous situation, visit condolences to front-line combat troops. Wang Xinwei said emotionally, more in the face of disaster, military and civilian yushuiqing reflects the more concentrated. On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks and best regards to all of you. I hope you will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of the tiger division, scientific scheduling, poverty efforts, fighting courageously, and strive to seal in the shortest time to burst, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of post disaster reconstruction. Wang Xinwei at the same time, Beiguan District and the city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the relevant members of the unit to work closely with the army to carry out the work, in the channel repair, material transport, river and etc. to give as much as possible to help and support, to ensure the smooth and efficient rescue work.

later, Wang Xinwei returned to the Anyang city government building hosted the city's flood control and flood disaster relief meeting, informed of the current progress of flood control and flood relief work, and the next step of the specific arrangements.

after the meeting, Wang Xinwei and his entourage also rushed to the Anyang River Yonghe section view burst danger. Along the muddy road, Wang Xinwei for a 30 minute walk in the breach. See the professional construction team is stepping up piling construction, 21 night to seal the breach is expected to understand, Wang Xinwei expressed sincere thanks to your hard work, I hope everyone in the rescue efforts at the same time, we must pay attention to their own safety, reasonable distribution of physical fitness. At the same time, to ensure a comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers, burst accident will not happen again. When learned Yonghe town were affected, people spontaneously to participate in the rescue and relief work, the disposal of dangerous crevasse is the town building professional construction team, Wang Xinwei very pleased. He said with emotion, the disaster when the needs of the city's unity, solidarity and cooperation. Yonghe Town affected people can spontaneously launched relief work, professional construction team to take the initiative to participate in the most dangerous engineering rescue, this is typical of our rescue and relief work. The propaganda department must like Yonghe Town disaster relief typical mining is good publicity, create a strong atmosphere of relief, Our wills unite like a fortress. force in the whole society.

affected people's current life situation is worrying about the heart of Wang Xinwei. On several dangerous site inspections, Wang Xinwei rushed to the Cui detention area, waded into the village to visit condolences to the affected people, a detailed understanding of the affected people's lives, the demands of the affected people to listen carefully. Wang Xinwei said to the affected people, the municipal government to give high attention to the lives of everyone, will do our utmost to protect the lives and property of the people. I hope that we must listen to government orders, to transfer quickly transfer, ensure the life safety in the first place. In the disaster period, we should hold together for warmth, mutual support, to overcome the difficulties, the municipal government must ensure that we have food to eat, drink, clothing. Wang Xinwei also asked the Anyang county and the relevant departments to fully protect the affected people living at all costs, accelerate the transportation of drinking water and related materials, epidemic prevention and rapid expansion of power repair work. The difficulties should be promptly reported to the municipal flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, to co-ordinate the city's resources, to protect the affected people survive.

Anyang Network Information Office issued a deliberate disinformation interference relief will be accountable when

said Jun noted that in July 22nd, Anyang network information office also issued a message said, recently, the city suffered heavy rain, severe disasters, the municipal government is to lead the people to disaster relief. But someone else in the WeChat, the network to create rumors, disturbing people. This

, Anyang network information office to remind the masses of the people, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors deliberately spread rumors and interference; for emergency rescue and disaster relief, will be prosecuted according to law according to discipline.

extension of the

people's Daily: circle of friends fake "and even disaster never"

incited, disturbing public order, disrupting relief rhythm … … rumors never "and even"

the Great Wall Juyongguan cast collapsed, Gongzhufen subway station, Beijing flooded public bicycle pile leakage … … city rain, rumors. Someone said with emotion: "the most serious disaster areas, is a circle of friends. "

is what people in the rumor? Might as well give them classified.

first of all, is innocent. Some people look at the pictures, video, they transferred to the relatives and friends, to remind friends and relatives to pay attention to safety. They think that seeing is believing, but those pictures and video are deceitful visual magic, being "to fear" was spread to flicker.

the second is unwilling to remain out of the limelight. In the rain, I do not turn what is ill informed and marginalized. In order to find a sense of participation and sense of existence, many people became a busy flock of sheep.

is a mess of the garden again. Some people had a negative energy or utterly bored, they expect, who, to discredit what part of a fool, give yourself a pastime, outlet. Do not even rule out the people who have a heart to think of red, by public events speculation rumors, suck powder fishing gold.

fortunately, these years Internet rumor immunity promotion, rumors started spreading, there are a lot of responsible netizens to rumor, or live, or the science of proof, will lie exposed one by one. Many authoritative media have also done a clarification, to fulfill their duties, to resolve the unnecessary tension.

circle of friends to restore justice, whether things can be turned out?

rumors, never even said "". Rumors in the disaster relief point, disrupting public order and relief rhythm, harm is bad, should bear the corresponding responsibility. Before using the Tianjin bombings cheat donations woman, nearly lied to Macheng seven reservoir floodplain "man, was the police investigation, paid the price for the manufacture of rumors.

network is not outside the law of the land. Last year, the implementation of the amendment of criminal law "(nine)" provisions, fabricating the dangers and disasters, spread on the information network, seriously disrupting social order, three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control. This also announced that the network rumors should not escape the legal sanctions.

unfair means, motive highfalutin is false. Urban construction and management, there is room for improvement, but harmful to the network rumors, apparently did not force the role of governance progress. Only huoluan hearts against rumors, rumors will be brought to justice, to make an example of the effect, the normal order of purge media field.

as a person, also to be more vigilant, enhance the discrimination, rational forwarding, don't listen to the wind is the rain, turned out to be rumors setter.

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