Beijing tiger attack tourists: to save the mother daughter killed

Daughter tiger mother tourist

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Badaling wild zoo park "ban off" warning board. Class= img_box "

time of the incident monitoring video screenshot.

Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger attacks caused concern.

after one day, the media reported that the Department of tourists to get off the line and get off the tragedy occurred. Comprehensive Beijing media in July 25th, the latest news, related to the matter of relatives and friends, said the incident, the tourists are not due to quarrel and get off, but he mistakenly think that has been out of the Tiger Park, get off after the accident.

visitors colleagues: think out of the Tiger Park just under the car

according to the Beijing Youth Daily July 25th news, July 24th afternoon, the reporter went to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University surgical floor. But according to her husband's colleagues introduced the incident when the parties do not know they are still in the park, they think they have come out, so just under the car". According to CCTV reported that

, when visitors enter the park before signed the relevant responsibility, which clearly stipulates the car park to lock the car doors and windows, non off. The media also said the Yanqing District propaganda department, car park visitors have seen the zoo safety tips, signed a related agreement. Two women tourists get off, the vehicle must not go beyond the Tiger Park, but visitors mistakenly think is out of the Tiger Park, get off after the accident. The first time

zoo patrol car althorn warning

Beijing Daily reported on 25 July, the reporter learned from the Yanqing District, the relevant departments, the accident occurred the same day visitors is driving tourists, according to the provisions of scenic spot before admission signed a security agreement, including the prohibition of visitors, prohibited to roll down the window feeding etc.. After entering the area, the area also has broadcast repeatedly remind visitors safety precautions, including the prohibition to get off. There are related to the safety of the scenic spot, and patrol car back and forth.

incident vehicle has four passengers, including a family of three and the child's grandmother. After the young woman in violation of safety notice to get off, the patrol car in a timely manner to find, with a high pitched warning visitors quickly back to the car, and to the scene, but it is too late. Surveillance video shows that the young woman was dragged away by the tiger, the young man get off, then get off the old lady. According to the relevant departments, in the video surveillance can not see the place, the other tiger will be an old lady bites, the woman died on the spot.

: the injured body multiple lacerations,

infection may not exclude Beijing morning news on July 25th, after the incident, the injured were sent to the Yanqing District People's Hospital, but due to severe injuries, was transferred to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University for treatment. It is understood that the injured yesterday, has been out of danger, the injury is stable, but still can not rule out the possibility of infection. For the disease, the doctor said, the patient's trachea, arteries and cerebral blood vessels and other key parts of the site is not injured, but there are many wounds, most of them are torn, bleeding more.

reporters in the ward to see the injured family members of Mr. Liu, he said, the injured is his sister, more than and 30 years old this year, he also received a call from the hospital that came in a hurry, what cause the family was attacked, he also was not clear. Mr. Liu said, after being attacked by a tiger, his sister was injured in many places, including a very deep wound on the shoulders, arms and abdomen, there are wounds. Details of the incident, the public security and safety supervision department is still under investigation.

involved tourists is mother and daughter relationship

according to the Beijing News reported on July 25th, the night of July 24th, the reporter saw in the operation room of No.3 Hospital of Beijing University entrance, several family members are discussing the operation matters, the victim received surgery in the operating room. Doctors say the patient's heart and brain vessels have no problem. Liu said the victim's family, being bitten by a tiger is his sister, more than and 30 years old, the body multiple injuries.

reporters learned from the insider, the victim of a mandibular fracture and completely bitten to wear, multiple fractures of the cervical spine. July 24th at 5 am has done surgery, the current stable signs.

injured friends told reporters, when the old lady is in order to save her daughter, only get killed by tigers. "At that time, her daughter is off, but certainly not because the couple quarrel." He said the injured husband and wife, "she is still in the intensive care unit of the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, has not yet been determined whether the risk of life." The relatives and friends also said that the current remains of the old lady is still in Yanqing, the police have been involved in the investigation.

victim's friend Mr. Hou said, they have a small boy husband and wife, "now very poor."

and other insiders revealed that the old lady was killed this year, 57 years old, for the mother of the injured.


Badaling wild animal park in the event of wounding

2009 March 7th, 3 Hebei migrant workers to play in Badaling, Yanqing. On the way back for a shortcut over the fence and into the power grid, the Badaling wild zoo beast area. The 18 year old Kwak was killed by a tiger.

2012 in October 27th, visitors liulaotai and relatives of a pedestrian drove to visit the Badaling zoo, liulaotai in going off to relieve themselves to Southern China when the tiger jumped out of a tiger bite, was injured.

2014 in August 28th, the Badaling wild zoo Bengal Tiger Park, a Park Rangers were bitten by a tiger in the hospital after the death of the hospital in Yanqing.

2016 years in March 3rd, a park manager in the Department of the elephant feeding, cleaning, when the elephant was trampled to death by an elephant. (according to the Beijing Morning News)

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