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20 in the early morning of the Xingtai big Yin village flood, in an unconventional way to become the center of public opinion. From the fermentation WeChat circle, to the big hot weekend, this is in the center of Xingtai Development Zone, it is at the edge of the Xingtai city village, become the most dazzling scars throughout the Hebei floods.

in the evening, the rainfall caused sharp peak, along the Xingtai south of Qilihe, surging forward, to the big Yin village that suddenly encountered a bottleneck, so that the water around the breaching of the dike, 12 village, daehyun village is one of the biggest casualties.

things are not without warning.


an island uncle's home in Xingtai is not far. 20 years ago in 1996, there was a flood like Xingtai. This year's Dragon Boat Festival, he can not help but sigh at home overlooking the mountain, the river has dried up this childhood fish; the side of the old man said, who knows, and over the past twenty years, the last is the flooded town.

did not expect a prophecy.

told the island at the grassroots level TERT flood line relatives, because the lessons of 20 years ago, this year's flood control arrangement exceptionally early. As the flood of this work, are inter provincial, inter city or cities and counties within the whole line, in the working process of the system in the almost impossible not to notice the situation; but different regions come pre for this disaster to determine whether sufficient mass transfer measures are decisive, not necessarily. After all, few people can imagine, in the annual average rainfall of only 500-600 mm of this land, you can reduce the amount of water in just three or four hours, or even more than the historical extremes.

a few days ago we wrote floods, referred to the "water", "difficult"; if the history of sharp precipitation is the "water" the main cause, then "difficult", and sometimes will meet the reality of factors. And these factors, in ten or twenty years of flood disaster areas, a lot of time to gather together to make small probability of occurrence.

for example, according to the truth will send funds every year under the river, in the end there is no use it? If there is no river dredging, illegal construction, there is no obstruction, dredging the cadres at all levels have? Read the river, and preparing for the

scheme and fully? At least, in apology and reflection the mayor of Xingtai, the first of which is "on the short-time strong rainfall intensity and ferocity of the lack of anticipation," second years "is not a major flood, emergency ability of cadres at all levels of anti Dahong, grab the big insurance, save big disaster problems".

" in other words, why the scene flood dike, because of heat pipes, or illegal construction, or for cities and counties at the junction of poor management, detailed investigation should be after on-site and experts; but the negligence of the work, no matter how much. Is an objective reality. In each place, water is a long-term project. Such as North semi-arid regions, perhaps decades accumulated over ten years, the annual dredging of waterways, dredging, cleaning, illegal behavior, do not see an immediate effect, and may even make some people dislike; but when the disaster comes, it will be able to help. The day of reckoning, the same principles apply in water conservancy.

may also have more people thinking about the problem.

early warning in half a month before the flood, a man named "five vowels" users on their own Sina blog, warning: "Xingtai" Qilihe ", you do a good job of flood control, drainage of the ready?"

, the authors say, because he saw the torrential rains in the south, "consider 100001000", first thought of the Qilihe project, then riding the electric car to Qilihe downstream of the East Kong Qiao area, Wang view. But he saw this scene: "

several hundred meters wide river trapped here, two soil dam blocked the river place, although the pipeline leak, but the water regulation can withstand daily" south to North Water Diversion "and continuous rainstorm occurred recently in Xingtai city?"

he easily took some photographs of the scene, you can see half a month ago in Qilihe:


of the West River, the dam stopped. Water flow

can be seen from the picture, half a month ago, the river in Qilihe has been in the construction.

to the Qilihe New Area Administrative Committee recently the tender notice can be seen, the beginning of this year, there is "Zhu Jixing cited water supply pipeline over Seven Mile River reconstruction project, Riverside Road, Riverside Road in the western part of West Sanhuan West Green Water Diversion Project, Qilihe River comprehensive management, dam anti-seepage project" project has started construction or are tender.

and this is the Xingtai municipal government as if the "one project" of the rectification of Qilihe, from 2006 officially started, which lasted ten years, has not stopped.


but this does not prevent the relevant departments in the media publicity. Before and after 2016, the media began to rise more.

2016 in May, the media reported: "as of now, Qilihe comprehensive treatment project completed, the whole river water, South Riverside sightseeing road all through, Baiquan Avenue was completed. "

access to media reports at the time, the topic focus in the field of city landscape change, the appreciation of land, people live, environmental governance and economic development," flood control flood "function has disappeared. Historically, Qilihe has been prone to floods, but in recent years, Qilihe has been in the dry state, the river is garbage, residents of illegal buildings, vegetable and other occupied, so the renovation project The people are boiling with resentment., the horse.

2006 years, the Xingtai municipal government issued a document "Xing" 13 "2006", "on the implementation of the construction of comprehensive management project in Qilihe". The first sentence is: "to enhance the city flood control and flood discharge capacity", followed by "Qilihe pointed out that due to the lack of effective governance, serious impact on the flood control and flood, the Xingtai city safety under great threat. "

security flood channel, this is the primary purpose of the renovation in Qilihe. However, this "flood prevention priority" of the idea is in the process of implementation, it is gradually to look at the economic development. Ten years ago, how to design the standard of flood control engineering, and in the continuation of ten years has always adhere to the standard, to the experts, we can doubt.

because of the lack of funds, the Xingtai municipal government decided to authorize the Xingtai Luqiao city construction company has developed along the coast of Qilihe, "by the company in strict accordance with the market mode of operation, self financing investment, independent construction, independent management, responsible for its own profits and losses. "

" banyuetan "was published in 2008" Qilihe, a city because she woke up "one article, then Xingtai city party secretary Dong Jingwei this statement:" the preliminary estimates, the entire project will invest about 7000000000 yuan, in the governance of 19 km river at the same time, sorting out the city municipal construction land of nearly 18 square kilometers. By 2020, will form an area of nearly 60 square kilometers of Qilihe New District, which is equivalent to the rise of a new Xingtai. "

dongshuji also revealed that the construction fund is how to solve the project finishing out of the more than 7 thousand acres of land for comprehensive development, the return of land leasing to the corporation governance, engineering from various administrative fees, construction project tax refunded, in addition to pay were full return project responsible unit. This allows the government to unload the burden, the construction unit also has benefits, becoming a win-win decision. "

this is commonly used in the development of government practices, the use of land for the appreciation of the formation of investment.

to this end, the Xingtai municipal government has also set up a special Qilihe New District Management Committee, after the development of the Qilihe area, planning a total area of about 58.8 square kilometers. Why is the jurisdiction of


District of Qilihe to draw such an area of?

2014 in January 22nd, "Xingtai daily" reported the completion of some engineering in Xingtai city in 2013, which referred to the "Qilihe downstream water storage project". Reported that: the project has been completed in December (2013), the beginning of the construction, is currently being transferred from Zhu Zhuang reservoir ecological water on the river to fill the water. "

the main river for water storage, just under the jurisdiction of the New District of Qilihe. Qilihe development on the river along the river to start.

visible, Qilihe in the process of remediation, water storage has become a top priority. This is to become a landscape river in Qilihe, along with the key to the whole lot of appreciation.

Qilihe new district along the river development was successful, the environment has improved, country garden and a number of major real estate projects have settled. It makes in eastern Qilihe Xingtai Development Zone, feel anxious.

2014 in December, a report said that in 2011, Qiaodong District section of West River Chai Zhuang success after impoundment of development zone because of the housing demolition work difficult, in the zone seven in the east part have yet to be developed, "a few years ago, looked at the upper reaches of the river island, Jinjiang city. Garden culture, night economy to the village people downstairs after rash and too much in haste, with seven in the dry red river. "The article wrote. This

the problem in 45 days by the Xingtai Development Zone cadres compromised, "delay for more than 4 years' hard ', resettlement has finally been gnawing down", and the villagers along the river first reaction is: "a rare opportunity, we are planning the development of business resort. At the end of "

Qilihe flood is the whole watershed event, this should be in the direct leadership of the municipal government, jointly solve the coordination of various departments, but in the leading economic development ideas, construction has been granted to the company, the development task is cut into sections. Flood control tasks are being squeezed by the economic interests of the side.

this place just before the breaching of the dike project end. Daehyun Village East, the Xing Lin Road, Qilihe river suddenly narrowed, the downstream river, the river has also been in the dry state, illegal construction, illegal occupation of vegetable, dredging.

had Longwangmiao bridge, Xingtai River downstream is

of downstream river has been intermittent, but no economic benefit, it is powerless. So, in the Qilihe River Basin remediation, "drought uneven" phenomenon. Occupy a good place to do the local landscape, the development and utilization of appreciation, there is no area to develop a lot of advantages, it should be self financing.

in an interview with CNR told reporters, Xingtai City Water Authority Chief Engineer Ma Zhaoxun said that Xian Cun river narrows the existence of security risks, and no treatment because "no money": "you put the river dug, no need money? No money, what all know that is hidden rule? Can say, the above water, promptly notify the people transfer.

in May 12th this year, in the lower reaches of Qilihe River downstream, South County Government published a picture of the news, wrote: "for Qilihe to become a National Water Conservancy Scenic Area and Xingtai city environmental quality sharply, South County government raised 6 million 160 thousand yuan, the county water authority for a higher level of small and medium-sized rivers of 16 million yuan of funds, governance on the downstream river. "

and flows through the urban areas of Qilihe renovation, in ten years, has invested billions. The

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