Russia delivered to China at the critical moment 35

Depth China people's Liberation Army difficult problem

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original title: depth: Russian critical moment to help the people's Liberation Army China delivered Su 35 to solve the problem of

according to the Russian military industrial complex reported in July 19th, July 14th Chinese Internet reports that Russia will deliver the first frame Su -35 fighter on Chinese, Su -35 is Sukhoi's latest masterpiece. This is a versatile fighter, can perform a variety of tasks, including air strikes to intercept enemy aircraft and attack the sea and ground targets. The aircraft has fifth generation fighter, the snow leopard equipped with passive phased array radar and powerful beyond fighter airborne radar. If the Soviet -35 radar is really as Russia said, can be found in 90 kilometers outside the radar reflection area of 0.01 square meters of the target, which means that can be found in the distance of 90 km F-22, or at least found F-35. So the stealth advantage of the United States four generations of aircraft has been pulled down, this point for China's real security is in urgent need of. Also indirectly demonstrate Russia's support for China in the island dispute.

foreign media said the air force China Su -35S when purchasing facilities will be the introduction of airborne communication system, including the S-108 airborne integrated communication system and NKVS-27 communication system foundation, the communication system is a new generation of Russian airborne communication system. The exchange between, can be used to combat aircraft combat aircraft and early-warning aircraft and between aircraft and ground combat command of the tactical data and information, but also can be used for aircraft navigation, identification and other functions, the performance of LINK-16 is roughly the same with the United states.

has said that S-108 communication system the role of distance can reach 1500 kilometers, from the frequency of data link of AT-E terminal, which belongs to the microwave frequency, wavelength is small, in the atmosphere almost in a straight line, so when the fighter meters altitude flight, it should be the propagation distance is about 500 kilometers, the 1500 km should be shortwave communication distance, as everyone knows the lower the frequency, the longer wavelength, the transmission distance is far, but the rate is low, only secure voice spread or low speed data transfer. If the transfer is limited by the high-speed data radio range, for example, according to the radio range of formula, when the early warning aircraft and combat aircraft are at an altitude of 9000 meters, the communication distance is only 800 kilometers. To continue to extend the radio range, it is necessary to use aerial relay carrier. Although the Russian

S-108 data chain reached the standard of LINK-16, but the latter is LINK-16 chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival has a series of problems, such as, cannot realize the dynamic network, low bandwidth, network time, long reaction time, anti destroy ability is limited, especially it adopts the omni-directional communication system, concealment ability is poor, this is a big disadvantage for stealth combat aircraft, so the air force has to remove LINK-16 from the F-22 fighter configuration, instead of the "data link" between fighters -IFDL, while the F-35 is equipped with MADL data chain, as active three generation combat aircraft also plans in the LINK16 data link terminals equipped with TTNT module to improve the communication ability, the communication rate can reach 2M/ seconds, far greater than LINK-16.

according to overseas data, the comprehensive data chain is widely used Chinese air force is similar with LINK-16, so the performance of the S-108 airborne data link should also with the comprehensive data chain is similar, after the introduction of the Su -35S, exchange between the air force China problems needed to be solved is the S-108 data link and the comprehensive data link data encryption and decryption of data link information is the core secrets of a country, although China and Russia's two is a comprehensive strategic partnership, but has not reached the point of open degree to each other, so the solution is possible add an adapter in the AT-E data link terminal for data link between the two kinds of data conversion, as in the window Face to run their own procedures, open to each other but not open source code, just need to know their own meaning of this signal representation.

from the domestic public information unit, the domestic equivalent of a new generation of the TTNT data link has been developed, such as the LINK-TDD-S data link terminal space 513, from which the parameters are superior to those of LINK-16 and S-108 data link, TTNT data link has been equivalent to the United States, it is expected will be the same as LINK-16/TTNT, add a LINK-TDD-S module or a system in the comprehensive data link terminal, in order to improve the Chinese Air Force combat aircraft's ability to obtain information.

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