Vietnam or purchase Russian Ilyushin 76 loaded with paratroopers took the island against China

Vietnam the paratroopers transport aircraft AWACS

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data figure: transport aircraft IL -76MD-90A

original title: Vietnam or buy Russian transport plane carrying paratroopers raid to seize the island

Vietnam central media "Youth Daily" website quoted the Russian news agency reported that Russia's Aviastar-SP aircraft factory director Andrey Kapustin to reveal the "CIS countries, Asia, especially a country in Southeast Asia and African countries are particularly interested in heavy transport aircraft IL -76-MD-90A". In this regard, a number of websites have been reproduced in Vietnam, said a country in Southeast Asia is likely to be vietnam.

the media's speculation is not groundless, as early as the end of 2015, the mainstream of the Russian newspaper, the news reported that Vietnam has a great demand for transport, especially concerned about the -76 transport aircraft. Data show that the current number of Vietnamese transport is not much, only 8 -2, 12 -26 and 8903 C-295M aircraft (number 8901, 8902, 3). Among them, an -2 type machine is the old transport aid to Vietnam in 1959 the Soviet Union, currently only used for aerial photography, typhoon and other tasks. An -26 machine is available since 1981 to 1984, delivered a total of 48 aircraft converted into Vietnam, part of the air command early warning machine. The 2 planes are ageing, the majority of retired retirement, only 20 are still in the air as the main frame type. In addition, some time ago the police forces of 1 CASA-212 patrol aircraft has just crashed into the sea (belong to Airbus Spain CASA company production), Vietnam continued to purchase C-295M plan may suspend or cancel.

it is worth noting that, in September 2, 2015, the 70 anniversary of the National Day parade in Vietnam, the re formation of the army airborne troops in a high-profile debut. The media said, the more airborne troops dressed and secret agents are very similar, but there is a certain origin between the two. It is reported that Vietnam has set up a 305 Airborne Brigade in early 1961, in March 2, 1967 the brigade will be dissolved and the formation of a secret agent. Since then, the army airborne mission consists of secret force of play, the latter usually perform anti-terrorism and anti riot and emergency rescue task in wartime can be airborne enemy rear attack, destroying the enemy to perform the political economic and military authorities and seize the island, occupation of naval and air bases, collaborative friendly combat tasks.

however, the airborne troops are in the initial stage, weapons and equipment, training facilities still needs to be improved. Although in recent years the army purchased 3 more aircraft C-295M medium transport aircraft, but this machine does not have large-scale delivery personnel and heavy equipment (such as airborne chariots) ability, unable to meet the needs of development in the future is airborne.

it is reported that at present the more airborne mainly use an -26 transport aircraft and meters -8, m -17, m -171 and other helicopter airborne mission, but these aircraft are old and frequent aging accidents.

, the media said that in the future if Vietnam wants to build a modern airborne troops, must invest a large amount of investment to purchase the appropriate equipment, in addition to multi functional helicopters, but also including airborne vehicles and large transport aircraft. For large transport, Vietnam will IL -76-MD-90A and C-130J in America are preferred. The media seems to have a special liking for the -76, even said the aircraft will be equipped with this type of aircraft, the turning point of the Vietnamese airborne (development)". Although the IL -76 research funding is high, but the price of C-130J is similar, but stronger performance, load 60 tons, can carry 126 paratroopers or 225 infantrymen, the maximum speed of 850 kilometers, a maximum range of 8500 kilometers, a service life of 30 years, can be 30 thousand hours of flight.

at the same time, more than the United States closer relations with Russia, although the United States announced the lifting of the ban on weapons more completely, but it may be for sale will buy more with certain conditions attached. In addition, the long-term use of Russian equipment in Vietnam, the pilot in flight will be converted to faster, logistics will be more smooth. However, the media pointed out that the Vietnamese side may only buy a small amount of IL -76 heavy transport aircraft, large forces for rapid delivery. As airborne chariot, the media that Russia's BMD-4M is the best choice.

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