Samsung GalaxyC7 uses aegis fingerprint sensor ET320


MEMS· 2016-07-25 10:53:05

fingerprint sensor is equipped with the aegis leading supplier of aegis Limited by Share Ltd (TWO:6462) is proud to announce its ET320 fingerprint sensor to win Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) design a crucial victory (design win). Specific models of Samsung Galaxy C7 has adopted the aegis ET320, since July can be purchased.

aegis Limited by Share Ltd CEO and chairman Steve Ro said: "we are very pleased to announce that in the process of cooperation with Samsung Electronics, we won the second design victory. We believe that this will further strengthen the company as a market leader in fingerprint sensor supplier status. In the future, we plan to expand cooperation with Samsung Electronics, and continue to promote the development of a more simple, more powerful, and more accurate biometric solutions."

aegis aegis Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd (Egis Technology Inc.) to provide the fingerprint recognition technology leader chip and software integration solution for a. Our exclusive pairing algorithm has the best FAR/FRR performance in the industry, to provide users with high security and convenience. Fingerprint identification technology advanced aegis can have good performance in small chip area, is the most ideal choice for mobile devices. As the FIDO alliance director, hoping to verify the aegis fingerprint identification technology to provide privacy security of high strength for the Internet world. Aegis headquarters is located in Taiwan Taipei, in China, with offices and subsidiaries in Japan, and a representative in the United states.

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