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recently, the Ministry of culture and other departments smitten, and Betta, six rooms and a number of illegal network broadcast platform. At present, China's online live platform close to 200, the user reached 200 million people, the market size of about 9 billion yuan, in 2016 became a veritable network live the first year". At the same time, the network broadcast the vulgar and pornographic, violence and chaos attendant.

webcast why overnight fame? On the new Internet industry regulation is always "slow"? How will this kind of information dissemination affect the social mentality? This newspaper interviewed experts.

1, is a new economic forces or the source of chaos

the night after 9, in Beijing, a foreign work Xi Xiaoru (should be required to interview people of name) would lie in bed, open mobile phone, a man named "login hey show" mobile broadcast platform, and chat with the audience. We look at the audience gave her a reward (buy movie tickets, cash ring, high-heeled shoes, cars and other props), light (an interactive way), she said, "can not only increase the income but also to relax, work better than.

hee small such as the experience is a microcosm of the rapid development of the industry in recent years, the rapid development of the industry.

coincidentally, in late July 11th 9, the network Reds "Papi sauce" in the 8 network broadcast platform synchronized person live in less than 1 hours, the whole platform online watch more than 20 million users, and received 900 thousand yuan reward. Net red appeal and the great vitality of the network broadcast market is evident.

in recent years, with the popularity of 4G and tariff reduction, the user's habit of watching video on mobile Internet conditions and needs are being developed. An account of a mobile phone, everyone can become a live car". A national broadcast era is coming.

is to see this potential market, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet giants homeopathy into the Council, including IDG, Qiming, Sequoia Capital and other investment institutions will also be a lot of "real money" at the broadcast field. Data show that from January to May this year, the amount of financing received in the field of video has more than 1 billion yuan. Show, performing arts, sports, gaming, education, and other forms of live stars have come out.

research center of Communication University of China network law and intellectual property director Wang Sixin told this reporter analysis said that in recent years, the development of science and technology, people get a lot of liberation, has also been a large number of idlers. As long as a lot of people get together, there are potential consumers, to attract their attention will be able to produce economic benefits. In addition, cross regional network broadcast, also expanded the same interest of people gathered. This is the Internet's "long tail", led to the emergence of economic idlers.

at the same time, with the outbreak of the network broadcast format, related to the negative information and controversy also continue to increase. In the investigation of the hey show platform, illegal female anchor in the live room open with the audience to attract the audience to play off, even more people will be to attract attention to live sex behavior. In the "hearthstone" platform, anchor live racing, resulting in a serious car accident; "tiger" platform, appeared in live brawl. In this regard, the platform is not strong supervision, or for the benefit of factors, and the default anchor to condone illegal act, make network broadcast chaos intensified.

7 12 July, the Ministry of culture announced on a number of network performance platform and the results show, checked 26 network platform Macropodus, 16881 illegal performers are processing network. At the same time, the Ministry of culture also issued the "Ministry of culture on strengthening the management of network performance management notice", the network culture of the operating units of the transmission network performance behavior norms. "Notice" for the first time made clear that the performer as a direct responsibility, and put forward the future will be a random check on the webcast, and the implementation of the "black list" system, was included in the list of performers will be banned nationwide. Chen Shaofeng

, vice president of Peking University Institute of cultural industry in an interview with this reporter said, "the government tightening policy is to establish some basic restrictive standards from the social perspective of the interests, similar to the" negative list ". Moreover, network broadcast platform these vulgar things easily endanger the growing network of curry favour by claptrap, broadcast industry. Therefore, from the perspective of maintaining the healthy development of the Internet industry, it is very necessary to carry out the norms. "

2, not because of the spirit of ecological entertainment and the imbalance of

input string ID number can be registered, depending on the dress" cool ", provocative language can obtain income, low threshold, high income for some people to enter the host industry. And from the age structure, in the anchor and the audience, after 80, 90 are an important part of.

Wang Sixin analysis, the content of elegant or vulgar and the unit of time, the amount of labor has a direct relationship. Now, a lot of people want to get the joy of universal entertainment. As the host of content producers, many people do not have the time to provide high-quality content. And because it is live, when a lot of people gathered in the broadcast room such a scene, the mood is very difficult to control, the relevant moral and legal concepts are easy to be diluted. In the "drive square effect" or fabuzezhong effect, in order to satisfy people's curiosity, the anchor may reduce the content of threshold.

"this business model is similar to the stage show, but it is easy to go, is not sustainable. Chen Shaofeng believes that the anchor into a live broadcast content, their body language, dress, and interaction with the audience, every move has become a consumer object. For those who watch, especially for teenagers, their mentality and values may also be the result of alienation.

American media cultural studies scholar Neal · wrote in his book; the "entertainment to death" in the book: "if all cultural content are most willing to even soundless and stirless to become a vassal of entertainment, the result is that we become a species of entertainment to death. "

, it is worth noting that some network broadcast platform is moving in the direction of the evolution of the pan entertainment, some scholars call it" the media business logic of cultural logic ", the serious cramped shallowness even vulgar happiness is the desire to vent the lack of thinking and the spirit of participation, the consumerism and the pan the demands of entertainment is breaking down some of the traditional culture value system. Long term acceptance of this pan entertainment culture of the audience, the spirit of the ecological imbalance may be faced. Therefore, the corresponding social psychology and culture may also produce variation. This must be vigilant.

3, government regulation on management efficiency of

from the perspective of government regulation, previously, for Internet broadcast industry problems, the State Press and publication administration, the Ministry of culture, the central network information office, around the cultural market administrative law enforcement departments and public security departments, have come in different forms of supervision. A broadcast platform responsible for Internet law enforcement concerns, each department acting on its own will cause harm to the growing network broadcast industry.

Wang Sixin believes that the Internet regulation Kowloon flood pattern, will exist in a certain period of time. The Internet covers too many problems, security, culture, audio and video, Internet information, all belonging to a department is not realistic. At present, the feasible way is to focus on improving the management efficiency of the departments. This requires the need to clarify the responsibilities of each department, while the central government should like to do such a department to focus on some of the issues of coordination.

so, in the process of governance of the Internet, the government regulation to achieve management innovation?

Wang Sixin suggested that the government should lower the figure, the problem of the principle behind the Internet, grasp the trend and the law of development of the Internet industry, to avoid regulatory "slow" and "patch" phenomenon. For example, the impact of the Internet on people, live and the audience interaction, whether it may lead to mass incidents, etc., need to be carefully studied by the government.

at the same time, the government should adjust their position. In the face of the network, it should be a detached in the cube, set reasonable rules, balance good network platform and the interests of consumers. Chaos, the Internet may be a new industry with vigor and vitality of a performance, government regulation should be based on maintaining the vitality of the Internet, can not be tube and tube. Wang Sixin said.

4, in order to eliminate chaos in the long boom since the birth of

Internet industry, "both sides of chaos" and "prosperity" is like a coin, each phase coexist in the development of the industry. Because the Internet can birth of new things, and supervision is lagging behind, therefore, the "air" on the "chaos" almost become a necessity.

however, for the network of practitioners in terms of the air in the wind should also grasp the wind". Predictably, the National Cultural Department of strong regulation will become the main tone of the future for a considerable period of time, the network broadcast to "dancing with shackles".

Wang Sixin appears in the current strong regulatory departments of culture is a "red line" on the network broadcast industry. The network information dissemination channels of its own propagation, in content and style, the industry will not change much live, only violations will be greatly reduced.

from the industry point of view, the industry is quietly changing ecological. Chen Shaofeng believes that the network broadcast industry should enter a stage of multiple development, there is slack. Loose part of the format is more diverse, the Internet giant began to join, many formats in order to emphasize the interactive, will be the way to live. Tight side is that the contents of the government can not be inconsistent with the negative list, which will have a great impact on the business model in the past. Chen Shaofeng said.

recent development of the network broadcast industry confirms Chen Shaofeng's view. After the strongest "supervision storm" after the baptism of the network broadcast industry is no longer a variety of beauty in the world, the content structure to begin the development of specialization and diversification direction, resulting in a number of comic dialogue, financial and other professional commentary theme live broadcasts. Broadcast platform also began to change its inherent business model, began to explore new ways to combine with electricity suppliers, concert, etc..

a lot of network broadcast platform operators also began to realize, the network is self preservation, to eliminate the chaos of the long boom. The community is also the formation of a consensus, manage the Internet broadcast, the audience as "entertainment to death", broadcast industry to return to the track of healthy development, to the industry and society, this is a good thing.

users comments

users "Zhang Wei": do not understand the mess of mobile phones, there is no content, but also did not say anything useful, three words can not be separated from the gift.

net friend "987348": the anchor if the network to the audience to show their musical talent, there is no loss of morality, no illegal. If the strengthening of management and improvement, the industry is still meaningful.

user "YWM": there is a demand to supply, there are a number of people willing to pay, to anchor money, need to study is that money is what people.

users "Tyrande's memory": the network broadcast and web game a reason, who hit the money, who is in this area first, to meet the psychological pride only, are very boring things. Netizen "

ten slope sword of God": red, the rise of network anchor on behalf of some people has become entertainment, money worship, hypocrisy, intuitive moral proof.

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