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note: arrive in New York Qi Hai ship

in recent years, the Mexico exclusion, the Qing government dispatched warships to protect overseas Chinese story, widely circulated on the internet. Sasu, the "Chinese haihun" a book also said, "Wu Tingfang in 1905 was threatened by foreign gunboat policy (Mexico) people, forcing them to give up the persecution of Chinese law"; and Mexico incident happen again, "Chinese immediately announced a cruiser to visit. Scared the Mexicans hastened to apologize reparations". The misty river will be the two things are considered on the head of Wu Tingfang, and said to the diplomatic victory, because the reason is no notice of the Qing government, otherwise the diplomatic failure".

in fact, in the middle of the actual situation of the ink representations, and not Sasu, the river and other rivers in the book to tell the reader that.

, Wu Tingfang with "gunboat policy" at Mexico, is

1, Mexico It is sheer fiction. in 1899, after the establishment of diplomatic ties, the Mexico Chinese rights are protected, a steady increase in the number of

large scale Chinese into Mexico, began in the reign of Dias (1877 - 1911), he is the development of the national economy, the introduction of large-scale labor Chinese. Because the Qing government had not yet established diplomatic relations with Mexico, Chinese laborers can not guarantee the rights in mexico. Until 1882 the United States through the "Exclusion Act", the Qing government really consider diplomatic relations with Mexico, one can clear the Chinese way ", on the other hand can open source". In 1899, in the United States minister Wu Tingfang on behalf of the Qing government, with representatives of Mexico in Washington signed "Mexico and trade treaty" between the two countries established diplomatic relations on the boat. The Treaty of

above twenty models, the provisions of workers going abroad "all must be voluntary," ban Gan love ": barely or by Shi and plan, make people not willing to lure Chinese into two"; "people can enter into a contract in that country for work (Tian Liao, machine factory, shops, residential etc. at all, by the book)". If the Chinese people in the event of a lawsuit in Mexico, then enjoy the rights of the people or the people of the best country to treat the best people". In 1895, less than 1000 Chinese ink Chinese people, to 1904, this figure has risen to more than 8 thousand people.

2 Wu Tingfang, the only suggestion to the Peru school ship, not in Mexico, "said tough's return"

Chinese laborers in the early years of Mexico, is not affected by the "Exclusion Act", the rumor about Wu's implementation of the "gunboat policy" and from where? In 1909, Wu Tingfang served as ambassador to the United States during the second South American countries, the Chinese Exclusion tendency, there are dozens of Chinese shops were looted, several Chinese injured in Peru. Wu Tingfang called the Ministry of foreign affairs, suggestions in accordance with international law, and in 1908 sent warships to Nanyang precedent, let go by the warship "countries, South America Qiao Meng comfort". The Ministry of foreign affairs to weigh the pros and cons, did not take his advice, but the fate of his visit to South america. Later, Wu Tingfang by diplomatic means, make a treaty with Peru, to stop the workers going abroad in Peru for conditions, let Peru abolished against Chinese policy. The other

in Liu Shiyu's "world" in the hall contained memories, records a related story. In the story, Mexico to follow the American exclusion, Wu Tingfang went to Mexico, the conflict, foreign minister has said: "with the ink's return, then the electric China Government troop movements ship, deal with you. "The government of Mexico Wen said, quickly asked the U.S. Secretary of state to intervene to stop the row. Wu Tingfang returned to the United States, a student asked him: "where is Chinese troop? "How old Dr. John decided to speak? "Wu Tingfang replied:" starting to Mexico in Washington, U.S. Secretary of state and to the good, to talk with Bimi, as in the Mexico negotiations break, he has agreed to mediate. Wu Tingfang said that "the bluff, Mexico was forced to yield. But in fact, as in the ink minister Wu Tingfang's post, did not have been to Mexico, would not be so regarded diplomacy as a result, the story line marked It is sheer fiction.

in the blend of the above two is really a fake thing, so Wu Tingfang was the "gunboat policy", and let Mexico false legend gain victory with unstained swords. In addition, there is a need to explain, Wu Tingfang about everything in the foreign office, and everything will inform the Ministry of foreign affairs, there is no so-called "no notice of the Qing government" without action.

note: Cheng Biguang together with the mayor of New York to review the crew of the ship

two, Qi Hai Tu Hua after the incident, the Qing government to protect overseas Chinese is not strong, but life in the ship in Xuanwei

1, Mexico revolutionary party rebel uprising, out of hatred the massacre of Chinese psychology, caused 303 people were killed in

in the late Qing Dynasty, the government of Mexico for the Chinese is relatively friendly, the increasing number of Chinese, to 1910, the country has about 30 thousand Chinese in Mexico. Originally, in the railway, mining, farm work of Chinese people, after many years of accumulation, many began to engage in the retail industry, become a rich merchant. As in the northern Mexico Torre Wengcheng (also known as the "Lai yuan bu"), operates more than 600 Chinese restaurants, hotels, laundry and grocery. Even Kang Youwei has a lot of investment here.

1911 years, Mexico revolutionary party Madero uprising to overthrow the Dias regime, intention. In May 15th of that year, the rebels captured in Wengcheng Torre, for Choufu psychology, together with the local looting Chinese shops, the massacre of chinese. In Huamo bank, they kill first hall employees, and use a scythe cut in the body, head and limbs thrown on the street. After the statistics, in this massacre, a total of 303 Chinese were killed, the economic losses of millions of.

note: the Qing government has twice served as ambassador to the United States, the United States Wu Tingfang

2 suggested Chinese dispatched warships to protect overseas Chinese, but the Qing government in order to avoid "the overseas Chinese students Mexico and benefit the people of pride and anger", reassigning Qi Hai take the opportunity to travel, the nearest America, with a

"after the incident, in ink agent Shen Aisun side follow the recommendations to the Ministry of foreign affairs, the request sent warships to protect overseas Chinese; one for the Mexico government claims 30 million pesos. Because in this case, the Chinese biggest loss, other countries have to refer to the sum Chinese formulate claim specifications, and China on this issue "to strive for". The Qing government was planning to send the

cruiser to Mexico, but later in order to avoid "the overseas Chinese students Mexico and benefit the people of pride and anger". Change your mind. In June 12th, the Ministry of foreign affairs reply Shen Aisun said: "the ink chaos gradually flat, the sea has dropped to", "send another sea Qi in the English crown after the ceremony, bound for New York, Cuba and Mexico east port" - time Biguang rate Qi Hai cruiser were ordered to attend the coronation of the king is, let the government of the Qing Dynasty the "way" to the Mexico line. Even so, the Ministry of foreign affairs and told him to Shen Aisun, Mexico's foreign ministry statement, "the ship to the nearest American Travel Association, friendship, he has no meaning".

3, KY sea warship did not reach Mexico. The United States ambassador to the Chinese diplomats in Mexico many valuable suggestions, so that the Chinese

also prevailed in the negotiations, China ambassador to the United States Liu Yintang arrived at the capital of Mexico in June 4th, after a meeting with the foreign minister, the president, to discuss the aftermath. In the meantime, the United States ambassador to Liu Yintang in ink has made many useful comments, he said that Mexico is in "struggles as potential", all for fame, even without fear China interference, do not fear the good reputation in many countries fall. Therefore, he suggested that Chinese, such as Mexico refused to compensate, "the killing of Chinese, and refused to repay pension, announced that countries, will be despised by all the ink, the ink is the deep fear of it". At the same time, the U.S. ambassador also told Liu Yintang, in Mexico politics to be a need for Multi Sport, but can be a matter of relief, etc.. The

in Chinese diplomats actively negotiate, Qi Hai ship did not rush to Mexico. Cheng Biguang and his entourage arrived in New York on August 10th, in the United States to visit Washington and Boston, called on the president and the Secretary of state and other dignitaries, until August 20th to cuba. Qi Hai ship, in Cuba to stay for 10 days or so, get the Cuban president promised "don't discriminate against overseas chinese". The Mexico government has agreed to compensation, the sea ship lost to sail on the significance of Qi, which diverted home from cuba.

4, the Mexico government agreed to pay, but that just as "to show friendship". And because China domestic political changes, the compensation ultimately failed to implement

1911 in November signed the "overseas Chinese" in the certificate of loss compensation, the government in Mexico expressed regret at the same time to Chinese, that the compensation is only "to show friendship". Mexico to pay China 3 million 100 thousand in the capital, agreed in July 1, 1912 before the delivery of the capital in Mexico. But because of the Chinese Qing government is the government of the Republic of China replaced the Dias regime was overthrown this compensation agreement Madero, ultimately failed to implement.

from the process point of view, Torre Wengcheng after the incident, the Qing government determined to protect overseas Chinese is not firm, just choose a best Xuanwei way, let the sea ship to exchange the name Qi to Mexico line. As to the relationship between the Mexico claims and the move, in fact, is not clear. One, the massacre of Chinese is the murderer and the Dias regime as the enemy of the revolutionary party, and as a government party, Dias denied the revolutionary party as, is no longer normal. Two, as the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, said Dias, taking into account the international reputation, will choose to compensate. Therefore, if the government of Mexico is the Qing Dynasty a warship scared to apologize, too exaggeration.

note: the railways in the United States, Sasu

laborers notes

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