When the super IP in the event of nearly 70 million monthly active users, unfamiliar street games ready to play?

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youxiputao· 2016-04-22 11:31:05

< p > today, "Detective Conan" copyright Shanghai Xinchuang Chinese culture in Shanghai Takashimaya department store held the 20th anniversary of the detective Conan Memorial Exhibition opening ceremony, as the exhibition partners, unfamiliar street game released Conan the history of the first puzzle mobile games "Detective Conan: the hidden evidence" to enter the phase of research and development of news.

at the same time, exhibitors as partners, unfamiliar street game to Online& offline, let visitors to experience the fun of the puzzle game. On the other hand, unfamiliar street game that will build a full range of market inputs and media campaign, maximum fermentation fan feelings, using the powerful influence of Conan brand, "Detective Conan: Hidden evidence" issue momentum.   />

super IP 307 million play

2015," IP+ "has become Mobile Games a phenomenon that many famous works adapted IP Mobile Games instant burst of red, sometimes limelight without the two. However, with the gradual expansion of the scale of the development of the hand travel market, the concept of IP gradually dropped from the blowout style, trying to educate users simply by a certain IP to try to also enter a bottleneck period. So each game makers have released a new round of IP to create a plan, the IP development gradually by the "- ism" barbaric growth into "played the feelings, precision positioning" plough period. As is known to all

. In many types of IP, manga IP with a strong fan base and generous brand influence, absolutely is each manufacturer's choice. As the history of the most successful detective comic theme, sitting on more than 130 million comics and related books issue number and breakthrough 3.07 billion times in the animated film of the same name, play a few... "Detective Conan" absolutely can get up the date of the "super IP".

fit the original, fans the highest voice type adaptation of

as one of the most successful in the history of the detective theme of animation works and characters image," detective Conan "was created in 1994, is still in the Japanese comic magazine primary school hall" youth SUNDAY "series, author Gosho Aoyama teacher to detective Plot as the main line, into the family, friendship, love and other elements, so that Conan has been popular in the world of detective fans and comic fans love. />

as a detective type of animation works, "puzzle adventures" is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of the IP, the Mo Mo game issued "Detective Conan: Hidden evidence", won the copyright license "murder" authority, its adaptation to the former with the fit, the voice of the fans the highest puzzle travel work, perhaps other Conan IP adaptation of travel form a pressure.

media resource sharing, the release of IP

comes as the Conan animated version aired 20 anniversary, Conan copyright will carry out a series of commemorative activities in Chinese. Mo Mo game also hope by Conan the 20th anniversary of the exhibition to commemorate the opportunity, attract more Conan core fans to become unfamiliar street platform and the detective Conan: Hidden evidence "of loyal users, IP potential energy to be released. Therefore, unfamiliar street opened the "near" platform resources, let "Conan the 20th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition successfully settled the activities surrounding the Mo Mo, by virtue of the advantages of Mo Mo users, for" Conan the 20th anniversary commemorative Exhibition "activities continue to inject attention and participation.

at the same time, the two sides will also maximize the sharing of media resources, both hand travel media, video website, animation website online media, or line of television, print, and outdoor media, through this conference won the effective integration of resources, formed a three-dimensional promotion, activation of platform linkage effects IP conversion of high efficiency, high quality, for "Detective Conan: the hidden evidence" brand of a step shape, and lay a solid foundation.

shadow tour linkage, super IP pan entertainment program

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