Hammer T3 Luo also released soon on its turn?

Hammer Luo Liaoba HTC

kekewang· 2016-07-26 06:45:09

of guest comments: but you sure Luo at the iPhone 7 conference to launch T3 these days?

according to the latest online revelations, hammer technology will be held a press conference in September 7th, this new conference is likely to launch the hammer technology is the flagship new machine Smartisan T3 and the 2 generation mobile phone nuts. For a new machine position, Luo was three months ago at micro-blog said: "this time, you fasten the safety belt. "Are you ready to drive?

therefore regardless of whether we are bad mouthing the hammer, the industry is still very old every word and action and the general user's attention. But recently the hammer technology has been relatively large personnel changes, and the future of the hammer T3 and VR products also seems to make a lot of people worry. After the hammer will go from here? This period is to listen to what the editors are:

Neverland said:

some time ago, because the hammer hammer technology in commercial powder against fraud, Luo wrote a "44 year old Luo Yonghao stood in the dock in micro-blog &hellip …;" the excuse, words filled with a play the sincerity of the enterprise the doings. Even for the 44 year old Luo Yonghao stood in the dock, the deep feeling of looking at the past, the shadow of his 34 years of age". The comment form with "ha ha" attitude.

but in any case, the innate pride and idealistic now faced by fans of equity pledge, and prosecute high-level personnel changes and a series of encounters, but the delay did not answer. In addition to the authenticity of the T3 exposure, and no specific information.

if the feelings of the water can, or don't take personal image with a hammer mobile phone brand linked to Luo, T3 is also worthy of our expectations? Recently do Luo in the reflection and review, in general, the hammer mistake is to delay the timing of T1 because of capacity issues missed the golden period of sales, T2 for products demanding missed time equipped with fingerprint recognition. T3 will encounter the same problem, we can make nothing of it, but the two generation products have spent a lot of fans, if T3 is not a stunning performance, will inevitably repeat. As for

rumors in the hammer VR, not to mention the formation between HTC, SONY and Oculus War Within Three Kingdoms situation, single is the major mobile phone manufacturers have poured into the market, reducing the threshold of VR equipment, but the low threshold does not mean to A new force suddenly rises. Platform structures and content building may be the direction of the development of VR, such as Google's Daydream platform. If you really have a hammer VR, which becomes the same as nuts, just follow the changes in the market, to meet the needs of the market. If T3 is not satisfactory, to hammer VR what is the use of.

finally, both old and hammer technology in the future is to continue to look bad, I still expect to see Luo rakugo. Class= img_box "

Shaw" said:

to be honest, Luo Yonghao and the day of the hammer has always been very bumpy. It is the main push of the artisan spirit, but the hammer T1 and T2 sales is always unsatisfactory, so people can only become a small hammer mobile phone products.

in her father Ma this thigh, Luo and hammer seems to see the hope of rebirth. But by the current exposure of the hammer T3 point of view, the hammer phone kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder design is still retained, and this is not for people like me this is not obsessive-compulsive, attraction is not enough.

if the hammer T3 does not bring too many highlights, then it is likely to get the same end with the previous two generations of the hammer phone. But in the mobile phone homogenization serious today, want to bring something new is not an easy thing. In addition to

and VR smart mobile phone, perhaps also dabbled in the field next to the old luo. But now there are many types of VR devices on the market, the hammer now just want to enter the industry, will not be a bit too late to feel? But from the positive aspects to consider, and the strong support of the hammer Luo ma Dad, might really be able to play something a little different in the field of VR. So the hammer VR ought to be still worth looking forward to, but also hope to succeed in Luo hammer VR.

Jeremy said:

hammer technology from the beginning of creation, compared with a large number of domestic emerging brands, the largest is probably the most fortunate to have Luo Yonghao will open the conference, most would say that comic gangster.

Luo was saying "I am not to win or lose, I'm serious once captured many passers-by, so no matter the hammer powder that hammer mobile phone design is how beautiful, how unique system has high taste, you still can't deny that there are a considerable number of users is influenced by Luo's charisma fancy hammer the mobile phone.

but sell feelings is obviously not realistic, but now we have to sell feelings, sell the product to make money is king. Therefore, Luo Yonghao also recently said he relented, past mistakes is a hammer mobile phone over the pursuit of details, and the timing of the delay, "we do the three products, three products each half a year later".

so the hammer mobile phone T3, even if you want to grind down, Luo could not wait too long. If equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 820, only the faster the better sale. With the fate of fingerprint recognition, look hammer T3 and not too bright. Don't expect that repeatedly used symmetric "obsessive" design, or has been Smartisan OS small climax of the fans?

was a little pessimistic, it seems that everyone is now not really looking for a hammer T3 itself, just look at how to save the fate of Luo hammer, or to say, just want to see an old comic, only this, regardless of product … …

, that's the editor said, do not know if you heard the three editors say, you have no idea what to publish, welcome in the comments below. We next editor said Be There Or Be Square oh ~ focus attention on a passenger network official WeChat kekebat, for more exciting information.

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