Such as "6" was released in December 8th, starring Shun Oguri!

Shun Oguri the role of the game

jihewang· 2016-07-26 12:29:17

in the "6" just like the press conference, Sega officially announced the "dragon 6" released in December 8th of this year, a life of the poem, the final chapter to describe a kiriu themed horse legend. The best is Fujiwara Ryuya, Shun Oguri unexpectedly also will join the "dragon 6" which appeared in the role of! To blow up! Press conference video is likely to be released tonight.

Famitsu has just released a "dragon 6: life poem" in the game appeared in the role of Fujiwara Ryuya, Shun Oguri, Yoko Maki, Miyasaki Hirono, Peng, Takeshi, Omori South game rolegraph officially open. In addition to God "dragon" Muromachi, 6 also added the Hiroshima scene, the official disclosed a new scene Hiroshima Omichihito Cho will appear a career in game screenshots.

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