S daughter to account for the future: don't give you pressure

S daughter mother confessed dying

xinlangyule· 2016-04-22 12:53:13

"the daughters, if one day, my mother was dying, to burn a burn, tree burial, to all liberally with ok~ as long as the legal!" Photos of < p > a daughter small s "pictext >小S女儿

daughter small s" pictext >小S女儿

< p < p align = "center" < p class = "to align =" center "> < p < p align =" center "< p = align =" center ">, Sina entertainment hearing, according to Taiwan media reports, the artist s [microblogging] unloaded" Kangxi "presided over the bar, from time to time to attend the awards and fashion activities, but she almost the centre of gravity is put in the home, often Po and daughter funny dialogue and cooking, she 22 suddenly perceptual mentioned, hope I die, do not let the child pressure, because she had no where, will be deeply in love with three children, immediately caused fans to discuss. < p > s 22 mentioned, Xu Machang with her said if there is one day dying, don't first aid, "let me comfortable clothes away ~" so she wanted to tell his daughter said, if which day she was gone, "burn burn, tree burial, to random sprinkling are OK ~ as long as the legitimate!" Then sensibility, said she doesn't want to give the child the pressure, because whether she was buried where, in the hearts of the children, she thinks worship just let children peace ceremony, "mother don't care ~ I whether where all love you ~" < p < p align = "center" >小S女儿

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> s daughter < p < p > s suddenly to daughter perceptual account of the funeral of Po Wen posted, immediately aroused discussion. Many people surprised why she is so sentimental, there are fans agree with referred to "mom like fashion and love", but there are also people think that she should be just drinking wine was made in this paper, her daughter not to pressure the posts, and always loved her daughter's posts a cause for concern. < p < p align = "center" >小S女儿

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> s daughter < p < p > s Original: < p < p > my mother often say: if one day her dying, we don't care she! Let her comfortable clothes go ~ daughters, if one day, my mother dying, burning burn, tree burial, to random sprinkling are ok~ as long as the legitimate! Then don't give you pressure, because my mother in your hearts, worship is give you peace of mind, mother don't care~ I regardless of where are deep love you ~

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