X Model out of the car accident, Tesla and the owner of the outbreak of war of words

The accident Tesla water owner

ITzhijia· 2016-07-26 16:35:14

7 Sept. 26, not long ago, one of the owners of a car accident, driving in Model X in this regard, the owners issued an open letter said, is the result of his Model X automatic turning automatic driving function Tesla Autopilot, hit a roadside guardrail, causing a traffic accident. Class= img_box "id_imagebox_0" id= "style=" ='>


so, playing both sides of the slobber war, in just the past weekend, Tesla again published an open letter, said after the accident had contacted the owner's wife, but repeated attempts to contact the owners I have not been responded by driving the car transmission; investigation and analysis of recorded data, Tesla said the the owner is not in accordance with the requirements by using the Autopilot function, the hands are more than two minutes are not placed on the steering wheel.

Tesla expressed the hope that they can get a direct contact with the owners, and make further investigation on the cause of the accident.

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