Case analysis of how to build a community operating system?

How case analysis

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when you develop a good habit of thinking, anything you do will be very clear ideas. To do the same, when you sort out the business logic of a product, you can build a product based on business logic operating system.

positioning in the community and basic business logic. This article will help the community to Tianma super brother and Operation Research Society of the two community as an example to analyze the operation system based on business logic to how to build the community.

16 years relying on help Tianma Analysys International for the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet experience, and brought together into thousands of internal and external experts for professional instructors every Monday, three five, for entrepreneurs to provide high quality speech online live courses, is one of thousands of traditional business owners organization "Internet plus" learning communities. So for such a style= font-size: "15px line-height:; 1.75em a community is how to operate it?

before discussing the operating system for the Pegasus community, we look at what is the business logic for the Pegasus? Tianma help is the initiator of Analysys, user oriented community is small and medium-sized enterprise boss, mainly to Analysys output to help Pro as learning content, learning content beneficiaries, there are several key points in the business logic:

2, the establishment of community operation target

3, community user demand and shallow core grasp the needs of

4, community development Those Analysys to provide what content to meet the social needs of users?

5, UGC for the user community, community user role

6, user community and community sponsors Analysys how to generate and feedback interaction? Style=

7, the core needs of entrepreneurs, we should how to achieve and meet?

help of Tianma in the community business logic is as follows:

in order to maintain the normal operation of the business logic, we must consider the following key business modules and business content to maintain business, before the super brother in an article entitled "community useless? That's because you don't understand the community! "The article refers to the three elements of the community operations: content (information), interaction, and relational chains. therefore, business logic around day caravan will be from the three elements to sort out our business logic according to the basic social atmosphere can help the Pegasus Pegasus operation system help two parts:

; first, is the basis of maintaining basic business logic operation, even if this part of the work well, the community does not have a color, but you do not have this community can not succeed;

Second, is in the maintenance of basic business logic. Do some basic work of turning on the innovation of the work of ascension, this part of the work is a key task of community operation can show.

on the basis of the work, with the WeChat voice in the form of Ma Gang every Monday, three, five night live big coffee class share, has so far accumulated the more than and 200 phase of the course. In addition to the daily live courses will also provide some relevant information, such as nine points in the morning time to send the news, reading, Tianma Tianma review course and curriculum review and other content, these are the basis of positioning around the day Caravan and basic business logic to carry out the work.

in terms of innovation to improve the work, help the organization Tianma experts answer line, industry exchanges, and the line of large enterprises and the Internet study tour event. To date the caravan has organized to Tmall, Suning, brewmaster network, Jingdong, the U.S. group, 360, Baidu, and other famous enterprises some island tour activities. Tianma help innovation to improve the work also includes the construction of community relations chain, is actually a community ecology, this is one of the most senior community stage, in this one day caravan created to help Pro docking, think tank and help the pro and investment institutions, to help Pro service providers with various docking opportunities. But in the Pegasus help also reached a cooperation on some even lower, some enterprises cross-border cooperation.

for the entrepreneur community, its core is the wealth and resources. The Internet is the transformation of traditional enterprises to help learning Tianma Pro shallow needs deeper requirements to the survival and development of enterprises, so they really need is to take the money and resources docking docking.

from the build day caravan business logic analysis and operation system, we can conclude the business logic method to build a community based on operating system theory, specific as shown below:

in our community business logic to sort out, according to the needs of the business logic combing the establishment of operational target, we do further dismantling the business objectives, then according to the dismantling of the target determine the specific operation, operation system is built, the specific operation can be It is divided into two parts: the first part is the determination of the basis of the operation, the second part is the determination of operation innovation. The basic operation is to ensure the smooth operation of the business, it belongs to the regular operation of the work, irregular work is based on the basis of the work of innovation and upgrading work. The basic work is to ensure the normal operation of the community business logic, this piece of work you completely done may not be able to operate a community, if not that state is the community must die, but if you want to let the community of color words, there must be some non innovative routine the operation.

in our community basic operation and innovative operation are established after the implementation, judgment a key work can be implement it lies in its implementation to the three aspects of human, financial and material. That is to say we want to make clear this matter who to do, what kind of budget, what resources need to?

we to day caravan operation as an example, in the first picture above we combed the business logic for Pegasus community, followed by the need to determine the operational objectives of the business based on the logic, the goal is to help the Pegasus operation has three: satisfaction, activity, and renewal rate. To ensure the three goals to reach the key is to continue to help the pro provide core value, first is continue to provide valuable learning content; second is able to meet the core needs of the boss, the docking of human financial and material resources of the three. So to meet the learning needs of the pro help, we need to provide valuable content for Tianma in this piece of it is divided into three parts: the first is the online live courses, class president second is offline and tour, the third is some fragments of the learning content, and each piece of we will specific to the implementation of specific team specific people, and specific resources support; second is to help meet the large Pro people, financial and material resources docking needs, so we need to create conditions to help Pro resources docking, as for the think tank of the docking in this piece of us. Joint investment institutions, and promote into upstream and downstream ecological chain, some cooperation and various service resources docking with the industry even cross-border.

for bosses, in fact, demand is the core requirement of representation learning, is to make people pulse, the exchange of resources. For the operation of the entrepreneurial community, learning is not just need? I think this one is learning needs but not the core needs, learn this one should be the basis of the demand, he is a process of establishing community members with the organizers of the trust relationship, the core demand is still the enterprises wealth and resources to meet the needs of the core, it is also the demand. So the key to the operation of the entrepreneurial community lies in whether it can really meet their core needs.

to meet the learning needs of entrepreneurs, the boss is the ability of self-improvement, if this is a meeting, he can only do a pass; if to meet the core needs of entrepreneurs, the speed for the enterprise the development of docking of human, financial and material resources, so this is a plus.

we just share Pegasus help, now operating research agency, are learning communities, but there are great differences between the user groups, but there are certain similarities. Said, do we need to sort out the business community business logic community, determine the business logic to make a operation based on the target, and then based on the operational objectives, dismantling of the target, then the target based on the definition of dismantling to make basic operations and innovative operation work, finally, to implement the property and things. Style= line-height: "1.75em

how to operate a good operation of the research community? First we according to community operation theory, first analyzes the basic business logic operations research society, specific as shown below: "line-height:

research agency by brother Xian as the representative of a buddy help launched, users are mainly operating operating practitioners and enthusiasts. Business logic is the basic launch team provides a learning exchange and sharing platform for the study of dry cargo operations agency members, and members of the society. The research can also produce some UGC content for the community, the society for the study of the launch team will review and screening of content and organization. The research community can also interact with the production of the new product rookie exchange, through the community to strengthen interaction with the public number of fans exchange. The operation idea of the whole community to help with the idea of Pegasus is the same, the first is the basic business logic analysis, establishment of second operation goal, again dismantling operation goal, divided into two modules, to determine the basic operational work and operation innovation, determine the basic work is mainly fixed some routine work the management innovation is mainly non action plus routine.

in the above we sort out the basic operation of the agency business logic, then we need to determine the operation of the agency's operational objectives, research agency as a learning operation the community, so the goal is primarily based on activity based, so the key to active research is whether the agency continues to meet the learning needs of members, for members to continue to provide a learning content value. The core is to learn, this is a business goal and based on business logic, we can tease out the operating system of the

of agency operations can be divided into two parts:

the first part is to ensure the smooth running of operations research society, need to do the basic work operation end may include:

1. on every Tuesday and Thursday each topic to share content arrangement of

2. for operation related topics, and organize the discussion of

4. on the topic of discussion in the process of screening to identify and guide

6. drum Style=

second part is the guarantee of the society for the study of color to the unconventional nature of innovation, as follows:

1. community management mode and system (such as community and community with

2. system,

5. other innovative.

so on operation of the agency operational recommendations are as follows:

first, the core values continue to provide, which is the premise of operation of the agency to continue. operations research agency done several times to share, in fact I think it is good, such as operating in the form of weekly discussion, this is very landing, for many people, especially the operation significance is still quite large. There is a discussion of operation strategy for a member of the society for the study of our operation operation as an example of the tourism products, is a product of the brainstorming based on, this is also a very good form. In addition, you can also do some some needed for operation of the tool table to discuss and share, because for any people, tools, templates and reference table is the most, many of them are can be directly used.

in our operational research agency is in the process there will be a lot of problems, for these problems, and then focus on a time for brainstorming and group discussion, will have more value. Or for a member of the operation of the product to start brainstorming, and then provide some operational strategies and recommendations, or that a product needs to do to do a topic of discussion.

Third, strengthen line activities, research agency does not need to assume activities under the line organization's role, only need to create conditions for members to line activities. and these activities under the line more is to be on the branch to organize, such as play research agency Beijing branch, Shanghai branch and Shenzhen branch of the role.

Fourth, clearly defined roles of agency and agency of total group clustering. research agency total group positioning is to learn to share, then the group undertakes more convenience is established, the active promotion of viscous members and offline activities of the organization to consider. Study on social grouping should more of life, such as members of the life is more gossip exchanges, make friends, to establish friendly relations between the strong viscous or adult based.

fifth, the society for the study of the theme of sharing content and seriation. can be divided into two series: "line-height: 1.75em style=

1, style= "topic discussion series: series such as: Hot track, classic discussion, such as the line and the value between the phenomenon of product operation discussion; series two: discuss the operating system and the method of thinking; series three: Operations Research Society members are brainstorming etc..

2, as tool feature, operation thinking topics, case analysis, operation and development of special job occupation planning etc..

in addition, but also can play other value research agency, a member of the society for the study of spontaneous, only need to provide the conditions, relevant content can include cooperation and resources docking, job advice and post push etc..

so regardless of what type of community, the first thing we need to do is to tease out the business logic community, only based on the business logic on the community that we to quickly build a community operation system.

Author: super brother (WeChat jzc251), personal public numbers: e

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