IOS/Android dual system, can become the Savior of mecha iPhone?

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weifengwang· 2016-07-26 18:41:44

as the mobile phone market occupies more than 90% profit of the mobile phone manufacturers, the market value of nearly $600 billion in giant enterprises, Apple Corp in the industry as well as by every act and every move to consumer concerns. In April, Apple released its the worst performance in 13 years, second quarter revenue of $50 billion 557 million, $58 billion 10 million over the same period last year fell 13%; net profit of $10 billion 516 million, $13 billion 569 million over the same period last year fell 22%.


at the same time, in product sales in the second quarter, the Apple Corp sold 51 million 190 thousand iPhone, 61 million 170 thousand over the same period last year fell 32%, which has become the performance of apple dropped the "arch-criminal". According to the data show that from fiscal year 2012 to fiscal year 2015, iPhone accounted for Apple Corp's revenue, respectively, 46.38%, 52.07%, 56.21% and 62.54%. If iPhone sales can not achieve the expected growth, the Apple Corp will have a greater impact on the stock price and development.


from the global smart mobile phone volume point of view, apple is still a giant position in sales and profits, but the rise of the domestic mobile phone, plus the price impact, iPhone sales is difficult to have a big improvement. In addition, iPhone's "inhuman", it is exacerbated by the current state of iPhone. Poor battery life, memory design humanization, closed system, dual card dual standby, not only to go out with a mobile phone, charging treasure, preparation machine can become necessary for the "burden", it is attracted to the users Tucao sound bursts.


previously, in order to make up for the shortcomings of iPhone, many manufacturers have launched to increase the range of Apple shell and extended memory peripherals, but a single expansion is difficult to meet the users more demand, many iPhone users are more convenient to directly to the Android camp. The day before, a dedicated mobile operating system virtualization technology company "in play" officially released a specially designed for high-end intelligent peripherals - mecha apple to build, that can make iPhone free to switch between iOS and Android system, and improve the iPhone of life and memory, iPhone mobile phone users in real life the pain point.


it is worth noting that this product before the official release, including Jimmy Lin and other micro-blog V have black technology for exposure, further for the mysterious. In July 20th, officially launched its mecha, dual card dual standby, power, double capacity expansion and iPhone management functions attracted many iPhone users attention, let us first look at this is called black technology product function:

mech iOS/Android dual system based on mobile operating system virtualization technology and innovative graphical cross machine separation rendering technology, reconstruction of the system architecture about Android system 70%, by 64 independent 8 core processor and iPhone, mech double GPU rendering, eventually bring iPhone a dual system. According to official reports, Android system powersuits able to APP forms in iPhone, supports a key heat switch, and clean up the background. At the same time, in the message, all to the top of the iPhone double mecha system notification + right ring alert to present.

we mentioned above, one of the important reasons many iPhone users to replace the Android mobile phone is not support dual card dual standby. Mecha with independent built-in SIM card slot, support China Mobile 4G, China Unicom 4G standard network standard, so as to realize the dual card dual standby function. At the same time, it is also equipped with a separate Bluetooth, WLAN and open the hot spots, such as double card sharing 4G flow, balance of the bill.

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3., charge management, expansion of three in one

according to the official introduction, mecha built-in 1700mAh/2500mAh large capacity battery, to a certain extent, can improve iPhone endurance, claims can be increased by 7 - 10 hours of talk time is iPhone. At the same time, but also for the mecha iPhone provides intelligent power management and integrated charging, to ensure maximum power saturation of mobile phone. In addition, the mecha has a built-in 16GB storage space, especially for iPhone 16GBiPhone users is undoubtedly good news.

iOS/Android dual card dual standby, dual system, convenient iPhone management, more power, more storage space, these cool features, let iPhone users look mecha has become the Savior, is the voice of the industry said powersuits, may be able to save Apple once escaped users. But, in the behind a number of black technology, armor to gain a foothold in the market, there are still some doubts: "

on the one hand, is in the price. According to the official price, iPhone6/6S version priced 999 yuan, the mecha mecha iPhone6  Plus/iPhone6S  Plus version priced 1099 yuan. From the price point of view, powersuits pricing has been enough to buy a domestic relatively good thousand machines, nearly thousand yuan starting price has become the user to consider many factors. In this regard, the founder of the party in playing k-found responded, "for the mecha this product, we locate at this price, really not expensive." At the same time, he said, "the high price is not high, no experience to know. The mech is a new vendor, in addition to take several years development costs related to hardware cost, the cost of the channels and the supply chain cost is very high. Also, there are some mecha parts are individually customized, the cost is far from mature Android mobile phone manufacturers to cost ratio." In addition, the party k-found stressed that: "the chopper in its premium is the one and only experience."

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