The constant is not fun India that found "cockroach milk"

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xinhuawang· 2016-07-26 23:11:38

Pacific beetle cockroach

a super food is what? Kale, quinoa or berries in Brazil? None of them。 India, a group of researchers say, is the "cockroach milk""! They found that a Pacific beetle cockroach cockroach production of "milk", nutrition is 4 times of milk, but also contains a unique protein.

Pacific beetle cockroach is a viviparous cockroaches only, female secrete protein crystallization to feed the cockroach embryo. "This crystal contains protein, fat, and sugar," the India Times quoted researchers as saying. If you look at the protein sequence, you'll find all of the essential amino acids. "And, crystalline" milk "can release energy for long periods of time.".

researchers believe that this "cockroach milk" in the future can be used to supplement the protein. However, on the Pacific beetle cockroach "of milk" is not reliable, the yield is too low, so the researchers plan to create the "cockroach milk in the laboratory". The results of the study are published in the publication of the International Federation of crystals.

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