See the sea friends, remember those unforgettable night to accompany you through TA?


hupuzuqiuwang· 2016-07-27 05:18:53

those unforgettable night, accompany you to see the sea TA who are now in?

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1.6; the summer rain, Northland friends

once again into the sea to see

is the warm sun

but my heart

is closely connected to the

because, we have a common memory:

those unforgettable and rainy night in the rain or joy or cry: they

remember 2000 that Sunday in May,

14px; the town of Italy Perugia

remember the early summer of 2006 in Paris, was the prince in the stadium,

French pride lost the crown, the dream of 2 formal board

C Ronaldo, Kaka and fabulous

remember 2008 April day, rain have at Wembley, "

courtside umbrella Mcclaren field, kill a group of white and blue

the center; ">

remember the May 21, 2008 Luz Niki stadium,

fighting fighting" font-size: 14px; line-height: 22.4px; text-align: center; white-space: pre-wrap; "> red and blue , whether joy or tears,

Moscow does not believe in tears

remember 2009 that a dangerous situation in October 21st,

Palermo completed his occupation career

important goal, the Argentine catch the last bus

remember the 2012 London Bath thunder,

to suspend the game, and the couple smooches

remember the 2012 7 - 21 in global the water in the body,"

guarding the Caddy's country Ann and take the three points of the team, the

remember 2013 early March, howling cold rain,"

Yu Dabao lore, and" text-align: center style=

some people say," never experienced

dabeitaixi enough to talk about life "

some people say, "the storm, this pain is what

dry tears don't be afraid, at least we there are

Hugo thinks that all of you are lucky, "

; because these years, we have never missed, this is a heavy rain

about the rain style=" line-height: you what ?

, 0); in addition, a few days ago to participate in the activities of the "text-align: style= friend

"list of background reply to the query if the winning

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