Leon Dai's new film exit schedule film side did not respond

New film film side peace Stanley Huang

wangyiyule· 2016-07-27 05:50:20

Leon Dai film "Christmas Island" was released in July 29th July 26th reported

entertainment NetEase directed by Zhang Yunxuan, Stanley Huang, Leon Dai, Jiao Junyan starred in the movie "Christmas Island" was scheduled for a July 29th release. In July 26th, the media was informed that the film will withdraw from the original schedule, the next release date to be determined. "Christmas Island" propaganda issued Huace pictures staff confirmed the news.

Huace pictures staff said: "the reason is" safety island tuidang party believes that the current fierce competition in the market, so I decided to "Christmas Island" schedule after the shift, any news will be released to the media for. For the issue of Taiwan actor Leon Dai play, the film side does not respond.

previously, because Leon Dai is suspected of "Taiwan independence" sparked heated debate, Zhao Wei film "no other love" to replace the actor. In the July 28th release of the movie "six lane cafe", as supporting Leon Dai scenes deleted entirely. It is said that Huang Zitao, starring in the nineteen year old portrait of the summer, Leon Dai's play may also be deleted. But in the "ping an island", Leon Dai is a star, I am afraid that can not be deleted, the future trend of the film, the NetEase will continue to focus on entertainment.

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