US exposure to the Chinese test fired 41, the Chinese military: Dongfeng "express", the global mission will reach

Express will reach Dongfeng China

tengxunjunshi· 2016-04-22 14:15:00

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users from all sides "sent a congratulatory message," the excitement of jumping in the fingertips. < p > users "silently watching 71607468" said, "when I saw the news, I was really too excited,", "to deter American arrogance, from time to time bright muscle is necessary" and "finally see motherland 'real tough' to safeguard the motherland's territory, to safeguard the dignity of the Republic of China". This represents the aspirations of countless Internet users. < the United States has destroyed nuclear earth dozens of times, their own warehouse purposes are not pile, but was afraid others warehouse put in too much; typical only quasi state officer arson, not China's lighting. If there is no killer Chinese, already became the United States a piece of meat at their mercy. We declare in no uncertain terms 41 super ballistic missile, Dongfeng, is as one of the world's super rogue ready. If the United States dares to run to the South China Sea to open the first shot, we will take the fight to his home.

how many nuclear warheads in China is not important, but it is enough to fight. As a country that is not the first to use nuclear weapons, in order to avoid the nuclear war must ensure that the nuclear counter attack. Is to let the Americans understand a simple truth, China is a peace loving country, but not afraid of war; if people insist on the war is forced upon us, China's nuclear weapons and "Dongfeng express not Shaohuo gun. If you dare to brandish the sword of death in China, their head hanging "sword of death" will also fall, the result can only be perishes together.

data figure: rocket forces < China in their own territory to test missiles, in the eyes of the United States is the end of the world. This is a guilty conscience. If the United States to put nuclear weapons of the devil out of the bottle, don't expect to get out. Nanhai of America just "a few of the rocks", for China is our ancestors left possessions, carrying the revival of the Chinese nation. History has repeatedly proved the fact that the rise of any great power never is flat. Only a strong military strength, in order to safeguard national interests and territorial integrity. The

artifact is not "Dongfeng 41 City Destroyer", but stationed abroad "". China's bottom line is that people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if they make me, I will be a prisoner. I am the master of my site, do not like the old woman like chatter without stop. Resolutely support the decision of the Central Military Commission, and resolutely defend the national sovereignty security. Proud of the motherland, to fight in front of the defense line of science and technology workers to pay tribute. (Wang Dehua)

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