Beijing's first red Tong Staff jailed for 14 and a half years had embezzled 20 million futures speculation

The new sun futures speculation jailed Beijing Normal University Skynet

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北京首个红通人员获刑14年半 曾挪用2000万炒期货

"on the new sun in court for sentencing. JINGWAH Times correspondent Wang Xingang photo

yesterday, Beijing's first large red sun is wanted, the second city court of first instance embezzlement and the crime of corruption and sentenced to 14 and a half years. The 48 year old sun new misappropriation of public funds more than 2000 yuan of public funds to cause losses, to the incident is still not return 18 million 20 thousand. In the overseas escape after 7 years, the new sun in June 8th last year from Kampuchea was escorted home.


case first fled to Kampuchea after Thailand

Sun Xin said, in 2001, he was the personal futures do lose money, so there is a misappropriation of public funds futures speculation unit of this idea, want to make money and then returned to the principal unit, but later lost, "after his things, because I am afraid to bear responsibility, began not to escape".

recalled the scene of the day to escape, Sun said he had taken about 500000 yuan in cash from his control account, arrived in Tianjin from Beijing, and from Tianjin to Guangzhou by plane. In Guangzhou, he was looking for cattle to change the RMB into foreign currency, from Luohu Shenzhen port exit to Thailand. After Thailand visa expires, went to Kampuchea.

prosecutors issued evidence shows that from July 2001 to January 2008, the sun will be public funds transferred to a total of 14 accounts for securities transactions. These 14 accounts, the new sun a total of about 60000000 yuan, transferred about 48000000 yuan, a total loss of more than 1240 yuan to the time of the incident.

Sun Xin said, because of greed mischief, he embezzlement damage to state property. After the matter was brought to light, not due to face and avoiding them. In foreign countries, he was unaccompanied, every day is very scary, "to today this step is to blame yourself, hope that the court can give me a chance".

sun new escape 7 years, there are 4 years of living in Kampuchea. Change names Sun Xin work in Kampuchea, before being arrested is a factory to do accounting. Sun Xin, who works in the factory in Kampuchea, in an interview with the media, said sun is very silent, rarely go out, usually young people together to chat or drink, he did not participate". Until I saw many policemen take Sun Xin away, know the sun is new fugitives.

last April, according to the "Skynet action unified deployment, Interpol National Central Bureau announced on Chinese for 100 suspected criminal flight state personnel, major corruption cases involving people who wanted red, including the new sun. The afternoon of June 8th last year, Sun Xin was escorted home.


verdict jailed for 14 and a half years fined 200 thousand yuan


sun is 48 years old, college educated. Former Department of the former Beijing City Press and Publication Bureau plans to finance department cashier. The second hospital of

examined, July 2001 to January 2008, the defendant Sun Xin use as Beijing Municipal Bureau of press and publication finance department cashier, responsible for the payment of public funds, the custodian bank, check and seal for bank statements and other office facilities, units of public funds totaling 23 million 325 thousand yuan (the following are RMB currency) into its control the securities and futures accounts for profit-making activities. January 2008, due to be removed from the cashier, sun new forged bank agreement deposit contract, the deposit account of the agreement on the transfer of materials, etc., to complete the work of the transfer. In October 21st of the same year, the unit has found the agreement deposit account in the bank account business, new units to explain the situation for Sun Xin from the sun, its control for securities and futures transactions in the bank card out of public funds more than 57.3 yuan, and absconded with money overseas. In June 8, 2015, the new sun was seized and brought to justice. Before the incident, the sun was restored to restore the Beijing Municipal Press and Publication Bureau of 472.4 yuan, and the remaining 1802.7 yuan of public funds have not been returned. After the incident, sun new bank card involved in public funds more than 80 yuan has been frozen. The second hospital of

after hearing that the defendant sun as a national staff, used his position to facilitate the misappropriation of public funds for profit-making activities, a huge amount of non refundable, his behavior constituted the crime of misappropriating public funds; the new sun carrying part of embezzlement fled, their behavior constituted the crime of corruption, and a huge amount, according to the law should be punished, and give punishment. In view of the new sun after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, sincere repentance, according to which it is a lighter punishment, defense defense opinions about sentencing, the court discretion of adoption.

the new sun court to guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment; guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, fined 200 thousand yuan. Decided to implement 6 years and 14 months, and fined 200 thousand yuan.

after hearing the verdict, Sun Xin expression calm. "The judgment is within the acceptance range of our judgment." Lawyer sun new said, after the new sun and consulted a judgment and then consider whether to appeal, "in today or tomorrow to find a time to see him, tell him the right to appeal and procedures, follow sun new views."

for sun new property, new sun lawyer told reporters, according to her understanding, the sun does not have any property, the property has been returned in the first instance.


on why sentencing was 14 and a half years urged the flight personnel surrendered for leniency

said after the verdict, sentenced to imprisonment for a new sun 14 and a half years sentence the judge, in April 18th of this year, two high issued a case of corruption and bribery of the new judicial interpretation, will not a huge amount of embezzlement return the standard increased to 5 million yuan, more than 10 years to life imprisonment for this file. In addition, in the attitude, Sun Xin pleaded guilty to repentance and good attitude.

in addition, the judge said, through this case urged and warned those who are still abroad red wanted fugitive warrant people and criminal suspects, hope they get rid of luck, you can't hide from time, not as active to accept legal sanctions, for a lenient treatment, this is should choose the road.


fled overseas after

our first suspect

provides specific address in recent years, China has made significant achievements in the field of overseas pursuit. According to the Commission's official website, January 2016 to June, China's total from more than and 40 countries and regions to recover the flight personnel 381 people, 1 billion 240 million yuan of illicit money. As of July 15th, included in the red warrant hundred people have 1/3. What is the new trend of overseas pursuit? What are the difficulties of pursuit?

as of July 15th, hundreds of "red" persons have 1/3. Although the pursuit of overseas work achieved remarkable results, but the result is behind the investigators of hard work.

"difficult to find people is the primary problem of overseas pursuit." Han Army Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate investigation command center engaged in overseas pursuit of work more than ten years, even concluded extradition or judicial assistance treaty with China, we also need to address specific first suspects in abroad, the foreign judicial organs to be effective to help arrest.

in foreign countries, China's law enforcement investigators did not want to find suspects like look for a needle in the ocean. For example, in China we can quickly back to the suspect's travel information, but if you want to query the overseas travel information, only in the air for example, may involve many airlines hundreds of countries, the query is very difficult." Han Jun said.

in addition, extradition and repatriation difficult also plagued investigators. It is understood that some of the suspects fled to the western countries to use the local judicial system to delay the return time. In developed countries, for example, criminal suspects asylum such a judicial process to go down, through the prosecution, appeals and appeals and other procedures, a case can last 10 years or even 20 years.

in addition, Professor Wang Shizhou of Peking University law school believes that the negotiation case of overseas pursuit time-consuming, high cost. From the judicial organs of China through diplomatic channels to the extradition request, to the actual extradition to return to trial, the extradition negotiations usually protracted. Even after the extradition agreement is reached, the trial procedure of extradition proceedings is often complicated and lengthy, which brings a higher cost of litigation for both countries.


suggested the formation of normalization of international criminal law should be the pursuit of cooperation of

of the Beijing Normal University Institute of Criminal Law Institute Huang Feng and other experts, from the improvement of its legal system construction, deepening international cooperation, strengthening the ZhuiZang departments cooperation, the formation of the pursuit ZhuiZang normalization mechanism, enhance the level of research and talents etc. in many aspects, and constantly improve the level of international fugitives stolen goods.

Wang Shizhou believes that the current cooperation with the United States, Canada and other western mainstream immigration countries remains to be strengthen our. We should promote the effective convergence of China's pursuit of stolen goods and foreign legal system, make full use of international rules, with dense chase corrupt officials of the network, effectively curb the momentum of corrupt officials.

said department in collaboration with the formation of force effectiveness, Han Jun said: "Skynet action led by the Commission for Discipline Inspection, a case from my participation in the establishment of a working group to get a visa only ten days. From the previous "go it alone", to the central anti-corruption coordination group of the international pursuit of stolen goods office, various departments to form a cohesive force, greatly enhance the pursuit of efficiency and crackdown."

Han Jun suggested that the establishment of specialized institutions in the pursuit of the procuratorial organs, not only helps to increase the intensity of work, also contribute to the selection of backbone line from the procuratorial investigators in the training, the construction of the professional team.

Wang Shizhou believes that the full use of the existing channels effectively and relevant countries to negotiate at the same time, we should strengthen judicial cooperation and cultural exchanges with relevant countries, and constantly improve the level of legal research in related fields, training judicial personnel a proficient in foreign law.

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