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Drunk woman with one sex night wrong call her boyfriend.

One woman report of Geology and mineral resources

zhonganzaixian· 2016-07-27 09:50:20

is an online news according to the Anhui daily news in Hefei Wanjiang road home district with others and flat-share only two months, 25 year old Sun Liang had an accident. Zero o'clock yesterday, a young woman with a sun Lei two guy broke into his bedroom, drunk woman, waved his hand and the two men together, to Sun Liang a fist. Well in my bedroom how unexpected trouble? Originally, that night, Sun Lei was caught with people, however, know the sun Leicai afterwards, in the room next to the one who is the boyfriend of Cheng's next door neighbor, made oolong". [

] the door was kicked the night Oolong guy were beaten

Sun Liang in Ma On Shan Road, a company, and the age range in the road and small residential homes flat-share. 26 days of midnight, Sun Liang and his girlfriend sleeping in the room was suddenly Xiaoya, out loud shouts and knock on the door to wake up. Sun Lianggang gets up and the door is open. No time to turn on the lights, Sun Liang began to see, in front of the woman is a stranger, an alcohol. "A woman's eyes drifting, scold me, said he wanted to play the past my girlfriend. "Seeing this, Sun Liang quickly stopped, warned the woman as a pedestrian rushed out," the woman still to play my girlfriend, I grabbed the woman's neck. "

sun bright action, angered the other side. The woman waved his hand, behind the two guy together, Sun Liang surrounded by a fist. A few minutes later, someone turned on the lights of the bedroom, "live in my next door after a small way to catch up, the woman suddenly said, 'the wrong man, do not hit', so that the two men to collect. Sun was able to report to the police.

[reason] the woman who caught drunk into the wrong house

heard the woman shouted "the wrong man", Sun Liangcai understood that this group of people is directed to the next door neighbor small way. The police rushed to the scene, that woman named Sun Lei, Dingyuan, the two guy to help her fight already disappear without a trace. Sun Lei confessed to the police, she and the little way is the relationship between men and women. Recently, the two sides quarrel frequently, Sun Lei felt that in a small way outside to make new sweetheart. On the evening of 25, a small way to drink a lot of wine in the drink, called two male friends' team "". "I drink more, not knowing who and who, for her boyfriend to flat-share. Sun Lei admits that she is indeed the wrong hit Sun Liang. Currently, the area police have two dozen small guy summoned the investigation, the matter is being further coordinated processing.

played no joke!

in the police station, Sun Lei apologized to the bright sun. However, Sun Liang said he was not willing to accept, he took the hospital issued a CT report, "light shot on the film spent hundreds of dollars, I think I can safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, not only the hundreds of medical fees it?" "Sun Liang felt that Sun Lei's behavior, but not assault, also suspected of trespassing. "I don't need to apologize. I just want the law to give me a fair idea. "(the characters are a pseudonym)

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