Wang Zhizhi does not belong to the three crime: misuse of Chinese friends caused by treason"

Wang Zhizhi

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things such as chess, Lazi to regret. In some key stages of life, one false move, even after the "return of the prodigal son", but to go astray road shadow will also shrouded later life, even painful as gangrene bone attached torment you until the title of grief to the. Wang Zhizhi, once known as Chinese 50 years of a basketball genius had in 2002 because of the wrong step and become a tragic figure everyone lamented, and this kind of tragedy is that with the passage of time, the civilized atmosphere increasingly strong. Especially when viewed him as a trailbreaker of personal and collective interests of the game, you will suddenly found that this tragedy no longer belongs to Wang Zhizhi, but to the whole China basketball. After all, with the talent of Wang Zhizhi, if it can be good to guide rather than hard to suppress, can achieve a win-win situation of individuals and collectives.

is selected by NBA is not easy to go out, but" Treason "and" saved return "after the old not back service, Wang Zhizhi is undoubtedly the bitter experience as a free and open era most of black humor means sarcasm. More people crazy, in this one, you can not find a specific individual characters in spite of Wang Zhizhi, because lie in front of Wang Zhizhi is a system of invisible walls. However, in the event of no return back when the system is Chinese wall is the culprit of the tragedy, but Wang Zhizhi himself also let the character irresolute and hesitant in handling public relations crisis when a series of committed three errors. If not the three mistake, he may not be to slander over the world of "Treason".

NBA career Shun Chinese friends advised the United States

today, there are still a lot of people believe that Wang Zhizhi in the NBA Summer League in 2002 with the intention of Xia Xiaoniu after the extension of the idea before, but in fact, as early as February 2002 Wang Zhizhi had this idea, and this with the king There is a direct relationship between the governance of those Chinese private assistant Chen Weiming zhi.

NBA entertainment company through several interviews with friends and eventually become happy a new agent dazhi.

2001-02 season, a man named Chen Weiming (English named Simon Chan, also has media called" Chen Weimin ") NBA Chinese entertainment company employees into the world of Wang Zhizhi. Can say something not too fast Chinese words was born in New York and grew up in Chen Weiming, which is often the NBA entertainment company sent to Dallas to record some video about Wang Zhizhi program, so, in the course of contacts and Dazhi became friends.

Dazhi had character is introverted, coupled with the Mavericks is difficult for reuse. So the mood is depressed. At that time, because Xia Song (Note: summer song is Wang Zhizhi's agent, who will hand the latter into NBA) star sports culture development company in Beijing founded is rapidly expanding business, so not in Dallas has been accompanied by Xia song dazhi. In this case, Chen Weiming stepped in to become the most trusted friend dazhi.

in see Dazhi for their future worry, Chen Weiming decided to Dazhi a court, he persuaded Dazhi at the end of the season in the NBA Summer League, which not only can exercise the skills, but also to Dazhi more chance to showcase their talents. But it listened to the words of Chen Weiming shook his head: "no, I'm in the landing NBA farewell ceremony, Nelson has represented the calf and the Basketball Association, Bayi had signed a three party contract, once promised NBA the end of the season, they will arrange to immediately return to me. In addition, xiasong also represents the Basketball Association, I signed and 81, ensure that when the national team or 81 when you need me, I must immediately and unconditionally return."

Chen Weiming to say quite happy not to regard it as right. Born and raised in the United States as the second generation of Chinese, Chen Weiming in addition to having a Chinese face, his mode of life and mode of thinking completely American, he told Dazhi, this is in the United States, this is NBA, if you want to happy long-term foothold in the NBA, he must obey the rules of the game rather than NBA the association of Chinese treaty. Chen Weiming appears in the summer league and NBA training camp is NBA players training, if a NBA player is not played in the summer league and did not participate in the NBA training camp, so that the player did not appear in this arena NBA qualification.

according to Chen Weiming, Wang Zhizhi has to Chinese men's basketball team and the team's sacrifice too many pre job training opportunities: the 2000-01 season, Wang Zhizhi only to catch up with the Mavericks 9 games last season, playing time at the end of a scanty, he returned to support Beijing's bid, then nonstop in the East Asian Games, men's Basketball Championships, the Beijing Universiade, then the absence of training camp and NBA the preseason for the Ninth National Games in august. In the unconditional obedience to the deployment of Bayi Basketball Association and at the same time, Wang Zhizhi has repeatedly missed the "NBA training" opportunities.

you know, NBA is the new NBA Summer League on the personal technology and short board the best time of power defect for reinforcement, and the NBA training camp is the most critical stage of implementing the tactics of the team coach training, NBA preseason is the opportunity to build the team tacit understanding and test new tactics, but Wang Zhizhi was absent on the three most important" training ", he is even more difficult to with the Mavericks, the situation is more and more increasingly awkward.

in Chen Weiming a channel, Wang Zhizhi also began to think seriously about the possibility of NBA in the summer to play in the summer league. After all, in the view of Wang Zhizhi, himself in the past years many unconditional obedience and the association of Bayi home game, so at the expense of their own in the development prospects of NBA, the sacrifice was enough to return to their China and Bayi basketball training of grace. So, in and Chen Weiming conversation, Wang Zhizhi decided to stay in the United States NBA summer summer league. Then he put the idea of their own to tell his agent Xia song, Xia song and hope to clear the relationship between the Basketball Association, 81, they agreed to let their summer in america.


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