And Zhang Tianai each other up, take her to a nightclub look handsome, so you are such a king!

Handsome nightclub

bashayule· 2016-07-27 17:17:24

before a few days, the king invited him to meet at Barbara sister in Korean fans will

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"my girlhood" recently released in Korea, reached the box office total of 1 billion 500 million won, refresh the Chinese film in South Korea record, numerous Korean fan sister by mainland Obama strength ring powder!

site will meet in South Korea, Ewha Womans University, is always funny than

'sister Wang, still backstage interview this silly white black, listen to him talk about how to take her to a nightclub thing Liao han!

I believe many people Barbara and sister are like" my girlhood ", Li Wang played captivated by Xu Taiyu!

he is in order to protect the forest really, initiate ruthless feared Xu Taiyu!

he is watched Lin really showing Chongni and reluctant Xu Taiyu

he is always with a bad bad laugh, but better than anyone good Xu Taiyu

and see friends in the sea after missing a piercing cry let people love Xu Taiyu!

I believe every girl students in memory, there will be such a he, cool and bad, he looked at the empty desk, knew he went to play truant, grabbed you braid, with snacks for you to help him do homework, and you have lost his smile!

"in" the ultimate challenge, all giggle, also stay adorable than Zhang Yixing!

"evil" Honglei Sun, let Yan Wang all can't stop laughing, the last is to "calculate" Honglei Sun! Style= line-height: "24.381px

< "line-height: 24.381px;" > and a "shark bead biography", more let him become a good husband and Zhang Tianai patients!

played in the play a couple of two people off screen is also against each other!

two "husband" is really a face with

distressed behind the temporary staff "a"

now "shark beads biography" in micro-blog in the mainland, said Miss several times and give up, but also a variety of micro-blog and Zhang Tianai's self

together with the neural

heartless laughter, the last of Zhen Zhang have a wedding scene feeling, with a face!

there in front of the interview, he said, take her to a nightclub strength Liao Han, so filial son where to find!

playinglove he, in the circle of popularity is particularly good! With, do not worry about color!

and Louis Koo about the same, even he is silly Tucao own black sweet!

and Lin Chiling photo, look carefully, but also the gentleman hand!

and Jiang Jinfu together is fully reflects what is called "retarded children more joy"

before going to South Korea, won the reception!

he is not that at first glance very handsome boy, but slowly, you will be his heartless smile, no matter when and where, he can laugh!

although many people through "my girlhood" to know him, but in fact long ago he almost contracted various MV actor!

Cyndi Wang "beautiful day"

May day "suddenly miss you" line-height: 24.381px; "


now he works more and more, acting has been around inside children certainly! In addition to Zhang Tianai and the "Pearl" Jiao and Wang Kai, Huang Zitao, and Jackie Chan's brother to play "Flying Tiger" railway will be released "

and Zhang Tianai each other up, take my mother to the club look handsome, you are such a king!

>[Chen Yao 100 day Hyun more tidbits abdominal poke here oh

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