U.S. underwater bombing forced known as half an hour out of 200 cities

Nuclear submarine US Army killer hour

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original title: U.S. nuclear submarine killer for half an hour off the enemy 200 city

if you want to ask the human Arsenal which can be regarded as a "top kill"? Answer non US Navy Ohio class ballistic missile submarine is. This period of your brief analysis. The picture is Ohio class nuclear submarine standard.

Ohio by the United States General Dynamic Corp under the general Electric Boat Company in the mid 1970s R & D and manufacturing, the first boat commissioned in 1981 in Ohio. The U.S. military is the fourth generation of ballistic missile submarines, a total of 18, all in service. Ohio total length of 170 meters, 13 meters wide, 10.8 meters draft under water, with a displacement of 18 thousand and 700 tons; the boat equipped with a S8G PWR PWR, the single axis single 7 bladed propeller propulsion, underwater maximum speed of 25 knots.

of each ship Ohio class nuclear submarines are equipped with 24 Trident submarine launched ballistic missile launchers, symmetrical to the center line arranged in parallel, carrying a total of 24 Trident II D5 submarine launched nuclear missiles, each one can carry up to 12 warheads, the treaty is limited to 8, a total of 192 warheads. The picture is a spectacular scene of the launch of the Ohio class submarine launch tube.

"II" Trident "D5 is the latest model of Trident II series of submarine launched ballistic missile, the maximum range of up to 11 thousand kilometers, can carry 8 W76 warheads (single equivalent of up to 100 thousand tons of TNT). According to the American propaganda data, the circular error probability (accuracy) can be controlled within 90 meters. Figure for the Trident II D5 submarine launched ballistic missile water ignition.

, according to the American public information, according to the theoretical calculation, a Ohio class nuclear submarine launched 24 missiles Trident II submarine launched ballistic missiles, can destroy the enemy from 200 to 300 in a large city in half an hour. So the class submarine is the foreign media named so far in human history the most lethal weapon. Figure for the U.S. military patrol aircraft shooting Trident II submarine launched ballistic missile sub warheads hit consecutive range data, needs to be pointed out that the actual situation, the impact would not be so dense sub warheads. Class= "img_box" id= "

"content_img_p" detailed technical parameters of the Ohio class. Class= img_box "

map for Ohio class nuclear submarine operations command center.

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