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The road giants relegation FLAC

tuwanwang· 2016-07-27 22:36:24

LPL as the end of summer eighth weeks of the regular season game, the summer season is nearing the end of the regular season, A, B of the two teams qualified for the postseason echelon the situation has gradually revealed.

LPL as the end of summer eighth weeks of the regular season game, the summer season is nearing the end of the regular season, A, B of the two teams qualified for the postseason echelon the situation has gradually revealed.

A and B in the group after the two champion missed the playoffs, LPL can only enter the lifting level match, is also "the relegation match", in the relegation match with the LSPL team to compete next season LPL seats. Team two

old giants collective

four teams into groups, in addition to SAT, the remaining three teams are eye popping, the three teams were respectively OMG, IG and LGD the three traditional giants. The whole class is LPL OMG

the first championship, set off a wave of the dark forces of a trend which cannot be halted at the LPL arena, kanghan out war grams and excellent performance. LGD is the last summer championship, IG in the two year old giants won the second runner up, together with the LGD in the S5 world finals.

is now in the summer season, three teams will be in order to avoid relegation, so huge gap to make people sigh.


OMG is now at the bottom of group B, is a record of 3 wins and 10 losses, with 3 games remaining cases than Group Fourth VG more than a game, 3 points behind OMG after promotion hope exists only in theory.

OMG in the spring season in the relegation tournament, but when OMG is in good condition, the regular season scored 8 wins and 8 losses, winning matches and just missed the playoffs, in the relegation tournament in the first round of relegation. Now in the summer season, has lost 10 games, even if the final three games of victory, OMG still needs to play the relegation match.

compared with the spring season, OMG just a few Taobao right, the spring season in OMG was in the group of death, Taobao is right and Sima on his two carry OMG forward. Taobao right after

leave, OMG is like a lame leg. In the spring before the game, big brother, a small umbrella, retired and puppy move, let OMG from a starry dream team, became a civilian team, only a large opening of a new OMG. No

veteran state as a substitute, another veteran sunset and unable to carry the banner of a comeback also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Now only a thief Sima Carry, OMG of the game is very simple, once the road was under the opposite, it is difficult to win.

IG: decline wealthy already omen "img_box"

IG OMG the game now is worse, because after they beat GT from the second week, 6 weeks have not won, in the eighth week of the last game, IG lost to Snake, has been losing streak extended to 8 games.

if you count the German Marcia Cup group stage, IG in the past two months, just get a BO1 victory, but also defeated the LSPL team. In fact, the decline of

IG in the season will have a warning, to the spring before the half, IG achieved 6 wins and 2 losses, and RNG for the group, in the second half, a 2 wins and 6 losses, playoff almost guaranteed.

IG's biggest problem actually appears in the next road, after the road from the Tabe to replace the cocoa, IG scores are getting worse. Now IG began to frequent change of personnel, won the 2 runner up in IG last year, and enter the S5, the most important is the IG maintain a stable lineup last year.

Kakao this year, although the left child playing field transformation started after an amazing performance, IG use a single foreign aid Rookie, in exchange with comparable to the whole class.

but to the rational use of second Korean aid, Rain instead of the small time performance is not bad, after slumping veteran auxiliary shoot cocoa "back pot", put on a long sparse field Tabe, but the problem is still not resolved.

IG integration is only a little more than SAT, has been completely missed the playoffs, if IG can not be adjusted well, it can be said that IG will be the three giants in the most degraded probability of A.


LGD has always been there Dikaigaozou habits early in the season to lose in a complete mess, wait until after a half season, LGD began to rebound, will hit a straight playoff in the playoffs, and brew storms on rivers and seas. However, this year the regular season

left in the 2 weeks, slow LGD but did not see signs of a rebound, not worrying. LGD introduced the world champion on the single Marin in the spring season, LGD thought however, Marin was a tiger with wings added, "the team dispatched a division of troops for the LGD release, Taobao exploits the playing field right, play the field location become the weakest link, in the spring season was lost at the bottom.

in the summer before the start of the season, the club announced that Wei God because of physical reasons can not serve as a starter, replaced by the Punished appearance, Captain Hirano Aya also missed a lot of games, LGD record is defeated more than less. The influence of God's

Wei, Punished than before although there have been no small progress, but he can't play, the role of God, whether in personal or technical understanding of the extent of Hirano Aya and other teammates on. When is LGD the lowest

in spring, is the state of Wei recovery of God, the last bus to make LGD on the season.

LGD behind only VG2 in group B, with 4 games, there is still hope to overtake rivals the postseason, IG and OMG has basically missed the playoffs, only to note are in charge of the promotion of the competition.

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