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juziyule· 2016-07-28 06:30:34

last night "" old nine door don't know if you saw it, such as the 17 set and finally to the squad under the bucket to go to the tomb, finally can be mined in the tomb of king one dug unexpectedly.

before Nanpai Sanshu said, "the tomb of King effects at least 1 block 5 to the actor's paycheck is quite real, so we have a lot of money was spent on production, accounting for more than 60%, many of them is a real. "

does, after two sets of orange Jun Tomb of King yesterday didn't feel hot eyes, compared with the previous network drama version of" Tomb notes ", the special effects must be 5 to 1. It is the tomb, the difference so big, "nine gate" is simply a shoo in "Tomb notes"!

do not believe ah, then I will take you to compare!

was the head down automatically to scared, after this...

head moving, there will be hidden archery organs, a ring a ring, is hidden.

is the indistinct velvet organs, cannot touch, Zhibuding will lead to arrows.

and spit out silk moth with the build out of the network, these moths have wings poisonous powder, can not touch.

with the spider hole like thing, it can give you a more walk more seems to see the miraculous landscape feeling.

is just the moth can actually verisimilitude, which looked like with pieces of paper, unreal.

more powerful, these moths made the hole that can suck, accidentally put a bye inside it.

and if you step on the net, more silk will come to you, take you around.

and then becomes the following such ↓ after

out of the net hole into a fantasy world, the scene is very good. There is the tomb of feel.

this is an organ, this is actually a mirror under the illusion, if not to cannot go forward.

this spiral rock not to the end of the road is also under way fighting difficulties, do not walk to the end, from the bottom up is quite realistic.

Japanese left inside the tomb and laboratory, although the picture is very dark, but could see that the cabin is very delicate. Should

of the Buddha and putting under the bucket the most impressive landscape is the fire hole, look at the effects of a look that is spent much of the price! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" and this road is below the whole magma, falling even the bones are not seen.

will attack people in the fire hole is eating bacteria, this is a pile of black hair putting squat look, this item a little funny ha.

" because a man accidentally stepped on this pile of hair and feet were tied up, and then he goes out and the Buddha burned it.

well, burn a pile of hair from the eruption of the volcano, with a sense of good effects ah. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" followed by all the way all the way, the whole fire began to collapse. Wow, otherwise it is 1 block 5 effects, is watching the spectacular ah!

, "" the tomb of king old nine door being only that, now let's take a look at the network drama version of "Tomb notes" in the tomb of the king!

is a pedestrian in the dark cave tomb in a boat, the King ah, almost floating in the green cloth. Class=

"content_img_p" in the tomb of the hole in the row, this is a pedestrian met with the body of the crystal coffin, crystal?!!

", they also encountered only clothes and hair ghost steal a tomb How to encounter the ghost, scared to death...

and ah obviously, there is a corpse to sprain, frightening ↓

>[but "Tomb notes" screen stunned is to engage people into a shark baby, but also really drunk...

into the tomb of the cave, most of the time they are in the black winter place to go Ah go ↓ "img_box"

or in dealing with the wall, touch it or hit it, see if you can find.

on the tomb, they also encountered a fine tree, how grave hole with nothing!

and the cave tomb preserved for many years the corpse, like zombies!!!

in the tomb of the cave on it five or six sets to meet a following the good stuff &darr

; but also that will open sit up body & DARR;

to the people body talked a lot about the story, a pedestrian on the wind was climbed to the Treant who ↓ "img_box

and then... Then climbed out...

screen "Tomb notes" in the tomb of King's heart ah, has been a cave or Is surrounded by the walls of the enclosed place, special effects are not worth 50 fen. So why so many people Tucao it, you understand not!

, "Tomb notes" and the movie version, although only a notice, we on the film version of the tomb of king is still scanty, but also can pass the notice of a general idea about the overall style.

movie version of the trailer after reading a little grave plus zombie movie feeling, the eye is black winter king tomb. Class=

"content_img_p" and the style is also somewhat gorgeous, and the iron and steel things, like to the smelter.

this should also belong to the tomb of king, how I feel like a ship to sink hundreds of years of luxury ship?!! Class=

"content_img_p" the most incomprehensible is that this place, the power plant?!! Suddenly walk up the foreign gods fantasy drama style, a little partial to the United States and Europe wind.

simply look at several scene inside the trailer, I did not feel the feeling of the tomb, but similar to the organs inside what is too funny. The

will turn to look at your little statue, how cute haha!

" and they will play their drums, really want to know what kind of authority.

and this is very funny, the rows of the statue with a sword to turn ah, this authority also is really simple and crude.

screen "Tomb notes" spraining, let's look at the movie version, is not you Mr. Ye to evolve into a spider?!!

overall look down, shadow version of "Tomb notes" obvious effects to strengthen, the moment tall ornate style. But compared to

, "the two" old nine door set the tomb on the scene show quite conscience, at least you can see a grave feeling, don't mess with fantasy and zombie films like.

so, you read this three part in the tomb of king, to tell the truth, which do you think is more realistic, more can give you a feeling of the tomb. The last sentence "

" the tomb of old nine door began a little, so there is definitely more behind the spectacular tomb scene, wait and see!

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