Cake so you are unarmed Liao Xu dirty Li Weijia

Li Weijia Wu Xin Sheenah He Jiong

yulequanbapiwang· 2016-07-28 06:30:55

a recent online video fire do not know if you have not read about Li Weijia in the new program, "Kepler 452b" with a "dirty" tongue twister routine a big chest sister. This big chest sister is in straight Circle of fire Xu cake, according to the first wave of welfare feel.

, dry drip nosebleed, let us see what Li Weijia is how our routine Xu cake goddess, poke up

looked at uncle a face Meng forced appearance, the host also can't stop laughing, where people of! But it's really funny.

, however, this kind of dirty piece is being a TV host County speak well, after all, the audience is like. But Li Weijia, the most powerful China television presenter had left the fire, He Jiong, and Sheenah to his side and Du Haitao, and Wu Xin Li Weijia of the foil on the show, why also changed "dirty". Can not help but want to ask: "Kepler 452b" is a what the ghost program?

in mango TV saw the first phase of a "Kepler 452b", the thought that this is a whole program need decontamination powder.

did not expect to see five minutes, just fuck scared ah, what is the supernatural events ghost! Class= img_box "

angry fall! As Jesse Tang told his guests to do live when the supernatural events. This is what the program peat! How to play with death! Good big chest it? I want to see the big chest ah! Class= img_box "

" grace, a day 150 thousand, a good high. However, Xiao Bian said that the trust between people, in this world as the red network cheat!

but the next constellation data analysis is convincing, as a Scorpio, I really did not spend a penny on the top of the.

said, this show is so wonderful, and scary and pollution of teenagers and people also poked pain, strong people to see Amway! Mango TV 10:00 every Monday on the line, now only a red net live theme of the positive, not every program is very short and only half an hour, with a good helper, go to the crowd! Class= img_box "

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