More than 300 Jiaodong eight army nurse feeding offspring

Jiaodong a nurse eight army the offspring

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data figure: the year nursery

original title: red hot spot has boundless love

- China defense news reporter Fan Qifei Yucong special reporter tube water palace lock

this is the story of love. Because of love, a group of officers and men of the Eight Route Army reluctantly give young children, threw himself into the anti aggression battlefield; because of love, Jiaodong Party committee organized childcare, nurturing revolutionary offspring; also because of love, more than 300 Jiaodong runiang folks and carefully nurtured these children away from their parents, even from their own flesh and blood. This is how a kind of ordinary people difficult to understand love? After a lapse of 70 years, and then the reporter suckling together Tafang Jiaodong, analytic love password.

"mother, when you are willing to leave me and my sister? Who willing yo? Are their own flesh and blood! But then the country is not fast, not everyone can have a small home? We do not stand up, have to be conquered! … … fortunately, a nursery, a nurse and villagers to hurt you! "In July 9th, Shandong, Qingdao, 72 year old Song Yufang told reporters recalled with mother's conversation, choked several times.

Song Yufang was born in a revolutionary family, parents are laobalu. But in her memory, parents are 8 years old before appearing in her life, the stranger, before this, Jiaodong parenting is her home. Song Yufang said: "I remember when I came back, because I do not adapt to the new environment, my sister often quietly asked me," when I go home. Now parents died, I also have over 60, really want to go home, go back and find another mother my milk, raised me mother! "

is Song Yufang and sister Song Yuzhi as the home of the Jiaodong nursery, village is located in Shandong province Rushan City Tian Zhen ya zi. From 1942 to 1955, it had 1223 generations of foster offspring and orphans of martyrs eight army. In the harsh environment, these children were well cared for, without a casualty.

nurse told reporters fondly recalls the story of suckling. Li Jin photo:

lives in gunsmoke

into the Jiaodong CIGNA nursery education base, red banners visible everywhere let reporters seem to cross back over 70 years ago that in the flames of war era.

1937 years after the Lugou Bridge incident, the Japanese quickly south, the invasion of Shandong in October of the same year, and soon the whole territory of Shandong was occupied by the Japanese, the Jiaodong area of the Eight Route Army main force and government organs in Japanese breakthrough blockades forced frequent transfer. Ready to march in the war, the child can not be brought around to support, how to do? Then, some tearful given to the children of the villagers, some reluctantly directly put the child in the street, looking forward to good adoption of … …

children are the future hope, which the parents do not ache? For the proper placement of these revolutionary offspring, the CPC Jiaodong Committee instructed the formation of parenting. Soon, the administrative office of Jiaodong and Jiaodong women's Federation decided in the Mou sea county (now Rushan city) set up Jiaodong nursery. Why choose Rushan? Rushan city party, former director of the office of Gao Yushan told reporters, because of the good mass base here, the revolutionary masses of the Communist Party, the Eight Route Army from the heart of love. The big house in front of

is an example. Villagers Sha Hongji told reporters: This is the father used to marry the new house. When he knew the nursery to settle here, immediately let out a house for his children to live. In order to allow the children to live comfortably, he also built a house in the north and south two chase Kang, easy winter heating and staff at night to nurse children. "

1942 July, childcare was formally established around the village women to find the baby with the wet nurse, nurse dispersed in the village live weaned is concentrated in child care centers, the nurse taking care of.

70 years later, the house has become old. Through the rugged door, the reporter saw in a night like, 70 years ago, in a hurry to depart the liaison open this door, put in the arms of the child to nurse and nurse in the door. And they took the hands of children, took the daughter of a promise oath, took this beyond blood relations, therefore, they put beyond the instinct of love.

: the cradle of the warm embrace of nurse

War Memorial in Jiaodong, a museum of parenting propaganda billboards galleries, Rushan a middle school Zhang Kai stare for a long time. The board has his great grandmother -- photos and stories of the fortune runiang palace. The winter of 1942, Japanese dragnet in the region. The nurse Li Yuhua and fortune house hold children to escape into the mountains. They camped out in the mountains for a day and night, snowy night, house of fortune temperature warm with the baby. One day did not eat hungry, occasional gave a piece of corn pancake, Miyamoto Ka could not bear to eat, chew a mouthful to feed the child … … Zhang Kai photographed using a mobile phone panels, eyes are red, he told reporters: "I think, this kind of love is beside me, I very proud. "

on the country road, the reporter came to nearly a hundred years, the home of Chen Shuming, I heard that reporters want to hear the story of suckling, the elderly very happy, she pointed to Kang said:" this is my ancestral home, little justice came only 50 days, a convulsive disease, neck can not move, infants are laborious. I have laughed at a 'dead child'. I don't care what people say, the child's parents to play devil, hard, the child I keep. The child is weak, afraid of him crying more than the body, I have been holding. Summer, give him a night. A good doctor for children, is also a good day up.

he could not bear to eat to eat, childcare for baby food subsidies for egg nourishing drug suckling … … get along with time, runiang have long put babies as their own children, even more than love their children.

in the nursery, has been a nurse Jiang Mingzhen Paul suckling homes flesh story: in September 1942, Dong Feng Huang Ya Cun Jiang Mingzhen child just over 8 months, the baby is weaned, from childcare back to the full moon baby star nurse. After two months, according to the devils raids, with her son and Fukuboshi Hide in the cave. In order to avoid to see his son crying to expose Jiang Mingzhen Fuxing lactation, mind, the 10 month old son to another empty cave. When the enemy bombing, she clasped her own child crying Fuxing, heard him not far away, but in order not to disturb the devil, always reluctantly did not move. The enemy was gone, her mother-in-law ran Bakai by enemy zhata hole, I saw the little grandson frightened and kicking worn bloodshed, belly bulge, have cry. After returning home a few days, the child is not scared of the excessive. Over the years, Jiang Mingzhen has raised 4 children of the Eight Route Army, and the 6 of her own children because of war, famine and neglect died 4.

the child is the mother's heart meat, which has a mother does not hurt? It took the Eight Route Army adopted children, Jiaodong runiang their more precious, their children why? Nurse Gong Yunying said: "it is not what we give, but is the milk, the child's parents for the people to play the devil gave the blood is! "

in the nurse and villagers care, after several Japanese raids and migration, 1223 generations of the Eight Route Army without casualties. In the eyes of the baby, his mother is a nurse. In June 1941, Nie Fengzhi's son Nie Qingrong was born in Dong Kuang cun. The child just full moon, Nie Fengzhi led the anti - movements, only children will be entrusted to the nurse Yin Dezhi, until the age of 4, to take home. Nie Qingrong and nurse a forged deep feelings, then the growth of Nie Qingrong as a general of the Republic, still often remember Yin Dezhi and mother together. Aunt


precious childhood memories

from ginger really house, South to 50 meters, the reporters came to repair Jiaodong nursery children living room, the door is the kitchen. Broken in the mountains and rivers, a scene of utter desolation era here like a secluded the Peach Garden. Look at the ground put a picture of the small wooden bench, hanging on the wall a piece of old photos, the reporter saw the aunt who were busy, heard the children's laughter. If the home is warm, the child is in the minds of those children, more than 70 years later, here is still their spiritual home. Child care in the life of the scene reporter interviewed in recent days by different people repeatedly mentioned, their memories of a little filled with this small courtyard.

"brother tired, want to sleep, mother sitting in the cradle, the cradle of … …" in childcare live baby Song Yufang is 70 years old this year, we went to Qingdao to visit her, she gave us two year aunt taught her lullaby. Song Yufang recalled in the nursery life, mention of such a thing: "once we are playing in the yard, a plane flew over the nursery, nursery aunt like a hen like the protection of chickens around children down in the body, and the distance and not the children shouted 'down, call don't move!'"

in Yantai, Li Lihui turned the child suckling while she collected over the years by the data, recalls: "that is the happiest time in my life, my aunt taught us to sing songs, giving us regular shampoo, bath, nails … …"

"work in childcare for second years, in July 4, 1946, I joined the Communist Party of Chinese. "Has nearly 90 years of nurse Jiang Shumin trembling took out an old photo, referring to reporters:" this is a picture of our staff at the time, look, I'm here. At that time we all said: "would rather sacrifice oneself, also must keep the child, the child is in the person, the person is in the child! We can not live up to the trust of our eight army! " Zhang Shishan and Qu Zhimin couple is the child care staff, the old two in front of reporters chatted about the old colleagues and children. Older, some of the past. Zhimin has not remember, the only impression is that poor living conditions, food supplies and staff are very nervous, but the children three meals a day is guaranteed, there is a morning meal of fruit or other snacks. Clothing is also a person to do. Zhang Shishan holding the reporter's hand told: "in a few years, the old man has gone through these things slowly, so I hope this history to be excavated earlier, publicity. "

left Jiaodong on the road of the childcare reporter met the old man, Yang Zongmin, I heard that we had come, he said excitedly:" the story of my name. My mother Wang Guizhi is a nurse, a small army of mammals called suckling. When I was born, a small army has been back to their parents, the mother gave me even in the name, name Zongmin, is to tell people: the people and the army is always at heart, and one family. "

is from Jiaodong in the nursery site not far away, is a horse hill ten warriors Memorial, which tells the story of another period of history: the transfer of the cover surrounded by the Japanese more than 2000 people, ten soldiers, a few hours of fierce fighting with the Japanese troops several times on yourself, in order to cover the last the masses, will the Japanese lead horse hill, and finally all the heroic sacrifice. Jun Aimin, min Yongjun, military and civilian life support, this is a magic weapon for our army invincible.

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