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around this area of the logistics resources

it is called" resources + runway "model.

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15px; Ali, Jingdong, Amazon and clear street, gathered, the optimal set of products such as new and old business gathered is rare, the last time In the closed door salon venture tripod.

and there is competition between these companies can share the experience. When the new vertical self or the still confused the logistics outsourcing, logistics system builders, the new dada Jingdong President Wang Zhijun think this is not a problem, immediately gave the answer.

in this is called" link power -- vertical electricity supplier logistics ecological "meeting, we come to talk about the logistics, by integrated electricity Supplier Logistics share development experience, new vertical throws doubt, professional logistics enterprises to provide consulting plan". Participate in the salon and ProLogis, Jan, business logistics, postal logistics and other mainstream logistics company. The number of enterprises is it investment companies or partners, LP.

is different from in each lane to shoot the probability of gambling hunting dollar fund, it more resources to build the runway love subdivision around this field of logistics, the formation of a closed ecosystem, it is called" resources + runway "model.

since its inception in 2009, it invested in the field of logistics supply chain, Debon card line world, excellent speed, Huitong, help, a truck freight, bliss trucks, cooling, distribution, out of the cat, Frans, the geek bin, Ted coal net logistics supply chain enterprises.

it although there is a pursuit of financial institutions, but it has some industrial resources. Insight into the trend of logistics and industrial resources to make it enough to attract the investment side, the more the more resources are more extensive, and ultimately the formation of a positive cycle.

ten years in the future, China logistics opportunities where

it; study found that in the history of the development of foreign logistics after the last century the United States in 90s ushered in the market boom of logistics companies (such as freight company Yellow Roadway and the third party logistics company, C.H Robinson, UPS express company in 1996, 1997, 1999, listed) have begun to expand the integration network and service category. Since then, the integration of mergers and acquisitions led by big companies have hundreds of.

in-depth research in the United States since 90s on the logistics industry evolution logic and inner mechanism of the logistics giant merger integration, taking into account the differences between China and America. It then attempts to draw China logistics industry evolution map.

responsible person, partner Yin Junping told 36 krypton, logistics industry there are two inevitable law of development:

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  • more large-scale logistics network the effect is stronger, so the company will continue to expand the line network;

  • customer does not want alone for storage, trunk, 3PL, cold chain, inbound logistics, international freight forwarding, overseas warehouse and other service providers, but the need for one-stop logistics solutions, and integrated logistics enterprises is an inevitable trend;

  • View today is China, node SF, one of four links, and other enterprises listed for debon. "They (the company) the demand is almost as like as two peas through the merger integration, to expand the network, to achieve a comprehensive (courier, express, vehicle, warehousing, cold chain, supply chain, financial services, cross-border international freight forwarding, etc.). This process will last for more than ten years. But it is to do with the giant flow, or dance, or ahead of. Logistics big brother mergers and acquisitions has become an important exit of our project exit, Yin Junping so explained.

    Yin Junping said:" want to seize the investment opportunities in the integration of logistics, light to see the trend is not enough, the key is to have the core resources. Great trees are good for shade. But the accumulation of resources is the need of time, it will benefit the logistics industry long-term focus here."

    " game planner, "star broker", "the letter, gas, enjoy" the circle of culture is unique to it the link resources or idea. For example, the electricity supplier logistics salon, Tripods is "game planner" role. In addition, a good way with industry heavyweights investment project is it links to resources, such as tripods and a rookie card cast line world, La Pross cast together bliss truck, pull together the excellent speed express Kerry Logistics Investment Tencent, pull together for truck.

    tripods in the field of logistics is also a lot of Tencent, Jingdong, Nadu, SF, China Merchants Group, China post, feiliks it is foundation of LP, the relationship between nature is not in general, also including rookie, ProLogis, and new Kerry Logistics etc..

    in recent years, logistics innovation in it seems that raging like a storm, driven mainly from several aspects: one is the new demand of the logistics business, O2O, cross-border electricity generated; secondly, the development of mobile Internet, the integration of idle capacity idle people become possible; third, reducing the cost of logistics enterprises (people, land, storage), efficiency demands to promote the logistics automation and intelligent development. We are optimistic about cross-border logistics, joint distribution, logistics automation, public rail transport, food services, big teams and other areas of innovation opportunities." Yin Junping said.

    " China logistics has just begun, the next ten years, logistics integration and logistics innovation opportunities together, will usher in the golden ten "it Zhonglang partner Tung said.  

    Yin Junping told the 36 krypton, 5 years of the most regrettable thing is missing one of four reasons, miss the core is found repeatedly checking it, at the time of the electricity supplier pattern and evolution trend of judgment error. It realized, must stand in the height of modern circulation industry change to see logistics opportunities. This is one of the reasons for it to enter the electricity supplier and consumer brand in the field.

    supply chain logistics, electricity providers, consumer goods together is the supply chain +

    it started focusing on the logistics supply chain, the investment process, they found that there are many industries in the logistics supply chain as the core competence, such as retail, business, and even the core barriers of many brand enterprises in the supply chain. In 2014, venture capital president Yan Li tripods said in an interview: "we choose to focus on the core competencies of the logistics supply chain, expand to the related field. We are positioning themselves as "supply chain", this concept is defined first tripods and widely accepted industry, extend the industry we have to do the logistics supply chain, this extension is actually the core competency of cross-border logistics supply chain and other capabilities together to make investment."

    " logistics to solve the efficiency problem, and consumption (channel, brand), user experience, venture capital consumption group responsible for it Sun Yanhua told the 36 krypton.

    since the beginning of 2013, /O2O investment in the electricity it neat street, semi pond, gathered, the optimal set of products, Oka Mimi, love fresh bee, wonderful life, such as the zero line of enterprise, consumer brand investment is Miss Candy, dawn stationery, Saky toothpaste, Korea, unovol life, even coffee.

    it still choose the source + runway model in large consumer areas, reflected in the two sub fund of its recent participation. The first one is it venture and Procter & Gamble alumni venture capital fund established "it will powerjet consumption fund", the first phase of the fund size of 250 million yuan, LP won the 20 consumer goods industry heavyweights (including some large FMCG, retail enterprises China CEO, 10) and pioneering new dawn stationery and other consumer goods listed companies; the second is to pull up the Na Ying, Jiang Wenli, Liang Jing, Dai Jun, the star of resources of venture capital fund.

    + runway model based on resource, resource gathering tripods consumer goods industry, to help entrepreneurs open two" door ": 1) open forehead: helping entrepreneurs develop thinking, expand contacts, share experiences and lessons in order to less on the pit; 2) opened the doors for business: to help entrepreneurs docking of large companies, mining cooperation, resource exchange opportunities.

    " in the electricity and consumer areas, we are still by constructing the core resource circle, then they look at the trend, and the resources to provide services for enterprises." Sun Yanhua said.

    with narrow innovation of the Internet industry cooling trend, consumption upgrade has become a focus in many VC investment in 2016. But Sun Yanhua believes that the consumer is not like Internet products from the starting point to solve the pain, but to provide comprehensive experience; in addition, the consumer's perceived need for accumulated emotional and subjective judgment, not to see the data and market space will be able to judge the quality of the project.

    for the electricity supplier and consumer investment, it has a different idea

    " it's consumption in fact, the 60% investment can be divided into the TMT field, but I see clearly street, the optimal set of products, is gathered in retail enterprises, how consumers choose goods combination and how to set price, gross profit should control how to do in the supply chain, how much is the most critical, rather than GMV, "said Sun Yanhua, data flow.

    it is to encourage consumption and investment in the pilot study, or go to the people at home, see what he Restroom in the fridge what, what the closet to wear, or special research company focus group, understand consumer awareness of brand, why love a certain brand and consumption habits, including consumer market research is far ahead of us.

    Sun Yanhua believes that in the perceptual bias part, there should be a founder of two points into account: 1 of the products are from the respect and love heart the power to create a good product; 2 good at using the Internet marketing channels and communication.

    in general, it in the hope that the beautiful (beauty, cosmetic, health (Home Furnishing), leisure food, health care products, sports brand two) within the scope of investment, in line with the needs of young people through the Internet to build the brand, make foreigners and subvert the cost structure (tend to increase rate of the high category) and can be replicated easily (industry capacity sufficient or excess) consumer brands, and chain retail experience strong, see" pull in detail Procter & Gamble Alumni Association, the venture capital investment aimed at the consumer goods tripod "article.

    these years, it has experienced the blind pursuit of hot spots, excessive trust VC gangster errors, and these lessons make it more firmly" business model resource + runway ": focusing on the logistics supply chain as the core competence of the electricity supplier, the consumption field, with industry heavyweights, find their own vessels, in the bud before the birth of the lock.

    " future krypton "

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    heavy guest about artificial intelligence in the future

    go ask the founder of ; Li Zhifei  

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    ZHU long; style= max-width: 100%; min-height: 1em; text-align: center; box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important;" > cloud known sound CEO ; Huang Wei  

    Chinese University Hong Kong professor

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