I heard | through courier service private demolition package, even Slide Show made a circle of friends

Friends express delivery

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through courier service private demolition package, even Slide Show made a circle of friends

Beijing Xiao Zhou to Luoyang Mr. Wang sent a doll and Hottoys. A limited edition poster, but handed over the package in through courier when evening, Xiao Zhou was found in the circle of friends to express a customer service" sun " The dolls are opened. Two days later, Xiao Zhou's friend received the parcel after the discovery, rare Limited Edition Poster disappeared. For customer service, sun circle of friends, the company said, he is young, not sensible child".

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since it seems to send express to add WeChat then, one day a parcel to removed!

in addition to go outside, Alfa dog can also help you save electricity

Google's co-founder DeepMind Demis Hassabis (Demis Hassabis) recently said at a conference on artificial intelligence in New York, Google is using technology from DeepMind to optimize data center energy consumption, so as to save a large amount of energy cost.

in recent months, Google is using artificial intelligence DeepMind system, some control of the data center, so as to optimize the energy consumption of servers and refrigeration equipment. Google said that such optimization has brought about 15% of the energy efficiency of the use of.

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Google is to further explore the dog Alfa, Alfa in the future for the human dog can do what? Let's wait and see!

Facebook ho throw $2 million 200 thousand, please only red to live

Live live for the development of the Facebook business, Facebook ho throw $2 million 200 thousand to use the function of network invite red live. In order to promote their Live Facebook broadcast business, Facebook use the most popular live network to attract the audience, and invest a lot of money to develop their own business.

Facebook agreed to 140 media, celebrities and other people pay $about 50000000 to attract them to making Facebook Live video, in this budget of $50 million, Facebook has promised a few months time to the network video producers to pay about $2 million 200 thousand for their. Live a great variety, has Dubai's "dancing fountain", also in the south of France.


net red this is to rule the world rhythm ah......

American high school students in the bedroom to create a nuclear fusion reactor "

yesterday, a June graduated from high school in Reddit Kuba Anglin AMA launched a quiz, answer questions about his own "I built a fusion reactor in my bedroom" (I made in the bedroom of nuclear fusion reactor) problem. He and his twin brother, in the past year spent nearly 1000 hours before the completion of the inertial electrostatic confinement fusion reactor, the average daily spend 3 hours of time in research, planning, construction or operation of a nuclear fusion experiment. They in April 26th of this year from the reactor were detected by fast neutron, and nuclear science and engineering departments, plasma science and nuclear fusion experimental data to the director of the center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who confirmed that they had observed the fusion neutrons from the deuterium deuterium fusion reaction. Style=

according to them, such an experimental project in the United States is legal. However, because they spend too much time in nuclear fusion experiments on their own, leading to SAT achievement is not very ideal, and therefore did not apply for their ideal universities, but the choice of California University Santa Cruz campus, majoring in electrical engineering. Through the experimental project, they learned a lot from the field of plasma physics, high vacuum system, high voltage electrical, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear physics and other fields, and accumulated some practical experience. In addition, they have established connections with some of the top professors and entrepreneurs.

the entire reactor took about $6000, most of the funds are Kuba part-time 3D designers earn, the rest comes from friends and family donations. Most of them buy from eBay, the most important of which is the value of $2000 in the main reaction room and the value of $450 (vacuum) diffusion pump. The most dangerous factor in the experiment is the ion radiation and high voltage, the experiment is carried out when the reactor 35 yards range of X - ray intensity will be very high, they can only remote control operation. Two experiments, their mother almost called the police and the fire brigade, the good news is that their father is a fireman.

according to Kuba, who is the world's sixteenth, seventeenth completed the project of high school students, and the number of adult scientists to make this kind of nuclear fusion reactors should have been more than 50.

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Geek style= "Jun say:

ancient heroes boy, the first human utility of nuclear fusion reactor depends on you!



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