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teacher Edison Chan in micro-blog "shelling" others is also targeting the It is often seen., but always in the circle of good reputation of Lin Chiling, let netizens are confused.


Edison Chan Lin Chiling, Sina entertainment news the evening of July 27th, for a long time did not send micro-blog Edison Chan suddenly on micro-blog in English hurricane Cukou, with Lin Chiling. The text like: "you're ugly. You are a pool, you in the entertainment circle is actually doing those things that no one else knows". Micro-blog one on the Internet open, Edison Chan teacher whether why targeting has reputation for good sister Lin Chiling? Between two people exactly what "hatred"?

Edison Chan

even more surge of great fury micro-blog

called Lin Chiling Edison Chan teacher is not always eat melon masses in micro-blog "shelling" others is also targeting the It is often seen., but always in the circle of good reputation of Lin Chiling, let netizens are confused, even suspected him of mismatched figure.

July 27th, Edison Chan suddenly uploaded on micro-blog pictures of Lin Chiling, and shouted "bitch", and ugly, shit and other words to describe Lin Chiling. The micro-blog upon exposure, immediately attracted numerous onlookers, and confused message said "the curse is not strange, strange is why Lin Chiling at the moment hanging on the photo, is it to Lin Chiling and launched a" war is not a tear force "!" "It's a big news story."

later, Edison Chan updated micro-blog, wrote: "why should I call her? She knows, I warned her, you ask her! Thank you for you cooperation. You can say I'm wrong, but I think he is wrong!" Suspected of being scolded is Lin Chiling.

is related to the circle model from Edison Chan and Qin Shupei's "dog," said

Edison Chan seems to be the circle model between how far-reaching, and Lin Chiling involved? Don't forget Edison Chan and supermodel Qin Shupei a love affair.

Qin Shupei and Edison Chan's sex scandal for a long time, in September 2015, Edison Chan in his account on the drying out of Qin Shupei sitting thigh intimate photo, a combination of supermodel Chen's wife shocked people. After being witnessed two people together in the United States and France to see art exhibition, two people have a lot of pictures in the network spread. Qin Shupei had also attended Edison Chan in charge of the brand new store opening ceremony, and Edison Chan's parents, sister group, also be seen parents.

in May this year, Edison Chan was photographed in the street and Qin Shupei intimate scenes, domineering hooked each other's waist pull to the side, when speaking also hand shoot her ass kissing, generous, without arousing suspicion in love. According to media reports, Edison Chan for a new romance seems to be no taboo: "I am very happy, thank you."

, 26 year old Qin Shupei married his boss Zhao Lei 4 years ago, Edison Chan and's scandal, Qin Shupei said he had divorced in micro-blog. And her husband Zhao Lei was also grilled out and net red @lisa big forehead early in the morning, the network also stole the red Shu Pei clothes.

Chen teacher red crown anger as a red?

He Sui, Lisa brow brush sense of presence, and Edison Chan cuckold.

this time, Mr. Chen Chong Guan anger seems to be in order to girlfriend Qin Shupei head. Net friends have also broke the news, there are several kinds of claims.

1, Qin Shupei hosted the show as bad as Lin Chiling?

users "leaves" in the circle of friends broke the news: "Edison Chan's girlfriend HY hosted a show, because of limited capacity, do not speak, to be replaced. Originally this program is hosted by the two, and later found that the two groups are similar to the type of person, not directly to the Qin dynasty. So Edison Chan opened scold Lin Chiling, think she used the means to make her own woman."

"leaves" also said that this is his friend asked Edison Chan's agent to get the answer.

2, Lin Chiling Qin Shupei introduced to the businessman, Edison Chan was a cuckold?

micro-blog V@ out of the circle of people broke the news comments: "Edison Chan called Lin Chiling the truth came: before Lin Chiling grabbed Edison Chan's girlfriend Qin Shupei fashion, Chen once speak out on behalf of his girlfriend, but recently Lin Chiling should be a billionaire, Qin Shupei will be introduced to each other, Chen was a cuckold. Edison Chan is today to know the matter, and then there is now this scene. Who is right and who is wrong, hey, your circle is chaotic."

3, Lin Chiling and Qin Shupei lost performance opportunities?

certification for the Harvard University Hongkong Alumni Association director of the big V@ Wang Zeqi also provides a way to say: Edison Chan's girlfriend Qin Shupei's husband is Huayi fashion CEO Zhao Lei. Zhao's girlfriend is @lisa big forehead, Qin and Qin Edison together, the relationship between Lisa and bad. There is a chance to show Qin, Zhao Lei didn't have the matter, @ Lin Chiling poke to Lisa, Lisa blows pillow ask Zhao Lei to destroy Qin, Edison was furious. In this way, it's all about something."


, Lin Chiling, why not? Edison Chan from his girlfriend friends?

certified as "former Yiwu City Lan Jie Trading Co. Ltd. marketing director" V@Hysterin also shared their heard version: "just heard a gossip: Lin Chiling and Qin Shupei's friend spike together on a variety of what they don't, Qin Shupei, stand where spike, then Edison Chan Qin Shupei stand."

for this party, Lin Chiling also through the assistant in response to the recent work, "do not know him, do not know what happened," said no contact, also do not know each other, in the face of inexplicable hurt felt very helpless, said to know about what happened to the bottom, say "stupid!".

in addition to the notice, tomorrow afternoon, Lin Chiling and Edison Chan will appear in Shanghai, respectively, to attend the two business activities, what is the truth, look forward to tomorrow announced.

(Intern Chen Xuan / Wen Zhou Qian / text)

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