When Bo sun god! The golden Trident now only 1 people. God

Gold Trident the God of the sun

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; "go over since, during the Guangzhou Hengda foreign aid for a wave of another wave, Barrios, frustrated, helpless old Italy, a stunning GalAT, but in many large fans constant enemy but when El Eriksson, Muriqui, Conca composed of gold Trident, is the three foreign aid Guangzhou Hengda stood on the top of asia. Let us open the door of memory, to carefully recall Guangzhou Hengda against Kashiwa reysol in 2013 AFC Champions League semi final two games, this game is Hengda fans called our battle, called the Guangzhou Hengda so far in the league in the two AFC Champions League peak of the war, let Hengda fans unforgettable.

every fan has the expected attack fully and delightfully in any game, hit the opponent defenseless. But this situation in recent years has been very difficult to appear in rival body since last year, a decline of Hengda dominant tone can be heard without end, the second half untouchables, "the lowest consumption" appears in the game is no longer common hengda. In contrast, in the golden Trident under the help of the 2013 season, Guangzhou Hengda easily eliminated Lechwi after a trend which cannot be halted, Asia, Guangzhou Hengda scored the first semi-final opponent is AFC Champions League, Bai sun god. The first round of the game can be used to describe very touching, Hengda the first foreign aid Kleo ushered in the opportunity to help him make a comeback, Akira Wagner scored in the tenth minute virtual. However, after the game was over the golden Trident, Muriqui scored two of the Conca and El Eriksson each scored a goal, Guangzhou Hengda achieved a fully and delightfully victory, already had one foot in the final AFC Champions League. And in October 3rd of the second leg is no suspense, the goal is still the golden Trident arranged, aierkesen opened the scoring, Conca to expand the score to 2-0, Muriqui with two goals in the last 11 minutes, with a total score of 8-1 declared the arrival of the king of Asian football, Guangzhou Hengda won the final played a decisive role. With these two games Bai Sun God called Guangzhou Hengda 2013 season to win the best two AFC Champions League game, while gold Trident is through the two games have proved a powerful offensive firepower. Muriqui's Golden boot, super MVP AFC Champions League Conca, aierkesen super Golden Boot trophy two plus AFC Champions League and super, everything is so perfect.

when your favorite players left, he wore Jersey is no longer your team jerseys, and to see him play, or for his wonderful performance was pleased, or for his injured heart, but is no longer the kind of feeling. Today, Conca has joined the Shanghai Hong Kong, Muriqui played for Al Sadd, former Golden Trident has collapsed, three people again also played for the Guangzhou Hengda has almost no hope. For Hengda fans, no gold Trident, but there has not been exposed, Alan GalAT and Heng Daxin foreign aid, only Muriqui and Conca in the heart of the casting head, their effectiveness when the peak period Hengda Hengda as a good memory. Bai again in the face of the sun god, Hengda golden Trident aierkesen only one person, and Kleo, Wagner was the God of the sun on the Bai players have left. This time, it is the first passenger, Guangzhou Hengda also in the case of no gold Trident had two epic victory? Can achieve the aspirations of AFC Champions League goal? Once in the game between AFC Champions League four times against old rivals can play a new feeling? Let us wait and see!

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