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last week the bluebird class ABS, we talked about the food article to exercise abdominal muscles. Yes, how to eat, can let the thick quilt cover (abdominal subcutaneous fat) variable thin food guide. Style= color: "RGB how do you stick to it?

this week second class to the bird class. Just started to exercise abdominal muscles were white, to learn a set of Pilates Jian abdominal action essentials. < span style = "color RGB (171, 25, 66);" remember >, exercise the abdominal muscles more like is living habits to re create . Can you keep it down?

hold time, look at the coach


; Li Yang (Alex)

2012 years into the fitness industry

current wave sent Fitness Personal Trainer

national professional qualifications of senior private coach

TRX certification coach

Pilates certified coach

VIPR; coach

IKPR certification style= coach

PHICOM international vibration training certification

good; field: speed fat burning speed and the speed of thin functional training vest Mermaid line line spine rehabilitation postpartum rehabilitation "max-width: 100%

today coach brought a group of Pilates movements, < span style =" "> objective is to strengthen the strength of the core body muscles. Exercise the core muscles of the body, the body's trunk stability will improve, coordination, flexibility, balance ability, will be improved and improved.

one hundred

don't tighten neck.

respiratory rhythm: breath 5 times, inhale 5 times (call, call, call, call, call, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling), the arm is swinging 100 times.

arms should be straight, to focus on the abdominal muscles, and each swing arm at a time, it is necessary to cooperate breath or breathe.

as long as the feeling of his shoulder and leave the mat, tighten the abdominal muscles can be, do not let the body too much to leave the mat.

cervical "problem, can not look up

Pilates volume abdominal exercises. Try to make yourself 100 times.

expiratory abdominal to maintain contraction.

in the whole process, the abdomen to remain tense.

abdominal volume in cervical, thoracic and lumbar to try to relax.

you must exercise abdominal muscle, abdominal muscle is the deep level to the abdominal muscles, like a belt wrapped around the waist abdomen.
Pilates is the intercostal respiratory method (also known as lateral breathing) to complete every breath. The breath is always tighten the abdominal muscles in the intercostal case, through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
! How long
fat need to do aerobic exercise, 30 minutes more than in high strength movement, to reduce fat effect. This process often takes 20-30 minutes.
! What time do the burning
the same is 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, arranged in the morning, before meals, can play its greatest defatting effect. You can choose the morning fasting aerobic exercise, it is time for the other defatting effect is 3 times of aerobic exercise.
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