North Korean soldiers fled the border into the Korean Consulate for asylum

Border consulate soldier Security Bureau

wangyituji· 2016-07-28 15:58:01

7 28 July, according to the Hongkong Daily reported on July 27th, the news that a North Korean military backed men fled the border into South Korean Consulate General in Hongkong to seek asylum.

is reported that the government has informed the Ministry of foreign affairs of Beijing, and by the Police Department security department and the operation, strengthen the Consulate Area security personnel deployed.

news that the government leadership attaches great importance to this incident, the chief executive Liang Zhenying has instructed the Security Bureau to handle the event.

night police sent a large number of armed plainclothes officers carry loaded guns in the Admiralty, Far East Financial Center 5 floor of the South Korean Consulate General in Hongkong and 24 hours at.

site can see, a large number of plainclothes police officers in the different floors are alert, and in the Drake Street 3 police officers waiting for export freight.

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