Deep grilled BIGBANG five ins after the fried chicken sister messy in the brothers strong spiritual world

BIGBANG brother fried chicken

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+ + funny funny than warm

ha ha ha, finally a small video victory sauce really killing people ~ ~ ~ this is GD PO hand out oh! Do not see do not know a look scared, BIGBANG is like to come out funny!

come, the first from the chat look, BIGBANG Obama's degree of affection!

PO BIGBANG chat, don't look at our usual TOP a handsome poker face, in fact privately will say "color: love you, my brother this disgusting words! />

small love is what?! The original dragon private is also ~~~

key key in the VIP, they found? TOP say GD cute oh ~ how can this pair of CP let go! ON~~~

GO is clearly the five boys, how to look at the couple to chat, but also to make fried chicken sister feel sweet. Our eldest brother TOP absence, so that the brothers are very miss it. So there is love, fried chicken sister are moved.

Yes, attentive children have found that TOP note is fun? And Quan Zhilong's love is not the same, this is " naked, style= color: RGB (255, 41, 65); line-height: 1.6;" "" even the names are too lazy to play! Style= color: "RGB . And Taeyang followed the sun two words, Obama, you are afraid to forget his name?

this done? No, the following continue to style= line-height: " "the confession of the brothers" . Style= line-height: "

first sun in Ins on the PO diagram with text that Miss brother, again is a warm heart of Cui Shengxuan's reply, finally to Quan Zhilong screenshot of the end.

; "G-Dragon writing super fan art, < span style= background-color: RGB (255, 251, 0);" > "the same sky, not the same place, and brother our" . There is no expression of a very very very very miss the mood of it? Ha ha ha you two we all know!

1.6; "well, brother for Tata to miss our first here, let's take a look at their" how high the level of mutual black!

for PO G-Dragon's birthday . This is really true love, the image of the big ah ~ ~ ~ ha ha ha but we are also true love powder, like to see this drop, you have more than handsome has been printed in the mind. />

GD is a black small expert
. This does not know who is the master of P, fried chicken sister sent you out! />


"right Faye" PO out. Saying, this Ge eyes fascinating ~~~

in addition to mutual black, this group of "background-color: from the black super ability!

stage did not see it, the original play ugly, who do not lose ~

< br />

who look at the Wuli victory in this picture is not super handsome ah! This is called in their own Ins, of course there are many handsome or their most important side of

is deeply attached to each other, don't you see. />

to see this, seemingly victory holding some sort of see " . So how this sentence sounds are sour, "style= />

in Ge here are remote shooting!

but occasionally, Ge will drop the victory of confession. At that time they looked so happy. />

" "close note.

to win victory over Xian Yin love is full of drops. />

Obama, the ten anniversary of the movie Fighting!

< break-word! "> program help pickled cabbage; the barrage has been opened, welcome buddies to launch the fried chicken sister ah!

click on the left under the text reading max-width: 100%; color: RGB (255, 0, 0); font-family:; box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important;" > "you can" style= < /span> watch > the wonderful program!!

; max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important ";

" > Iqiyi (paocaibang

) - pickled cabbage.
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