After the introduction of the new regulations ShowGirl finally obedient


cnBeta· 2016-07-28 17:03:54

Once a year the

ChinaJoy exhibition officially opened today, the visitors should be just entering the hall, and before the wave of new information, beauty is coming, let's look at the scene last night rehearsal scene. ChinaJoy in accordance with the requirements of the organizers, this year's ShowGirl dress still has strict rules, to rely on the butcher vulgar marketing, the protagonist of the show will be returned to the game. So, we see in the ChinaJoy exhibition hall, this year's ShowGirl is this dress … …


are most definitely not on the show but with formal attire, the dress regulations, presumably even the official opening of the exhibition is also very difficult to see Those dressed in exaggerated costumes of the ShowGirl, we are all healthy, youthful attitude of the people, but also quite good.

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