It is said that is the strongest in the history of bestie? Liu Tao Xun Zhou Hsu Chi will all appear in the heart of the heart of the wedding!

Wedding Hsu Chi

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1.6; "although" Huo heart "from preparatory wedding has always low-key wedding, but many of the details are still the focus of the majority of users and fans concerned. Especially after the double Chen wedding "in the history of the most beautiful bridesmaids", "Huo" wedding bestie team has become quite curious part.

the strongest :

RGB (217. 33, 66); line-height: 1.6; background-color: RGB (255, 251, 0);" > Liu Tao from Taiwan and the mainland of

" no other love "from the movie to play Leon Dai with Zhao Wei , yesterday through work will miss the dew for the wedding;

Fan Bingbing it has not yet decided not to go; "

1.6;" the only certainty is that the renowned "Huanzhugege" actor body breaking.

1.6; "at present, has confirmed the guests including , Liu Tao, Liu Shishi, Hu Ge Hsu Chi, Vivian Hsu, media learned that Xun Zhou will also attend the meeting.

well, in this world, there are Huhuo, everything is full of ~~

and the history of the strongest bestie group, is how to save up???

is the first Hsu Chi, Hsu Chi and Ruby Lin had more than 20 years, is the world's first "Chinese heart" know ", the Father also beat billings. Style= color: "RGB Ruby Lin even let Hsu Chi and Wallace Huo on the phone, Hsu Chi just believe that this is true, and bless the friends. />

as Vivian Hsu, when she was married, Ruby Lin's maid of honor, friendship is self-evident, the son of Ruby Lin Vivian Hsu last night, suddenly appeared, let Vivian Hsu moved to scream.

"Huanzhugege" of Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing, although lvchuan discord, but the relationship between two people and Ruby Lin are very good. Unfortunately, Zhao Wei storm ridden unable to attend, just do not know whether the crape myrtle and up again?

1.6; "in addition, Bali Island Wallace Huo as best man Lian Junjie agent, but there is a" 40 "date for Alec Su to work in the body can not with Ruby Lin; and the Taipei field Chen Meifeng, Pauline Lan, Qiu Likuan said the scene.

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